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  1. Apologies if this has been asked and answered before. Are there any plans to do a balance pass on the Wintermute spear mechanics / bear encounter? I feel as though the spear takes too long to deploy and the bear takes too many stabs to drive off / kill (3 stabs per encounter, 9 total by the time it's all over). I also feel as though when the bear succeeds in attacking you it doesn't move far enough away to give the player reasonable amounts of time to recover and prepare for the next attack. It's pretty easy to get locked into a failure loop because you were unsuccessful in the first engagement. Also in the final section of the cave the bear pathing can make it needlessly tedious to get to the spear. You have to wait for the bear to get sufficient distance away from the spear to give you enough time to brace the spear or you'll fail the attack. This can lead to a lot of down time. You can cheese this a bit by aggroing the bear and then ducking into a hole. This seems to 'scare' the bear away which might send it far enough to get to the spear but I doubt this is the intended strategy.