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  1. As for me, the boots are pretty useless in the game for research locations or distant crossings. They have the best characteristics for temperature and wind protection, there is also protection from physical damage, but all these boots have a very low water resistance and a huge weight. You don’t really like them in a blizzard or snowfall, because they get wet quickly and lose their “miracle characteristics”. I just compare them with my real boots that I’ve boat thanks to the information provided about best snowboard boots . The game boots are far from mine in all their even the best features. If they had a water resistance of 80%, like a fur coat made of a bear, or a sailor's jacket, then they would be valuable. I found these boots on a stalker. For walking, yes, they are not very suitable if you prefer to run. But I’ve found a use for them, this is fishing because I can sit near the hole all day long.
  2. If someone figured out or noted for himself any reference points, how to accurately aim with a bow, then write, please! I’ve tried to shoot as many times as I could, I’ve also tried to experiment with aiming a lot, but nothing worked. The only time he I hit the deer’s head and killed it at once. That’s all, there are no more results. How could it be if in reality I’m an excellent archer? I know a lot about real bows thanks to https://gearexpertguides.com/best-compound-bows/ and even a like owner of one of them. Maybe, it is something wrong with the game settings? I think that the improvement of the shooting skills should depend on the conditions. For example, the greater the distance between the shooter and the animal is, the more experience points you get if you hit. Also, other conditions affecting the amount of experience gained should be, such as the difference in height, shooting in bad weather, shooting at a moving target, shooting from shaking hands.