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  1. I'm sure this has been a well discussed topic before as I did a quick search of the forums and there are a number of topics devoted to the wish that we could carry more. Of course the carrying capacity of your character is a driving force of the game. Any more over 30 kgs and you'll suffer a penalty. Even at 30, you're already not moving as fast as someone carrying only 20kgs. And if you take so much stuff that you're "full", then you can't bring anything back. Where are you putting it? This system works fine for scavenging and looting. As you set out you estimate how long you'll be gone and what equipment you'll need. You'll also take the risk of taking less gear for the reward of bringing more back. This system is great and is an integral part of the gameplay that it would be nice to maintain. Where the system falls down is when you want to move large quantities of things. When you set out for the day you can get your weight down to a comfortable 20kgs or maybe even 15kgs if you skimp on "essentials". This still means that even in the best case scenario, you're only capable of bringing back 15kgs of stuff on the return trip. The idea I present here is for some sort of sled. To make it, you would have to establish a crafting site, similar to how you currently place a fireplace. When interacting it'll act as a container, storing items inside (Only the items needed to make the sled, to prevent this being used as a portable container). Creating this will also give you some crafting schematics for a workbench. At the workbench will be a recipe for the legs and the flat, storage section. Once these are made you can put them into the sled working area. Other requirements for crafting can be scaled for balance. When assembled, you can pull the sled by grabbing the front or push it from behind (one of these is enough if making both methods is too much work). The sled would be able to hold at least 20kgs of gear. The speed at which you move when moving the sled will be decreased and will be further decreased as weight is added to the sled. As a balancing decision, the sled will not be able to make it up all hills. Too steep and it won't move. Similarly, small gaps like a break in a fence will stop the sled. Ideally, the sled SHOULD be cumbersome and slow to use to balance how useful it is. The idea should be that while you're able to "hold" a dramatically increased amount, it should be viewed as a heavy impediment while you're using it.