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  1. Here's the real question though... if those ARE indeed Solar Panels then how come there is no power? <.<.... Solar Panels don't need power to run... So since those look like Solar Panels to me then shouldn't the houses with those be able to be powered up at least for a time?
  2. I don't think I can vote right now because I don't know how I feel about this... on the one hand I can understand how the rants can be tiresome to read, but at the same time I don't think I like the idea of this because I feel like it's in a way silencing the opposition. Yea I know they will still be able to post, but it's basically pushing their posts into the corner where hardly anyone will want to go. Anyway, I also think a little bit of raving if done in a kind manner can be a good thing...
  3. I am using an Asus Rog Gaming Laptop, I HIGHLY recommend checking out their Gaming Laptops!
  4. I think you were a little harsh in your post, but at the same time the Sprain / Pain System is getting a lil funky...
  5. I think we should be able to make a Snow Shelter with Hide as well, we should also be able to make a Snow Shelter out of... well... SNOW.
  6. We already have the Improvised Tools
  7. @ManicManiac Yes, due to their small Team this is why I do try to give them the benefit of the doubt. I just can't help but to worry for the Games future. I love TLD so much, I just want to see it progress and not stay niche forever. Thanks for being so understanding.
  8. @ManicManiac To you it may not matter, but to many others it does. And I agree TLD is a wonderful experience, but the wait can get grueling and that in turn can cause many to give up on the Game. In fact due to the issues with the wait and things promised but never given, many people probably see that and don't even buy the Game which is sad. And you are right it's about player choice, but at the same time it's not a smart move in the long run to keep fans waiting. I mean I personally try to be really patient, but when months turn into years, and years turns into a lustrum, and a lustrum to a decade, etc... you get it... eventually people get tired of waiting. It's only natural to be like okay... where is the Episodes etc.? I have stuck with the Game since 2016ish, and I have been pretty patient throughout but even I have trouble going back to it. I been mostly playing other RPG Games etc. You are talking to someone who had the HUGEST dark tented Rose Colored Glasses on, I never wanted those Glasses to fade, but they are pretty much clear now... in fact I would say they fell off a while back. I still try to encourage patience, but at the same time I don't want to be hypocritical considering I stopped playing the Game around the Steadfast Ranger Update. There really isn't enough substantial DLC or Updates to keep me going at this point, I do kind of get bored very easily. I think if the Story Mode was complete, and there was more Wildlife to Hunt, that would definitely pique my interest and keep me engaged as I am BIG into RPG (story based) Games. PS. I hope this post does not offend anyone, I just felt like it needed to be said. -- I do try to be understanding and give the Team leniency, but I personally can't help but to feel the way I feel.
  9. @ManicManiac It does come up a lot which can be annoying, but at the same time it is 2019 and the Game came out in late 2014. The Story Mode was said to be planned to be released in 2014, then the date was changed to 2016 only to be finally changed to 2017. The Redux Versions of Episode 1 and 2 were released in late 2018. So to put it in perspective we have had about 5 years, to me that's a pretty good amount of time to be seeing some sort of action. But anyway I do try to give some leniency due to the HL Team being small compared to most bigger Teams, and due to the whole Redux. But with all of that being said, I do have to see the point of those who are growing impatient, in fact many have all together given up on TLD. If it weren't for all of the missed deadlines, and broken promises (no offense to anyone) I think TLD would have been a bigger hit. Sadly because of all of these things TLD is pretty niche, and with the new advancements in Graphics, and the next gen Consoles coming out I worry about TLDs future.
  10. It must have happened really fast, I'm glad it's over.
  11. Yes you will be getting Wintermute (at least the promised 5 Episodes free). Why would someone buy a Game where you only get half? Welcome to Episodic type Games, you could wait weeks, months, or years for Episodes. Or you could be unlucky and end up with barely anything if the Game gets shelved aka gets abandoned, you will end up with a half done Game. Thankfully with TLD though we at least have the Survival Mode. Anyway, look at EA pretty much ALL of their Games are "half Games", they sell them that way so they can sell what should have been included for extra. Please don't take me wrong I'm not against DLC, in fact I'm for it, but EA ewww... they are the worst. But yea to answer your question there are MANY people who would buy half baked Games, that's just how it is.
  12. I never said that. I said there were 5 Episodes promised for free, and we will be getting what was promised. But if HL wishes to add more they can, they can also charge for it. This is just how most Episodic Games work, in fact I don't think there is any Episodic type Game out there that I know of that even gives free Episodes like HL. So yea, we are pretty lucky in that sense. I personally wouldn't mind seeing more Episodes, and DLC.
  13. I only saw one post, I must have missed the others.
  14. Up the Butt with the Rifle, it's the only effective way to have a Crit Shot to the Head. The Bullet(s) would go up the rear, through the intestines, clipping some organs along the way (possibly the heart). Lastly the Bullet(s) would POP right out of the skull possibly leaving a REALLY big hole for all of those contents to pour through, all of this in turn would make a pretty good pile of sludge which is a good thing (less blood etc. to clean off the Meat). Anyway, Just leave the sludge where it lay as a warning to all other Bear or Wolves to keep away, then get to work carving up the Bears Meat for Cooking. You can also then Skin the Bear, and wear it's Fur Jeremiah Johnson style, this will also let everyone know you are a Bear slaying BEAST - don't mess with me! Basically this would be the BEST true Head Shot known to man! too bad there's no Shotgun that would probably leave more of a mark.
  15. There was 5 promised for free I think, after that they can freely make and sell as many Episodes as they wish. As for Episode 3, all we know is - is that they are working on it. That's all we know. HL stopped giving dates for things a while back due to issues of them missing certain deadlines, and because of that people got pissed. Currently from what I heard Episode 3 won't have a new Map, but who knows maybe one day they'll add more Maps.
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    Own wish list

    This post is a little bit confusing...
  17. Don't ya know we gotta make it easy for the casual gamers
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    Own wish list

    Yea that's true... I been studying Mount Everest deaths and stuff lately, and sadly a lot of the people who've died just literally fell asleep and never woke up... It quite sad really...
  19. It may not "smell bad", but this ALL looks bad! EWWW! the fact that - that person is eating it makes me wanna barf!
  20. It's better to be able to Draw Maps than to not, I remember when there was no Maps... Anyway I kind of wish we could be shown our Location on the Map in Survival Mode like we can in the Story Mode.
  21. Some Games do that though, if you miss it, you miss it...
  22. What's your preferred experience mode right now? -- I haven't played it in a few Months, I kind of got bored of it. I started playing TLD in 2016ish... anyway, I mostly played on Pilgrim or Voyager. What's the longest you've survived? -- Probably around 200 Days give or take, but that's easy since I usually play on Easy. What's your favorite region? -- Mystery Lake and Mountain Town probably. I love having many Shelters to choose from. But oddly I do REALLY like that small Hut on Timberwolf Mountain. Bow or Rifle? -- Bow. What's scarier, wolves or bears? -- They're both Scary... so I can't choose! What's the one item you'd never leave your base without? -- Probably something to start a Fire with, I also make sure to take a little bit of Water, Food, and my Bow. Do you have any Badges? -- All of them. Favorite item of clothing -- I really love the Furs, and the Satchel. Luckiest moment -- I have had quite a few, I would say my luckiest moment was getting past the hella hard Bear Fight in the Story Mode.
  23. Hello there! Welcome to the Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here! - If you have any questions feel free to ask, I been playing since around 2016 ish.
  24. Yup I hated that Game (Don't Starve), I don't know how it's even popular... I think adding a Mental Health Meter would suck for this Game.
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    Own wish list

    I don't think that will ever happen... an Igloo is a blocky looking Snow Shelter, and a Tipee is a Triangular looking Hut like Shelter made from Leather or Cloth.