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  1. For me, the encompassing screenshot of #4DON: dark, wolves, cold and blizzard, but yet the pumpkin gives light and joy.
  2. First off, not a question but I don't think I've seen anyone comment on it (please forgive me if I missed it) since the Steadfast Ranger update, but as someone who uses the accessible features, thank you so much for the accessible struggle option! It has massively changed my gameplay for the better. I am so very greatful to the team for the work that must have gone into creating accessible struggle. When creating new regions, how do you link them to existing ones? Do you create a new region, decide what existing region to connect it to and then try and find a cave or something on the existing region at an appropriate place to join them? Or do you decide where the connection to the existing region will be before creating the new one? Or maybe is there a super secret map of Great Bear somewhere at Hinterland with all the regions, existing and yet to come, planned out?!
  3. It is definitely possible to find the revolver in existing survival games (excluding interloper), was not expecting to find any in my long term game but happily stumbled across one nonetheless. I can only assume the same is true for the energy drinks.
  4. Found in Carter Hydro Dam, had been fully looted before the update so was not in a drawer etc. but sitting on a desk.
  5. When you leave items in a region, keep a note of what you left and where. That way, when you've managed to survive long enough for resources to become scarce, you know exactly where to go to find certain items. Starvation is slower than you imagine and easily redeemable. When food is a struggle, do not eat during the day. By waiting to eat just before you sleep, you can usually regain most, if not all, the condition you have lost by walking around all day starving (assuming you have had no other condition hits that day). Always leave a gut on a dead wolf to extend the time before it respawns and to get more crow feathers.
  6. I fell into a late night Wikipedia black hole and found myself on a page about the wolf and moose relationship on Isle Royale, ( ) and it struck me on how similar the environment and wildlife is between Isle Royale and Great Bear. This got me wondering, during development were there any islands that you researched into or drew inspiration from in order to create the environment of Great Bear? (Also, part of me kinda wants to see a pack of gutsy wolves attempt to take down a moose in game, is there any slim chance of this happening?)
  7. On Trapper's Homestead in survival, why are the windows always lit at night regardless of Aurora? Is this purposeful or a hangover from Wintermute? It just seems strange that this is the only building that does this, and there is never any source of light inside the Homestead to cause it either.
  8. In the Dec update you changed the route to get to/from the Crashed Plane site, I was just wondering if there was any reason why you decided to do this? Was there a technical issue with the old route perhaps? Or future plans for the cave system by Spruce Falls Bridge to lead to somewhere new or different (not holding you to anything, just curious)?