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  1. There are ropes you can find lying around on the ground attached to nothing. You often find one in the Trapper's Homestead and the base of the fallen tower in Mystery Lake, for example. They weigh 5kg.
  2. Sometimes I find loose rope. What is the use of this? Is it like the car bonnets opening and things that they thought they might use in future but never did?
  3. Think of how the players of Kingdom Come: Deliverance feel, haha!
  4. haha I am too scared to visit Timberwolf Mountain. Wolves? Bah! Sprains! I feel like I am a woman in one of those old adventure movies who always twists her ankle and the big handsome hero has to carry her
  5. Second game since update, Mystery Lake, still no rifle, no revolver!
  6. Mystery Lake, new game, voyageur. 40 rounds of revolver and 32 rounds of rifle ammo, 3 books about guns... no rifle, no revolver, haha. Many many sprains
  7. I was up to day 93 with a lovely set of deerskin pants and boots, a wolfskin coat, a moosehide satchel and a bearskin bedroll, I could actually sleep in a blizzard and be comfortable! And then I went to Marsh Ridge in Forlorn Muskeg and met three wolves. I cried. Now for my new game, my new golden rule is: if there is more than one wolf, RUN AWAY! Keep a booster for it.
  8. Have you seen Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
  9. The journal is good, but soooo slow to type on PS4!
  10. This is tips for new players, not tips for crazy people!
  11. I'm a new player, I don't play Interloper! Do any new players?!
  12. Also it is risky to go around with low condition in case you meet a wolf or bear or moose!