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  1. Alright on my last post I saw custom modes are better because you can make wolves less common and I agree the wolves are so annoying so little wolves is way better my personal main options are Wolves: Low Bears: Medium Moose:High or Very High Weather:Medium Blizzards: High Loot: Medium Spawn Loot: Medium Passive Wildlife: No Wolf Fear: High Aurora: Medium Thats my main options for stuff If you’re wondering what my other options are I’ll be posting them soon.
  2. Do you like Stalker or Pilgrim more well lets find out the fan opinion! Alright, so I just recently went from playing a slighty hard version of Pilgrim, to playing Stalker. Stalker is definitely the best game mode it’s challenging, scary, fun and most of all exciting. Do you agree with me? Discuss.
  3. Hey, I need some tips. How do I survive when animals hunt me? I’m currently playing a custom mode where, animals can hunt me. It’s my first time playing a mode like this, so I need to know how to survive.
  4. Hey does anyone have hunting tips? It would be helpful, I just started where animals could hunt me. So, I need to learn how to be careful and hunt well. I already got a rifle one the first day, any tips?
  5. Hey so I was wondering do you guys have any tips on hunting moose and bears I’ve taken down a few but there’s probably more efficient ways any tips?