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  1. But I want Hinterland to have it all!
  2. I play on PC, and sometimes caves are "bright" enough not to use lighting, but mostly are too dark. I actually was wondering if there's some sort of feature I'm triggering (or not), because I'd rather just not use any lighting features if I don't have to. I have been in and out of various mines, with them being too dark, then too light, and it has nothing to do with the time of day. The brighter option has a sort of green tint about it... guess I ought to take a screen shot next time I encounter one, instead of just thanking the RNG.
  3. 1. Isn't that how "bait" works? Granted, I see what you're saying. Definitely not my #1 thing to put on any list though hah. 2. I don't know how big you are, but unless I polish the ice below that deer, I won't be dragging it anywhere. I get the concept, but I think the quartering idea covers that. 3. I think this is just too menial for implementation. Personal opinion, of course. 4. Yes, please. 5. Going to disagree with this one, especially since it's just a hook on a line. 6. Yes, please. 8. Painkillers are already a bit too ludicrously OP imo, so... hush. 9. I have mentioned this with running. 10. Actually, most toilet water (I assume you take it out of the tank, not where you dropped your kids off at the pool) is just as clean as anything running through any tap in the US. Granted, I know the game takes place in Canada, but I suspect it works the same. 11. Instead of pause, perhaps an interrupt option where you can choose to stop and react or ignore. 14. YES PLEASE! 15. Yes, please, but let you rest up aside the wall of the cave... and turn into one of those frozen corpses you loot. 18. Yes, please. 19. I suspect that involves too much code. 23. Sortability would be so great, on so many levels. You've got some great ideas though. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents...
  4. I know I got in a convo about this with someone, though it was probably on reddit. And I don't see any requests here based of a *very* simple search... Why can't I have my challenge records at least posted to my own account? I mean, I'd like to epeen and show off my [mostly sad] attempts, but the only option I have is taking a screenshot when I complete one and finding some outlet to post it to... and then, the problem is, if I chose not to take that screenshot, I can't even find the data to tell someone else. (I want to say I posted this here, but I suspect this "gripe" was posted elsewhere, and now I cannot find it.) If anything, I'd really like the achievements to show the lowest time any challenge was completed. Alsø alsø, previous attempts and scores would be really cool to see. I would love to play all the ones I've completed again, and try to beat the time. But I haven't saved all the times for them all, so there's a little bit of replayability lost.
  5. For that rare moment when I feel like life is "normal" again...
  6. That is gorgeous. I don't often see the majority of the rainbow spectrum represented. I finally finished my first Archivist run today. I blame the "slowness" on standing outside, taking copious amounts of screenshots instead of finding computers to look at.
  7. All are so gorgeous on so many levels, but I super really like @DaltonP's. I have done white conte on black paper and always enjoy that sort of artwork/look. Additionally, reminds me of Japanese artworks (namely, the cover of Weezer's Pinkerton album, by Hiroshige).
  8. Everything in this room is edible. Even I'm edible. But, that would be called cannibalism. It is looked down upon in most societies.
  9. I am curious about why the "windless environment" is the only +1° boost? I mean I understand the boost, but I think it could easily apply to sprinting. If you don't unzip/de-layer, you're building up all that moisture yes... which also comes with heat... if you accomplish that much heat with all that exercise. I did not expect to reach running levels of that though with my suggestion. I have easily done short "sprints" even in normal clothing. The worst risk was losing footing on the icy path, which I did mention. Sprinting in-game would never really reach that sweating level unless you're packing the best of gear, which then comes with so much extra weight you're not really going to be sprinting anywhere without a casualty. That was my idea. Just add a bit of warmth for sprints. Increase chances of sprained ankles or whatnot with higher weight of clothing.
  10. I've been trying to get the 24-hour survival achievement for interloper, but I keep spawning in the worst places in Forlorn Muskeg. I was starting to assume all interloper options spawned there. My last attempt, I actually spawned near the NE cave entrance (just NW of the northern tower) and I ran in for shelter during the horrid weather. I ended up dying since I had no tools, and finally tried a do-or-die run for the low blind, which I reached, but the weather went to all hell hates me. I too wonder how interloper isn't challenging enough?!
  11. I've noticed lanterns warming me, but never any plus while sprinting. If that is the case, then I rescind my request, but I'd like to see the feature be more prominent.
  12. So, whilst I currently live in the gloriously warm southern US, I have lived in more Canadian-like regions. And, I used to run in those colder areas, which makes me suggest options for sprinting in-game. I have gone out running at -10°C and probably lower, and have had to shed clothing because I got too hot. Granted, I'm sure I have better running gear than options in-game, but I would like to suggest a possibility of slight negation of chill factor while sprinting. I have seen other suggestions regarding sprinting that would include sprained ankles and whatnot, which would totally be a legitimate additional "feature" of sprinting with all the heavy gear on (okay, except maybe ski boots, because... if you can sprain your ankle in those, you deserve a medal). I'm not sure how the mechanics work code-wise, but I think shaving off half of the little down arrows would be a good compensation. Adding the sprained-ankle option, or a falling option to sprain a wrist (the latter I'd think would require a bit too much code to write) would be a risk I'd be willing to take. Just my two cents. But no one will pick up two pennies on the ground these days...
  13. It was one of my first failed attempts at interloper survival. Honestly, I had no idea where I was.
  14. I found one similar to that. It reminded me of that 80's van with "free candy" spray painted on the side. I'd just started my run (at cooking 1 or whatever you start with without perks) and chose to leave it be. I also died shortly thereafter, and sort of wish I'd tried.