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  1. HRV is one of my favourite regions to start in because it can be difficult to get to a state where you aren't at risk of imminent death (especially with low baseline starting equipment). Once you've oriented yourself, you have to quickly work out a strategy of how to survive and how to get to possible spawn points of the items you need. The only problem with it for me is it's next to MT which IMHO is the worst region in the game and is your only escape route should things get a bit too spicy in HRV.
  2. I've noticed something similar since the update. Played in PV with Low Baseline Resource availability, but Revolvers and Rifles on. I looked in every building and location on the map and didn't find a gun or even a single round in the entirity of PV. Something has changed!
  3. I tried it again just now, and it happened again. Moon is high in the sky outside, but indoors I'm able to read. Weird. I've just reported it anyway. And I loved Solar Jetman too. It might be where my obsession with scavenging games came from haha. Wish there was a modern 3D version!
  4. First time playing today since the Errant Pilgrim update. I was able to read 3 full skill books over night in the master bedroom in the Farmhouse in PV. No light sources and the aurora wasn't active. Before I report this as a bug, is this something that is supposed to happen? I don't think I've ever been able to do it before.
  5. Did I complain? Also, I'm well aware the developers wouldn't be able to make everything customisable. If everything were customisable it wouldn't be The Long Dark any more. It's not called "Build your own survival sim". However, and I don't know if you've noticed, but this section of the forum is entitled "WISH LIST" with the description "Share your ideas for things you'd like to see added to the game in the future." which might give you a clue as to what you have seen people doing. Thanks for your input.
  6. Firstly, and I know too many people in the community think their opinion matters, but I feel the baseline availability setting for customising survival mode is missing an option which has the extremely reduced spawn rate of the "Low" option, but includes the possibility of finding knives, hatchets, revolvers. I think it would be a reasonable addition, it wouldn't upset how the game is currently played and would allow us to fine tune how much our player character is going to suffer. Again, I know you get a lot of entitled requests for additions to the game, but would like to know what you think? Secondly, I read on your Twitter some time ago about you playing Frostpunk and how brutal it was. I bought it on that recommendation and you weren't kidding!! That first scenario is incredibly cruel, especially towards the end, so yea I still haven't beaten that... Are there any other games you've played recently that you have enjoyed or have inspired you? Cheers!
  7. When configuring custom settings for Survival Mode, Low Baseline Resource Availability reduces item spawns to a minimum, but also removes knives, hatchets and revolvers (I think?). The Medium setting reintroduces the possibility of finding a knife etc, but seems to greatly increase item spawns. I would like to have the option of having very low item spawns a la Low Baseline Resource Availability, but there still be a chance of finding a knife, hatchet or revolver. Perhaps the current Low setting could be renamed Very Low, with the Low baseline setting being the same except allowing knives etc. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Managed to reliably replicate the issue with the door. It happens if you quickly click and hold to open or close the door whilst an open/close animation is already occurring. This may be a known issue, but I just thought I would update.
  9. Episode three is great. Nice new additions to PV. I actually like the mechanic of having to carry survivors. However, it seems a number of issues have been introduced into the game since the update. Here are those I've noticed: Mystery Lake Forestry Lookout door opens into the wall (see attached images). Wolves near Derailment in Mystery Lake do not bleed out. At least one building in Thomson's Crossing is named "Coastal House" on entry. At least one building in Thomson's Crossing does not have a name on the charcoal map (hover over name appears as black square). Neither the Community Hall nor Molly's Barn will appear on the charcoal map.
  10. I did the same. My custom setup is basically Stalker, but with slightly more forgiving needs. Didn't seem realistic to be dying of thirst every 12 hours.
  11. Hi, I'm in my late 30s and I've been playing the Long Dark for nearly a year now. I pretty much exclusively play my own custom configuration which is basically Stalker difficulty with slightly more forgiving needs. I love the small details such as snow not falling whilst under a bridge (something some AAA sandbox games haven't done) and how a fire won't start in the wind. Really appreciate what Raph and his team have done. I also love the outdoors in real life and daydream about a TLD style game set in the Highlands of Scotland including unique hazards such as midge bites and falling in peat bogs (two things I have personal experience of!)
  12. Having a strange issue lately. When I've started a fire which is due to last, say, 4 hours. I'll then rest or wait for 3 hours on the bedroll. The correct amount of time will have passed, but the fire duration will have only gone down 1 hour (so the fire will show 3 hours left). Not sure how long this has been happening as more than once I've gone to sleep for 12 hours and woken up with the fire still burning, but I paid particular attention to it last night. Another issue is when I have cabin fever and I'm cooking something, it won't allow me to "wait until done" or whatever it's called. The button is there to click on when I pick up the food, but it doesn't do anything. Can anyone else replicate either of these to confirm? Or are these known bugs/features?