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  1. I am willing to turn this on. I need to know first, explicitly, if at any time, or in any way, you will sell this data or monetize it for purposes other then the further design of TLD. Ty and thanks for the free update. Cheers.
  2. We are being respectful to each other. You opened the door here Hinterland. You sowed this wind. It would be wonderful to be a company that makes a great product (maybe even a masterpiece, a work of art), and pays its employees on time and generously, and is regarded in its industry as a company of integrity with an eye on the long game. Adding in ones personal politics (trees, docs without borders, WHO) is bad business. Commercre should flow from our ethics and morality- not be the place were they begin. It may be harder to see this when it is about a benign topic (planting trees), but it quickly comes into focus when the topic is not so benign (WHO). And this will always happen. There is no way to play that game and win, over time. Please consider keeping politics out of your company. It is not good for Hinterland, its employees, it's players or The Long Dark. It cuts counter to the immense effort to continue to craft this wonderful game. With respect. S.
  3. > the only one posted here is a video in which an independentist taiwanese media ask a highly political question that they know WHO cannot answer A reporter from Taiwan was asking assistant director-general Bruce Aylward of The World Health Organization (repeat, The World Health Organization) about the Taiwanese efforts against COVID-19- which so far have been surprisingly effective. At first the director-general pretends to not hear the question, then immediately cuts off the interview by dismissing the question as "We have already talked about China". How is asking a high ranking official of the WHO about one countries response to the pandemic political and unanswerable? I only provided one link as I believe people are fully capable of researching this topic for themselves, and coming to their own conclusions. The mining is easily done, as the veins are rich with information. If someone would like to PM me for some direction, I will assist you privately. However, I ask you to first consider finding out this information for yourself. I suggest you look for verifiable facts and not opinion pieces. One place you might start is coal consumption over the last twelve weeks in China (a key economic indicator), and compare that data set going back a decade over the same twelve week period. That alone is eye opening. > oh, here comes the conspi-racists I do not know what this means. Often when that happens it is because I am unaware of the ideology which informs any incoming information before critical analysis. Much of the North American press, and some of the European, is caught by this fashionable analysis. I prefer Dr. King's insistence that we look into the content of ones character before all, instead of reversing his wise philosophy. I suggest you look to Asian press for a much more clear eyed view of the CCP and their actions in creating this pandemic. E- spelling error
  4. I can not express how much people should not donate to the WHO. The evidence for this is extensive and I urge people to do their own research (you have the time 😉) The WHO has been compromised by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) for over a decade. It is a part of the CCP's "Belt and Road" Initiative, used a lever to gain international credibility as well as a path into poorer countries who in the past were helped by the WHO. Look around today at the countries suffering under massive debt after "partnering" with the CCP under "Belt and Road". The main aim of the CCP is to keep and retain power. Everything, and I mean everything, is secondary. Including keeping critical information to the world about COVID-19 (or the CCP virus- more accurate) in December and January this year, along with spreading disinformation about the origins of the virus. The WHO was alongside the CCP in supporting this regime and its lies. There is a mountain of evidence out there, and it is haertbreaking. One piece of evidence from yesterday > I can only assume that Hinterland is too much on the front foot here and did not do due diligence and research before creating this fundraiser. Please instead support your local charities that you have verified for their integrity and honesty. Two characteristics that the WHO lacks, to say nothing about their master. I do hope this is an error of ignorance on Hinterlands part, and not something more shameful. A great reckoning is going to happen to the CCP when the dust settles from this event. Too much blood, time and treasure is being lost and will have been lost. I can only hope the Chinese people will, in the end, be removed from the shackles they exist under. Imagine the overwhelming positive impact that will have on the world. Thank-you.
  5. One of my wife's high school friends has been living in Milan for over twenty years. As he is a writer, he has been posting a daily diary of his experiences. This is from today > ....."I was walking toward Piazza Oberdan, and I saw an old man - he must have been at least eighty - walking towards me on the other side of the tracks. It was still early morning, and we were the only two people out. He was dressed in elegant clothes, a three-piece suit with a dark green tie and one of those long, forest green Tirolese jackets. He had a pointed fedora with a feather in it, and had a couple of newspapers tucked under one arm. I thought to myself, 'what a risk this must be for him!', because the virus is killing so many elderly. I realized he put on his very best clothes for this Thursday morning walk to get the paper, and that made me sad. Sad to think that the possibility of death so close, so soon, would prompt him to wear his best outfit. Every trip outside might be his last... As I watched he stepped onto the tracks, leaned over and plucked up three or four of those little daisies that grow in the grass. He tucked them together, in a bunch, into the folds of his newspaper to protect them. I knew right then and there that he had picked them for his wife, for someone he loves. He was taking them home as a gift. When we passed each other on opposite sides of the tracks, he smiled and tipped his hat to me by way of 'good morning.' I wanted to run over and hug him. But all I could do was smile back and walk away..."
  6. So what you are saying is we are going to livestream it?
  7. To provide a little levity (or further distraction in the Ice Hole manner) > https://babylonbee.com/news/nations-nerds-wake-up-in-utopia-where-everyone-stays-inside-sports-canceled-social-interaction-forbidden
  8. micah6vs8


    I've been actively hunting for coldest temperature since Bleak Inlet dropped. I think I found what I was looking for. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2021649461 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2021652916
  9. Respect to you all. I do not think a gaming forum is the place to discuss this topic. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it should have its own sub forum? This is most definitely a Black Swan event (at a minimum financially), and by definition certain aspects of the play book are no longer viable. The unsettling aspect of Black Swans events for me is > "The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities)."* I rely on the scientific method to discern. Not having it in play is uncomfortable to say the least, but you play the hand you are dealt. Having read history for over forty-five years there are many examples across time, culture, and geography of similar events. Why they are not exactly congruent with our present situation, they do offer a guide. Prepare. With balance carefully discern data. Be the voice of reason and calm to yourself, family, community, and country. Pray we look back at this as an overwrought reaction and laugh at ourselves. May you and your family prosper and be in good health. Cheers. *Nassim Nicholas Taleb "The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable"
  10. Why thanky. Invitation accepted. There is a constant push/pull dynamic between the devs and the players. We exploit our hard earned knowledge and they then adjust in turn. We flounder for a bit at first, but quickly start finding the new cracks where we can gain an edge. This is an organic process between us and the devs, that results in the very world that we play in. That is yet another really cool aspect to TLD, Hinterland and its player base. Of course, it drives some players nuts. Usually players who do not enjoy much change or new variation. I get that. Then again, there are players (like me) who find constant change and challenge of rediscovery captivating and thrilling. I have never seen a player base have such a strong "improvise, adapt and overcome" attitude then hardcore TLD players.
  11. More data > https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/1752402822291723236/
  12. Shh. I know of what you speak (I have been using it for months now). It is glorious. Please consider not posting it as it will very likely cause Hinterland to make a wee change here or there and make this most excellent path a thing of the past. This is not conjuncture. I have posted many things like this (Steam forums) and heavens to Betsy, many of those tricks no longer are available. My wonderful "Gate of Death" in DP is one I miss in particular.
  13. Great write up . Ty. I've spent about 85 days in BI. About half on DMC. The other half with the Twin Devil's Challenge. T-wolves are very doable -except in open terrain. I usually find inaccessible terrain to lure them to, but I have also stealthed them as well. Their circling behavior can be used against them. One method I've tried twice at the Cannery is to run directly at them. I do not stop to engage, but run to a shelter. They did not engage me through all their howling. On the custom settings I've played there, I have had either very high wind and weather variability (DMC) or high wind and weather variability (Twin Devil's). The wind rarely stops blowing on those settings in BI. It is incessant. I have never seen temps so low as I have in BI. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1960383488 Large parts of BI feel unfinished, as you indicate. For example, one day I went looking for rocks (I use them frequently) and could not find one. Certain areas feel sparse and like a place holders (small island off the Cannery). I am fully confident the region will get more love in the future. If you want a moose, as Riotintheair said, this is the place. Have fun keeping your fire lit as you harvest (unless the carcass drops conveniently) and keep an eye out for T-wolves. Remember if they catch you out in the open...
  14. Excellent! Thank-you. I'm pretty hardcore, but these codes give me pause. I've played around with close wolf spawn distance and it is a nightmare on DMC. That alone will make ones survival iffy with every encounter. It is do-able, but a bit off the edge- not close to the edge. I have also played around with the limiting of food. It caps the amount of days survived, as you simply run out of food- no matter how hard you rip and run. Have you played with any of these codes? If so, which one do you enjoy the most? The least?