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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I started out playing story mode about a year ago but soon gave up after about 20 hours. I recently started playing again on voyager and I really love it, I have maybe 100 hours of doing that mode under my belt. My 1st goal is to reach the 100 day mark in that mode before I switch it up to something else. My 2nd goal is to unlock a feat or two. I feel that goals are important in this game always. I love that even after a couple heartbreaking deaths I am still drawn to continue playing. It's just so very engrossing. I have not done any searching here as of yet but the reason I joined was to learn more about how to deal with wolves. For now I just want to say hello. I will do some digging around to be sure. I want to learn more of their mechanics. I am tired of being bullied by them. I know this is not the place to inquire about that but if anyone has links for good posts here please share. I hope to learn more and of course will post those inquiries in the proper threads. Thank you so much