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  1. Sorry I wanted to say a PC for gamers I'm playing on a laptop which has Intel core i5. My best guess is that it might be linked with the Hd 520 graphics that can't cope with the new version. So that would mean I should buy something that can support the new version of the game (for info... I used all the settings to LOW)
  2. yeah well my problem has been one since the redux... Even with a small team I guess they had some time to check. I went on the dedicated part of the site to send a couple of requests. I'm not gonna send another one. all of my syst specs are in + the log of the crash as a .txt ! It's too bad that an "update" makes the game crash... Still a fan of the game but I just can't play and I'm pretty impatient to get an answer... That would be too bad to have to buy a PC Gamer so that I can play LD Thanx for your answer though
  3. hi there well I'm not new at the game... started playing 18 months ago ! Loved it but since Redux I can't play it. Game crashes whenever exiting or entering buildings Anyway I'm from France and hey all gamers and Long Dark fans !
  4. I've been having the same problems since REDUX. I've submitted forms but never did get any answer from hinterland support. too bad a so called "update" makes the game crash so often. I gave up playing