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  1. One of the reasons i love this game is the realism, I'm not saying how its so true to life that you need to empty your bladder every 20mins or so but, have you ever played a point and click adventure or escape room an been told you cant use that crowbar on the old wooden door to unlock it you need to jump though hoops to find the key. Well this game gleefully says to hell with that pry the mother open with a prybar however... theres one little thing that doesnt jive well and thats... knifes and hatchets cannot be throw at animals. Now i know that when being attacked theres a use there but what im saying is why throw a stone to stun that little bunny wunny, when you can throw an axe at it and the jobs done. I realise balance is a issue with everything which is why i got you coved there, when throwing a knife or prybar or what have you make so it damages it reducing the usage. And so you don't swap a million weapons have it so you have to equip in the backpack what weapons beforehand. TLDR. Knife throw rabbit dead? Miss rabbit break knife done. P.s excuse bad grammar and spelling.
  2. There is a temporary sort of fix in the settings of your ps4 menu go to accessibility and there is a option to swap R1 with L3 however remember to turn it off when you play other games.
  3. If its at all possible it would be fantastic to bind sprint to L3 (left stick in) as r1 feels kind of awkward as I'm sure this isn't a problem on PC it is for consoles as left stick in is almost completely universal at this point for being sprint. So maybe a few alternate schemes for consoles would help add more assessabilty.