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  1. I am really sorry to hear about your experience. It’s one of my favourite challenges. “Just keep walking” is the best advice I got when starting this challenge. I think you can only save when passing time or entering a building. Hope you try it again at some point. Good luck!
  2. It took me many tries to finish the mission too. I sat for a long time, on many tries, to figure out when and where the bear could see me when I grabbed the spear and tried to point it in time. Don't give up, and good luck!
  3. If I get tired of one survival game, or I'm in a tough spot and not sure what to do next, I will start a new one and then maybe one more on a different difficulty setting, and and then go back to the first one if I figure out what to do to improve my situation. I haven't purposely ended a run but I have gotten into sufficient trouble with low enough condition (blizzard on TWM with bad clothes, no food or shelter) that I probably should just throw myself off a mountain or walk into a bear cave and put myself out of my misery. But you never know -- things are bad and then suddenly they're ok. The opposite is also true of course. I have a few saved games that will last probably about 10 minutes more if and when I go back to them. I think everyone plays their own way -- I don't think your experience is stupid at all.
  4. Oh thank you for posting the log drivers waltz vignette! I loved it when it was played on tv. It is exactly what I thought of when I saw the log sort area.
  5. I have a cat that rams his head into my mouse hand then plops down in front of the screen to see what's going on. He has killed Will more than once. But I still love him.
  6. Yes -- I do TWM last when I do this challenge and I've waited 5 days for the Aurora in the Chasm Cave. The guy in the cave isn't very good company.
  7. The first time I met a moose, I didn't realize that they are quite dangerous in the game so I walked a little closer because I thought its head shaking was quite engaging. I probably should not be allowed out alone under any circumstances. I was promptly stomped into dust of course. I woke up, amazed that I had actually woken up (was playing on an easier level) and was then attacked by a pack of wolves. Nature had spoken.
  8. I have found the rifle in this car on CH many times during the Whiteout challenge but it doesn't seem to be there often in Survival Mode.
  9. Yes I did. I went into a nearby trailer. Thanks for the tip! However, I went back to the spot in a subsequent run and noticed that there were bones on the ground where the bear was sleeping. I assume it was a bear cave and I shouldn't have gone anywhere near it in the circumstances.
  10. Bears are sometimes just napping-- not dead. I found that out the hard way. I shot one and hit it -- it attacked then after I fixed myself up I went back to find it -- didn't check "bears killed" list on the journal -- big mistake. I found the bear in the same area as the shot was fired and thought yay! I need a bedroll! The "yay!" disappeared was when the bear woke up and ended my run.