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  1. Hello Ginger!~ Welcome to the Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  2. Hello Alex! welcome to the Forums! I am glad you are a fan of the game! I hope you like your stay here!
  3. I would say no to both, I don't want mental illness in the game, and I also like the feeling of being alone in the Sandbox Mode.
  4. I too would like to see a Shotgun, and perhaps a Sling or Slingshot? and I would also love to see some more animals to hunt like a Mountain Lion, Mountain Goat, Bison, or just some Birds!!!
  5. Idk... I am all for new weapons, but I don't think this would fit in with the theme of the game...
  6. But what if I don't want to compare my experience? what if I actually prefer to play alone? I mean I don't mind coming to the Forums from time to time, but I don't come here to brag or compare. I've already seen this game have things removed already that I didn't particularly like removed, for instance I don't like the changes to the baiting mechanic now because it's so unrealistic. So yea, I don't want anymore omissions or drastic changes.
  7. kristaok


    I've always been for adding a Shotgun to TLD, hopefully this happens!
  8. This. Sorry, but I see nothing wrong with using mods or save editors in a single player game. So it has to be a no from me... Sorry.
  9. Why? It's a solo game, it's not like they're playing multiplayer...
  10. What's wrong with the new AI??
  11. Some of those are some good ideas, like the drag sled especially.