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  1. The character of Jeremiah is based on the movie Jeremiah Johnson, both share a name, they were soldiers and hunters, besides that in the film he was deserted from the war (and it is speculated that Jeremiah was military), so the roles we had What to burn before I know evidence of your desertion. Could you confirm this theory please? ☺️
  2. El personaje de Jeremiah se basa en la película Jeremiah Johnson, ambos comparten un nombre, eran soldados y cazadores, además de que en la película este desierto de la guerra (y se especula que Jeremiah era militar), por lo que los papeles que tuvimos que quemar antes Sé evidencia de tu deserción. ¿Podrías confirmar esta teoría por favor?☺️
  3. Hello, I wanted to know if they plan to make more animations among the animals because it is strange when you see a wolf attack a hundred and a bite of a collapse. and I loved the idea that another person gave to add a dog (or wolf) as a pet. could make a baby wolf that is part of the inventory and the option to feed every hundred times for x days until it is a common wolf to follow you everywhere and help you in certain situations would be great. In the long run, could something like that be implemented?