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  1. Ok. Guys. Seriously. And mean seriously. Should I have said. 10 degrees. 5...35? The point is, in my opinion since the update my character's ankles are weak. Weaker than before. I'm not changing my mind. @LkP thanks for having my back. The rest of you can cry me a river. Btw..The Lone Dark team...this game is great but y'all already know that. 😉
  2. I'm just curious. Is it me or ever since the update, my ankles have gotten weaker and weaker. Is it because my character doesn't have access to the daily required servings from the basic food groups to promote optimal health? Surely with 2 pairs of 100% climbing socks and fully laced up combat boots, my well fed bonus, and good night rest, I should be able to walk up, down, or across a 45 degree hill without plummeting to near death and massive ligature tears....I'm just saying.