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  1. Love the condescension. Glad to be done with this game.
  2. Hello, I've been playing on the same survival file since August of 2017 on the PS4. Before this, I played through the first episode of Wintermute, as well as several runs on various survival difficulties. Never in any of these play-throughs did my games have breath effects. I did not even know these were in the game. Forward to December 2018, after the REDUX update....all of a sudden, my survivor is now showing breath effects. I found this distracting and searched for a way to turn them off to no avail. So I contacted support and was told they were added quite a long time ago. Well, not in my game they weren't, I'd been playing for 18 months without them, but support had nothing to say to that so I assumed they were mistaken. Now to this evening. I followed Raph on Twitter and responded to a poll he had put up, mentioning this issue with the breath effects. Imagine NEVER having this in your game, and then all of a sudden there it is every few seconds. I never once in my 120+ days survived thought "gee, I wish this game showed my breath". It's an unnecessary feature but that's not the point. One of Raph's responses to me was "If we wanted you to play the game without the breath effect, we'd remove the breath effect". Well, I thought they had been added, because it was never in my game but he made no effort to ask more questions or to understand. Basically implied I was crazy or lying. Another response when I said they were new to me - "Nope, we added breath effects a long time ago!". In any event, I do not intend to play the game again. But I wanted the tech people to know this because something changed in the code for the PS4 version. Apparently now it is running as was intended, but for a long time it did not have breath effects. I don't know why, I'm not a tech person. Like I said, I never knew they were even a thing. They simply did not exist in any of my saves on the PS4. Also, for what it's worth, I have also never seen an aurora in any of these play-throughs. I figured they were just incredibly rare and I often sleep/rest at night so assumed I'd missed them. Don't know if these are somehow tied together in the code, but letting you know for your other PS4 user base. Raph's rude and defensive behavior was enough to turn me off from supporting this game again, but best of luck to the team in the future, I enjoyed your game for a very long time.