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  1. OK, Thanks for the idea.... Ill try that... And try to drop different objets to climb on....
  2. Hello, Im sorry, i know someone write about this, but i cant find the topic anymore.... Im begining a New session, in broken railroad, and i think someone was able to climb on top of the Green cartes, to reach the beam under the roof.... Is it really possible ? We cant move any objets big enough to climb on top, right ? Just beeing curious about What is on top shelf....
  3. Sorry for the many typos in my posts... My corrector is playing me and i don't find How to edit my posts.
  4. Thanks for the advice about the plane. Yes... Stay cool is the jey in this game.. Lucky me, iam much more calm URL situations
  5. Hello.... I Just killed my character... After nearly 140 days, the 20last of those exploring, trying to teach top of timberwolf mountain.... Finally, the summit, lots of tools, tons of them... OK, nevermind, nice view, and i made it, even i had to drop most of my precious equipment on the platform on the rope climb to teach that part of the plane, tempting me from the Hut by the lake... Got ready to get down, but notice that body, down there... Poor Guy, i had to go and check him.... Never manage to go up again... Down was my only option, and i tryied to do it slowly.... Got to stressed.... Made a too big jump... And faded, cause of my internal bleeding.... Killed once again by my haste and Poor choice.... I was sad, and its What i like in this game. Highlighting the possible mistake i could totally do in real life situation...
  6. Hello all... At first, playing, i was thinking that We could get this or that.... I went through 58pages of the+100 pages of the wishlist section... Reading pros and cons... Finally, this game is good like it is, yes i could use a spear to scare the wolwes, yes i really would like to make some annotations on my map and i really think that a pair of binocular could be usefull... But, i like this game as it is. Peacefull, beautifull, scary sometimes, stress full... Poetic Thanks
  7. Thanks all ! I stumbled upon the one near the climbing rope to twm, Arriving from this direction.... Packed with a lot of clothes....
  8. Thanks for the answer, found one in pleasent valley, near three strike farm, a food cache, with nearly all un eatable.... But now, i know.
  9. Hello all... Sorry cant find the topic anymore... I m Looking for a cache, Just to see one, one Day.... I have been Looking on the spots on cheating maps with all details, but.... 1 i saw them. With out recognize them ? 2i know they should spawn only once when you szart game, but is it one per map, or one per game, from all the possible location ? 100days wandering, no luck on this hunt... Thanks. And Maybe one Day ill bump into one of you in a coop mod...
  10. Grunt


    Really something id enjoy playing with friends or stranger.... The Survival mode with the opportunity to finally meet someone... Share or not share the loot.... Not another gta, but a cooperation possibility... I think i would end myself after Month of Looking for other...
  11. Grunt


    Moi, je suis Suisse, donc francophone... A dispo, si l'anglais est difficile
  12. Sorry, i thought i was on a french forum... My bad. I said that after a few gamws i was finally able to Last for a while... Currently about 80 days in the snow, i like to compare the game with my survival experiences in the real world.
  13. Hello... Nouveau ici, quelques parties avant de réussir a en tenir une, là, environ 80 jours dans la neige... J'aime comparer les situations du jeu avec mes balades et sorties survie dans la vraie vie... Au plaisir de vous lire