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  1. Great write up . Ty. I've spent about 85 days in BI. About half on DMC. The other half with the Twin Devil's Challenge. T-wolves are very doable -except in open terrain. I usually find inaccessible terrain to lure them to, but I have also stealthed them as well. Their circling behavior can be used against them. One method I've tried twice at the Cannery is to run directly at them. I do not stop to engage, but run to a shelter. They did not engage me through all their howling. On the custom settings I've played there, I have had either very high wind and weather variability (DMC) or high wind and weather variability (Twin Devil's). The wind rarely stops blowing on those settings in BI. It is incessant. I have never seen temps so low as I have in BI. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1960383488 Large parts of BI feel unfinished, as you indicate. For example, one day I went looking for rocks (I use them frequently) and could not find one. Certain areas feel sparse and like a place holders (small island off the Cannery). I am fully confident the region will get more love in the future. If you want a moose, as Riotintheair said, this is the place. Have fun keeping your fire lit as you harvest (unless the carcass drops conveniently) and keep an eye out for T-wolves. Remember if they catch you out in the open...
  2. Excellent! Thank-you. I'm pretty hardcore, but these codes give me pause. I've played around with close wolf spawn distance and it is a nightmare on DMC. That alone will make ones survival iffy with every encounter. It is do-able, but a bit off the edge- not close to the edge. I have also played around with the limiting of food. It caps the amount of days survived, as you simply run out of food- no matter how hard you rip and run. Have you played with any of these codes? If so, which one do you enjoy the most? The least?
  3. > Cavern entrances can have coal and if done correctly these can be picked up. This is the Milton to HRV transition and this time the coal was spawned just a little too far back to grab. The coal in the FM to BI mine (going into FM first) has coal that you can pick up. You have to walk sideways to get at it and some is too far beyond reach. Sometimes walking until the transition happens will place you a bit further out in the entering zone. This can be useful if you want to cut down on the time the wolves can react to your presence. This is helpful when entering ML from the Ravine or entering CH from the Ravine (and using the quick right down to the stream). These are two areas in particular that I use this- especially if I have scent on me.
  4. Well fed for the win as a starter. I could give specifics, as others have done in the above good advice, but instead I will state a first principle for staying underweight. Never accept it. Just don't. Or course, there are caveats; big harvest, low stamina, a big loot haul. But when it counts be able to move freely, whether against predators or on a long journey. The penalty to a players ability to move is severe if overweight. I have seen really good players turtle, with house and home on their back, and still win. But I am very much the opposite. I do not like being overweight at all.
  5. I consistently find revolvers down there- even though they are not supposed to spawn on Loper/DMC. I've found gunpowder, and other bullet making items. I've found decent clothing (at times) and always some food and lantern oil- and of course the coal.
  6. And there are goodies down there even on Loper/DMC. It is worth it.
  7. I have been to the CH aurora mine several times on survival (Loper/DMC). My plan is to prepare for the event- well rested at nightfall and inventory light so I will not be encumbered after I loot the lower aurora mine. As soon as the aurora hits take the elevator down. And then I am running (where I can) and looting. It should not take more then an hour-ish (in game time) to loot the whole lower part of the mine. Do not tarry. Do not break crates, ect. down. Get down there. Loot fast. Return.
  8. I was killed on my first run on Day 3. I had looted Carter and found a revolver. On my way back to Carter from the Camp Office (bedroll) I tried to kill the wolf guarding Carter and though I hit him with the first shot the sucker ended me. I had 50% condition, soo...As I was reviewing the custom code before I began my second run, it was then I realized that I had set condition recovery while awake and not suffering from an affliction- but zero recovery from sleeping. Ooops. (I changed the code in my second post in this thread.)I am on my second run now. Day 15. Left ML on Day 8. Had a wild ride with the Timberwolves in upper BI. Luckily my first flare pistol shot hit when they set upon me the first time, which almost ruined the pack morale. In their frenzy they even killed the deer who spawns in upper BI and I was able to harvest about half the meat. The next day, after getting the code to the workshop, the surviving T-wolves made it hell to attach the rope to lower BI. They reduced my condition by half and left me bleeding, but I was able to patch up on the ledge on the way down to lower BI.I looted several areas in BI, but still did not find a firearm. I decided to try my luck in FM, before I hit the Cannery. My first try to cross the Frozen Delta ended in a Timberwolf pack encounter. I took my stim from the Ravine and fled back to the Washed Out Trailers. Luckily, they just nibbled me a little bit. They could have ended me, as they caught me out in the open.The next day I was able to go to FM without any harassment. While in FM I headed straight to Marsh Ridge. I am going to try to run a few deer and let things cure before I forge, then head back to BI. In the Marsh Ridge cave I found a revolver at 34% condition. Whew! At least I will have a shot against the Workshop wolf.The challenge has been a lot of fun so far. Cheers.
  9. The above code has condition recovery while awake and not suffering from an affliction, but not while at rest. The code below has condition recovery when at rest, which is the proper setting for the challenge. Cheers. 8MnI-uj8P-Dw+D-yyOe-SOIJ
  10. Start in Mystery Lake. You may choose up to three feats. Only zones you are allowed to go the first ten days are Mystery Lake, Ravine and Winding River. After the first ten days you must leave Mystery Lake. You may not return. After you leave Mystery Lake, the only zones you are allowed in are Forlorn Muskeg and Bleak Inlet. How long can you survive? 8MnI-uj8P-Dw+z-wyOe-SOIJ Code is a mix of Loper and Stalker- with guns. Birch bark tea allowed. Low condition recovery only at rest. Weather/cold will be factors. Good Luck.
  11. I post notices on Steam when I stream. It's just for fun, no channel, ect.. See you around. Cheers.
  12. I am late in a run and the only thing I am really doing is hunting wolves for play-testing. I still use fire to kill almost every one (normal wolves). Here are the relevant stats: Days survived: 178 (DMC) (most days in Milton 36, followed by Bleak Inlet 25) - 163 bow hits / 278 bow shots (58.6%) - 808 close wolf encounters - 1 struggle/ 1 struggle won (Workshop BI) - 120 wolves killed - 22 baited wolves I used to be a solid 80%+ with the bow. Now I have to work more for my kills. The new wolf dance moves on approach and no easy head shots anymore with baiting are the biggest factors for my 58%. In fact, probably the biggest change for me is giving up baiting entirely. I have carried and used bait since day one of my playing TLD, but the potential cost (drawing predators when I do not want to) is outweighed by the potential long range shot to kill a successfully baited wolf. Hunting T-wolves I almost completely rely on stealth. Hunting normal wolves is still fire, scent and a prepared place from which to hunt (flat open ground is still the best). Stealth for normal wolves is still very useful. Standard tactic is to light a fire with clear LoS. Have scent on me. Draw wolves by scent or rocks. Kill them crouched before they detect me. However, one can effectively hunt without stealth. The moment the wolf pauses at the fire is your brief opportunity for a kill shot. It's a close shot- maybe ten feet away- but not an easy one. Fire is still effective. But if you are in funky terrain, and the wolf has limited LoS, and the fire is not between you and the approaching wolf, you can get attacked by the fire. It is a lot of circumstance to stack up, but it can happen. Preparing the hunting ground is more important then ever. Not initiating the encounter can put you more on the back foot now. In general the hunt is more complex and requires more thought to be successful. Happy Hunting.
  13. Me too. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966750484
  14. I have never had a hammer spawn in BR on Loper (or low baseline resources). Nor in FM or DP.