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  1. Do you live in America? and yes I am a TRUTHER, why? because it's the truth! I live here! I am NOT stupid... don't wanna talk to me? don't care - but I won't let you dog on other Countries when ALL Countries have their own skeletons. No Country is any better than the other.
  2. Ours is BAD, the thing is... most of ours is under the rug... hidden so to speak, wheras their's is more in the open. That's why I won't dog Russia, China, or anyone else because I know my own Government is just as bad... possibly even more wicked and vile and conniving. EDIT: I LOVE my Country, I love America, but I hate what my Government has and will continue to do. The innocent lives they have shed to further their luciferian agenda disgusts me to the core.
  3. How about the 3,000+ dead in the Twin Towers of NYC? nah...
  4. That actually is something... more than what my own American Government is doing right now. My own Government was trying to tell commoners like myself that we don't need masks because they don't work, but yet in the same breathe they were telling us to leave them to the doctors and nurses. Here's the thing, if masks don't help than how come our Government wanted us to hand them over to the doctors and nurses? so clearly they've lied about that, and other things. At least China is actually trying to help us by offering to send us masks, over here they don't want us to have any unless you are one of the elite. Look I may not like everything China does to their people, but let's not be hypocritical here... other Countries have their skeletons in the closet so to speak. For instance the American Government has dogged out China for the One Child Policy which is cruel yes... but at the same time abortion continues here which makes us hypocrites. We have dogged them out for doing stuff to their prisoners, yet we have given our own men in the Army LSD while subjecting them to MK Ultra Mind Control (if you don't believe me look it up it's declassified information). For instance most Americans are anti Russia as well talking about how Putin assassinates, and how he rigs the Elections... yet we do the EXACT same here, we make people believe they have a choice with the left-right paradigm but it's ALL an illusion. Oh and our own American Government has assassinated people for centuries to get what they want, it happens EVERYWHERE. Every Country claims to be the best, but we are ALL being lied to and controlled... and that's the truth. I could go on and on... so let's not be hypocritical.
  5. Yea I usually only do co - op over mmo's, I can't stand playing with trolls... sadly for any multiplayer game there's a chance for ppl trying to ruin ones fun.
  6. Green Hell is releasing 4 player Co-Op in a few days... it got me thinking I know HL has no plans to add Co-Op... but couldn't they? I mean if Green Hell is releasing it, why can't HL?
  7. I would love to see more too! RAPH if you are listening PLEASE release DLC I will GLADLY buy it!
  8. Well you can grind them out in Pilgrim Mode or.... use a Save Editor - just saying...
  9. Idk I just thought the way you asked was insensitive that's all... but anyway they're leaving because they want to focus on other games, and because this community is based on mostly talking about TLD only.
  10. Why would you ask such a thing? @DerpyLemon115 I don't know why you're leaving, I wish you wouldn't go... but no matter what we will miss you here. Good - luck in your endeavors! I wish you the best out there! Also stay safe during this time, I will keep you in my thoughts.
  11. Welcome to the Forums! I hope you will enjoy this place!
  12. @Jeffery Simpson I'm sry it's been hard on you health wise. It's definitely scary around this time if you have health issues. The constant fear of getting ill or passing it sucks. Im glad Hinterland has been so good to their employees. I appreciate that because nows the time to make sure we care for each other while doing the right thing by being apart / in isolation. Stay strong everyone. This will hopefully pass soon. And let's keep everyone in our thoughts right now. Many have lost their lives already and sadly many more will.
  13. From what I gather there's no use for them but to boil water, well... maybe now they may be used for making bullets but I don't know because I don't make them.