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  1. I was walking up to the lighthouse in DP on a beautiful clear night. A loon cried out and I gasped and jumped at the same time. It was just after they put the loon sound in the game.
  2. I shot a bear in Bleak Inlet by cannery residences and took a bit of meat at sunset. Went back the next day to finish harvesting and the crows we’re circling the site but no bear. I stood underneath the crows and searched around but no bear. I never thought about it sinking into the ice. I reported it to Hinterland. Makes the game more interesting anyway. 😅
  3. Stones will distract wolves if you throw them before the wolves come after you. Throw them to move them out of your path. Aim for the sky then you may have to sprint past them so you aren’t in their sight anymore. The flashlight should be used on bright setting to deter the wolves. I will look at my last run to see what I did. Maybe I can help. I don’t think I have ever found a rifle in the farmhouse but that doesn’t mean it does not spawn there. I usually go to Mystery lake after Milton, maybe rest in the trappers cabin then go to BR. The gun sometimes spawns in the cabin. Others do it in a different order.
  4. In what order do you think you want to hit the regions? The flashlight or a torch or throwing stones to distract helps discourage the wolves. A gun is nice, but I have not found it to be essential. How far do you usually get?
  5. I am really sorry to hear about your experience. It’s one of my favourite challenges. “Just keep walking” is the best advice I got when starting this challenge. I think you can only save when passing time or entering a building. Hope you try it again at some point. Good luck!
  6. It took me many tries to finish the mission too. I sat for a long time, on many tries, to figure out when and where the bear could see me when I grabbed the spear and tried to point it in time. Don't give up, and good luck!
  7. If I get tired of one survival game, or I'm in a tough spot and not sure what to do next, I will start a new one and then maybe one more on a different difficulty setting, and and then go back to the first one if I figure out what to do to improve my situation. I haven't purposely ended a run but I have gotten into sufficient trouble with low enough condition (blizzard on TWM with bad clothes, no food or shelter) that I probably should just throw myself off a mountain or walk into a bear cave and put myself out of my misery. But you never know -- things are bad and then suddenly they're ok. The opposite is also true of course. I have a few saved games that will last probably about 10 minutes more if and when I go back to them. I think everyone plays their own way -- I don't think your experience is stupid at all.
  8. Oh thank you for posting the log drivers waltz vignette! I loved it when it was played on tv. It is exactly what I thought of when I saw the log sort area.
  9. I have a cat that rams his head into my mouse hand then plops down in front of the screen to see what's going on. He has killed Will more than once. But I still love him.
  10. Yes -- I do TWM last when I do this challenge and I've waited 5 days for the Aurora in the Chasm Cave. The guy in the cave isn't very good company.
  11. I have found the rifle in this car on CH many times during the Whiteout challenge but it doesn't seem to be there often in Survival Mode.
  12. Yes I did. I went into a nearby trailer. Thanks for the tip! However, I went back to the spot in a subsequent run and noticed that there were bones on the ground where the bear was sleeping. I assume it was a bear cave and I shouldn't have gone anywhere near it in the circumstances.
  13. Bears are sometimes just napping-- not dead. I found that out the hard way. I shot one and hit it -- it attacked then after I fixed myself up I went back to find it -- didn't check "bears killed" list on the journal -- big mistake. I found the bear in the same area as the shot was fired and thought yay! I need a bedroll! The "yay!" disappeared was when the bear woke up and ended my run.