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  1. @DustyDogFood It's in the same general area where you have to find the fuses. The area where the Bolt Cutters is - is partly flooded I believe, so you will have to remove the fuses so you won't get zapped.
  2. I would prefer being able to make Jerky.
  3. kristaok


    NOOOPE. PS. I am not new to the Game at all.
  4. It's a grave, for when a bear chases me and I need somewhere to hide... and die...
  5. I am definitely all about options, not sure necessarily about oats, but I would like to see more food types.
  6. kristaok


    I just want the "OPTION" to have a Map Marker like in Wintermute.
  7. Killed a Moose in one hit? NICE!
  8. I haven't found anything so I've just stopped checking.
  9. @stay puft Phew glad I am not the only one
  10. @MarrowStone Hey I have Autism too. back to OP, I like this idea.
  11. I'm sorry but I think it has to be a NO from me.
  12. kristaok

    Christmas event

    @Calico that and fruitcake!
  13. If I can't hit the Rabbits with rocks, I'll use a snare if I have any, or I'll shoot em with arrows.