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  1. Hi! I like very much play TLD, but the game has changed to much, lots of glitches... i hope u r trying to fix all this glitches, am I right?? And i have fell questions, sorry about my bad english: -why change the light effect inside the houses?! Now i see a big monochromatic black... i miss the 50 shades of dark -could u please make the transition screen dark again?! Really, for the Quiet Apocalipse its a break of immersion, dont u agreed? -about quiet apocalipse: the wolfs dont stop singing.... its annoying and dont make sense: because there isnt any wolves around and they are growling unstoppable, perhaps is the ghost wolves try to scarry me ? -do u think put some kind of kettle? Or isnt a common thing in canada? ? -GELtaz had a special Cairn? He r working 4 u now? Well, i love your game! Tld is amazing! Tks for this beautiful game!