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  1. Kinda blown away that they created a DMC mode. Ty Hinterland!Not sure what this means > "should help make late-game survival a little more viable for most players" as by late game most players are all geared up. Maybe viable means new game mechanics to add variation to late game?It will be interesting to see how Timberwolves play in survival. I imagine some tweaking from story mode Timberwolves will be on offer, as they would wreck Loper/DMC runs as they currently are. Pumped up for the new region, feats, gear and more of the excellent soundtrack.
  2. Things I changed: Starting weather was set to light fog instead of random.Weather variability and blizzard frequency were set to high instead of very high.Aurora frequency set to high instead of medium. (Allows too much light at night on high)Reduce wildlife population over time set to high instead of none with old code.
  3. > I also wish they would give us the ability to copy the code. You can paste it when you click on Enter Code but not copy it when you click on Share Code. Me too.
  4. I thought you were going to say the wind.
  5. This thread is about how Crossroads Elegy has effected survival mode. I'm not sure of an overall tag line for the patch- yet. I initially thought "Dark and Dangerous", but they fixed the light radius from torches, so maybe not so dark anymore. Though it is plenty dangerous out there. A huge part of the patch is pathing, pathing, pathing. Think you are safe on a particular piece of terrain? Think again. Many more variables to hunting, exploring, fleeing, ect. I wouldn't sleep comfortably in certain caves anymore without a fire. (Milton Basin is like Grand Central.) Fallen trees are not always going to be safe anymore to hunt from. Ect. Buff to Loper plus difficulty level. (Thank-you Hinterland). Baiting changes have led to more difficult and technical hunts with our wolf friends. Food a bit more of a premium. Smaller hit box for stoning rabbits. Less cat tails, plants, ect. on low baseline resources custom settings. Getting warm is easier with no wait time for coal addition to fire. Blizzards more incapacitating with greater snow blinding visual effects. We all were living fat on the May Steadfast Ranger patch. October's Crossroads Elegy has returned some balance to the difficulty levels in TLD. Looking forward to December with the full survival patch. What have you seen out there?
  6. 8MHM-/j8P-Dw+/-AcKm-fgAA If interested in the challenge, please check the code to make sure I updated it correctly. E-title initially had incorrect patch number
  7. I bought The Long Dark for $7.99 a few days after Christmas in 2017. It had been on my wish list for many years, but on that day I noticed the deep sale and pulled the trigger. Two-thousand eight hundred and sixty- three hours of play time later (don't judge me, I'm retired), Hinterland yesterday released fourteen previous versions of the game- for free. In many ways that is like being gifted fourteen separate games, though all are variations on the same compelling theme. I can not recall a greater value that I have ever had in gaming (which I've been doing for more then forty years), and probably will never see again. Yesterday, Raphael also posted an essay tilted "Five Years" which I encourage all TLD'ers to read. A few quotes from his essay. "...The Long Dark started out as a game but is now a significant part of my life. I think about it all the time." "We are working to create something that has its own inner values, its own truth, and we’re striving to create the best version of that experience we can. That’s what we owe our players" "I think about the next five years, what they will mean for Hinterland, how we will continue our Good Work, the ways in which I hope we leave a legacy for our players, our friends, our families, and what that legacy will be....No art exists in a vacuum. May our work speak for us." Cheers Hinterland. Thank-you.
  8. It usually takes a lot of hours of play to really dig into and understand all the changes a TLD update offers- the recent May update (Steadfast Ranger) being no exception. So after putting the time in, here are some of my observations.The pistol I'm sure took a lot of dev time and is the biggest part of the update. I don't play with guns in TLD, so it has no impact on my games. I did play Stalker for seven-ish hours and Yosemite Sam'ed around the maps shootin' and tootin'. It was fun and then I went back to custom Loper. Why a Stalker or lower player would ever use the rifle after this is beyond me. The stopping power is fairly equivalent and I would take the reduction in range for the reduction in weight any day. The rifle is so heavy and not the greatest weapon system available (that would be the bow).The revamped sprain system has generated a lot of chatter. Some folks really dislike it and I can see their pov. I think Hinterland is trying to accomplish two goals: to punish players who are over-encumbered by default and secondly to punish players for billy goating literally everywhere on the map. While I am rarely over-encumbered, I do billy goat everywhere. I have found the simple solution is to just carry five to seven bandages with me and don't really worry about it. I take some sprains with a large dose of humor and am currently looking for the most ridiculous sprain(s). The winner so far is three while climbing up the rope from the Ravine ravine. It hasn't killed a run of mine- yet. This is a better way to make players wary of running on the ridges and high places > https://hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/19519-cougar/The overhaul of the shooting mechanics is right up there with birch bark tea for making the Steadfast Ranger patch more like the "Giving It All Away So Easily" patch. I remember when hunting rabbits was far more challenging. Getting the Stone Age Sniper acheevo took me a long time. Now hunting rabbits is as easy as picking up a stone. Just as I am looking for the most ridiculous sprain, I am also in the market for the most ridiculous rabbit kill shot. Currently that honor goes to a three skip, kinda near-ish the rabbit, from about forty feet away shot. The stone didn't actually hit the rabbit, but like in hand grenades and horseshoes... Also, most of the time I'm a solid 80-85 percent bow shot. Since the update it is rare for me to miss. The shooting mechanics weren't just buffed; they buffed that sucker down to the finish.Now for the birch bark tea. Like with the hand/head wraps this falls into the category of the devs getting more use out of existing mechanics/items. Currently in the game, even on Loper, one can suffer from a vicious predator attack that reduces your condition to a very low point. No worries! Just a little herbal tea and five or six BB teas and you are back to 100 condition after one night's good rest! Not even close to realistic or even good in game terms. You tussle with a bear and the next day one is not as fresh as a daisy. Healing takes time. I thought TLD was about no hand holding. BB tea is one mighty big hand to hold. It is also renewable making it even more OP. In my little corner of TLD, I play Deadman's exclusively. A big part of that challenge is having a finite amount of condition recovery in the form of stims (8-10 total for all the map). That is 120 to 150 total amount of condition that recoverable (15 condition per stim). It doesn't take further explanation to see while currently Deadman's is a thing of the past. I hope Hinterland makes the healing effect of BB tea a toggleable option in the customization. Regardless, having an infinite amount of teas (BB) tips the difficulty in Deadman's towards easy. Deadman's relied on finite uses of everything. Overall not a fan in any way of BB tea and the "Giving It All Away So Easily".The energy drinks do not spawn on custom Loper so my experience is limited to the seven hours I played Stalker. Kinda like coffee in a different can. I forgot to gulp down three or four at once to see what that was like. Overall some flavor and little game impact.Cloth head wraps and hand wraps are cool idea, but the temp bonus is too much. I have yet had a need to make them, but they could be useful in a pinch.Animal pathing is the biggest plus in the "Giving It All Away So Easily" (Steadfast Ranger) update. The first time a wolf followed me across the bridges at the Lighthouse was an eye opener. I have seen animals go all sorts of places they could not before. Unfortunately, this has caused general instability of the game. Have fun placing a snow shelter or getting over the invisible twig stopping you in your seemingly clear path. Since this is a big step in the right direction and early in changing the pathing, I will gladly wait for them to smooth things out. Now, if they could just randomize animal spawn points and loot location.... I sure hope Timberwolves are a true terror. TLD is badly in need of some difficulty. The "Giving It All Away So Easily" patch makes us all ride the median. My personal grade for the patch is a solid gentlepersons C. Here is to hoping for better next time. Cheers.
  9. > Please do not report things that are not bugs as bugs. Our Support team is busy enough as it is without taking design requests. Thanks. If you looked at my OP, literally my first question was whether this was intended or not. It went unanswered. How was I to know it was a bug or not? E- Ty for answering my original question that this is indeed a design change.
  10. Why not report it as a bug? Good idea. > I mean it would be pretty easy for a person to simply claim they were using a specific set of custom settings and post about their victories and pitfalls (when in truth they used other settings). > 'cheating' wouldn't be limited to just using tea but probably using other exploits like save restting etc, as with everything then you'd probably have to just trust peoples word That's why streaming / recording one's DMC is a such big thing. I have only streamed one game ever- DMC, as I have no interest in creating a commercial channel. Or if one does not stream, there are four settings in the journal that can not be faked, which indicate whether in fact one is playing DMC or not. These four values skew quite differently from normal gameplay. > a new Deadman run (with using birch bark) . That's a difficult setting. But it is not DMC. The foundation of DMC is finite condition recovery. I do like calling it Birchman. All I simply and humbly ask for is a customizable option to toggle off BB tea. I and others like me enjoy competing at the highest possible difficulty. I understand most folks aren't into that. No problem, no worries. Can't we have our small little corner to traverse the highest peaks of this incredible game? While I was streaming DMC, I made this FAQ. Maybe it would be helpful in explaining the challenge further > FAQ: What is Deadman's/DMC?Deadman's is Stalker predators with Loper weather- and then add some more difficulty. There is zero condition recovery- except from stims which restores 15% condition per use. Detection range for animals is at maximum. There is low baseline resources for loot, but unlike Loper this applies to plants- from cat tails to sticks. The wind and weather is at max variability, so it will be as spiteful as possible. Every resource is precious and hard to come by. Every day survived is victory. fwiw - Deadman's game code is 8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA
  11. > I was under the impression that if you set the Condition Regain Rate to None, Birch Bark tea has no healing effect? I wish this was the case, BB tea condition regen works outside of this. > Your challenge doesn't have to be over... just add one quick "house rule." Even though it is a small subset of the community, it is a community. That we all experience the same challenge drives many posts/threads on strategy, commiserations and celebrating victories. If I follow a house rule and you don't then we are not playing the same game. The honor system is great, except when it's not. Over the long term (or maybe not so long term) players will cheat. Finally since DMC is a high level challenge, offering an easy way out (BB tea regen), while claiming you are playing DMC reduces its panache /allure. It's like a pro team expecting a pro challenge and then playing in high school. Not appealing. I play DMC for the knife's edge experience. Playing DMC-lite with BB tea is snoozeville.
  12. With the five point condition gain from drinking birch bark tea, the finite amount of healing which was the foundation of the challenge is gone. Even though low plant baseline resources limits plants, it still spawns a considerable amount of birch bark. Healing condition is now an infinite resource, as in all other levels of play.First question before any others, has this been done with intent- or is this an unintended consequence?If the former, case closed and we move on. If an unintended consequence, could we please have a customizable option to forego the condition recovery from BB tea? This would allow Deadman's challenge to once again be the peak TLD experience for high level players, and not just Loper plus.Personally, this is quite an unexpected result from the huge Steadfast Ranger update. I had not even realized this huge change until it was brought to my attention yesterday > https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/6/3264459260615363933/For me the is no other level of TLD play that gets the juices flowing like DMC. While I am very thankful for an incredible gaming experience over the last nineteen months I've owned the game, if this change stands it will probably mark the end of my playing TLD. I simply don't want it to end and hope the little happy corner that was Deadman's can be restored. I would be grateful- as would others. Let your voice be heard. Cheers.
  13. Oops. I had the fourth character wrong. It's not #1, it's capitol I.8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA
  14. Ty for the second vid IH. I have never seen the wolf trot along side after the bait timer has run out- esp. that close.
  15. I do not understand how the video supports the changes in wolf behavior. You baited the wolf and it was content for the usual timer. I thought the video would show this > "Drawing a bow and arrow on them (aiming any weapon) always used to turn a wolf aggressive. This was previous wolf behavior. Now as long as the wolf is kept in range it will just prance along oblivious to all." Drawing a weapon still causes an immediate charge, but if you have any evidence of your quote I would be very interested. There may be a change to wolf behavior, but it is going to take more testing > https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/1648792788229386226/