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  1. Or it could only deplete when you're flashing it to scare off wolves.
  2. I don't remember what context this was in, but I believe a location in the Broken Railroad region was described as being "on the outskirts of Mystery Lake Park" in a note that you can find in Wintermute. So presumably the Mystery Lake area encompasses not just Mystery Lake but also Forlorn Muskeg and Broken Railroad.
  3. What made you choose to model the hunting rifle in the game after the Lee Enfield, a military rifle?
  4. As you revealed in the dev diary post, the entirety of Episode 3 is going to take place in Pleasant Valley. Looking at the world map, that region is quite far from Milton. Is the episode going to pick up after Astrid has reached PV or is her transition from Milton to PV gonna be shown in the form of cutscene or is the gameplay sequence just so short that you don't really count the transition region as part of the episode's setting? (or something else entirely?)
  5. I got the deep forest achievement at the summit of TWM, there's a lot of firewood in close proximity to the plane.
  6. Michi

    Episode 3?

    The devs were working on episode 3 and redux at the same time. I don't think they had to finish the redux to be able to apply their improvements to episode 3. They originally announced episode 3 for December, I don't think they would have done that if they hadn't made considerable progress on it. I know it may be a bit optimistic to believe that this was the sole reason, but according to Hinterland, episode 3 was delayed because they got new new equipment and staff and wanted to use them to improve and add more content to episode 3. I'm pretty sure if they wanted to, they could have released episode 3 at the quality level of the redux by now.
  7. Not everyone takes that route, I went to PV and TWM first, then to CH and DP. I don't think that route is much less direct than yours.
  8. In another Milton Mailbag thread you mentioned that players were originally supposed to be able to give Jeremiah morphine to get more information out of him, at the cost of making him addicted, but then the idea was scrapped to avoid age restrictions. How much more of your original plans for episode one and two did you have to abandon? The story mode teaser from 2015 shows Will (seemingly) attacking two people with a hatchet to defend someone they were beating up (judging by the place where this is happening, and the situation, it looks like this may have been the original plan for the "Lake Gunshots" mission). I guess this might have been scrapped for the same reason as the morphine. Overall I'm getting the impression that the original vision for story mode was darker, but perhaps more interesting.
  9. Well, this is the first encounter in which the old bear doesn't charge at Will a few seconds after spotting him.
  10. This part of the map is currently not accessible. I'm pretty sure this is where you would end up if you went through the blocked tunnel, which leads me to believe that we'll be seeing this area in episode 3 of story mode. Raphael has confirmed that it might serve as a transition area for a new region in the future.
  11. I think in a way wolves already do this? I could be wrong but I believe they will be more confident/aggressive towards you if your stats or condition are low.
  12. Are you planning to eventually add a proper "beginning" to survival mode? I don't mean a cutscene, just actually starting next to a crashed plane and maybe having to pick up the starting supplies. It would definitely improve the immersion, but I guess even if it is something that you have planned, it has a very low priority, since creating a plane crash site for every single starting location would take a lot of resources that can be spent on more important things.
  13. Even with that in mind, the sun still seems to be in the wrong place sometimes. I am 100% certain that I've seen the sun rise above the tunnel to FM while walking towards it on the rails in ML, which would be west. What confuses me even more is that in story mode, Jeremiah claims that the travel from ML to BR is southwards.
  14. I don't think cars would work in survival mode, but I've thought about the possiblity of there being a driveable (not actually player controllable) car in story mode.