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  1. > Please do not report things that are not bugs as bugs. Our Support team is busy enough as it is without taking design requests. Thanks. If you looked at my OP, literally my first question was whether this was intended or not. It went unanswered. How was I to know it was a bug or not? E- Ty for answering my original question that this is indeed a design change.
  2. Why not report it as a bug? Good idea. > I mean it would be pretty easy for a person to simply claim they were using a specific set of custom settings and post about their victories and pitfalls (when in truth they used other settings). > 'cheating' wouldn't be limited to just using tea but probably using other exploits like save restting etc, as with everything then you'd probably have to just trust peoples word That's why streaming / recording one's DMC is a such big thing. I have only streamed one game ever- DMC, as I have no interest in creating a commercial channel. Or if one does not stream, there are four settings in the journal that can not be faked, which indicate whether in fact one is playing DMC or not. These four values skew quite differently from normal gameplay. > a new Deadman run (with using birch bark) . That's a difficult setting. But it is not DMC. The foundation of DMC is finite condition recovery. I do like calling it Birchman. All I simply and humbly ask for is a customizable option to toggle off BB tea. I and others like me enjoy competing at the highest possible difficulty. I understand most folks aren't into that. No problem, no worries. Can't we have our small little corner to traverse the highest peaks of this incredible game? While I was streaming DMC, I made this FAQ. Maybe it would be helpful in explaining the challenge further > FAQ: What is Deadman's/DMC?Deadman's is Stalker predators with Loper weather- and then add some more difficulty. There is zero condition recovery- except from stims which restores 15% condition per use. Detection range for animals is at maximum. There is low baseline resources for loot, but unlike Loper this applies to plants- from cat tails to sticks. The wind and weather is at max variability, so it will be as spiteful as possible. Every resource is precious and hard to come by. Every day survived is victory. fwiw - Deadman's game code is 8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA
  3. > I was under the impression that if you set the Condition Regain Rate to None, Birch Bark tea has no healing effect? I wish this was the case, BB tea condition regen works outside of this. > Your challenge doesn't have to be over... just add one quick "house rule." Even though it is a small subset of the community, it is a community. That we all experience the same challenge drives many posts/threads on strategy, commiserations and celebrating victories. If I follow a house rule and you don't then we are not playing the same game. The honor system is great, except when it's not. Over the long term (or maybe not so long term) players will cheat. Finally since DMC is a high level challenge, offering an easy way out (BB tea regen), while claiming you are playing DMC reduces its panache /allure. It's like a pro team expecting a pro challenge and then playing in high school. Not appealing. I play DMC for the knife's edge experience. Playing DMC-lite with BB tea is snoozeville.
  4. With the five point condition gain from drinking birch bark tea, the finite amount of healing which was the foundation of the challenge is gone. Even though low plant baseline resources limits plants, it still spawns a considerable amount of birch bark. Healing condition is now an infinite resource, as in all other levels of play.First question before any others, has this been done with intent- or is this an unintended consequence?If the former, case closed and we move on. If an unintended consequence, could we please have a customizable option to forego the condition recovery from BB tea? This would allow Deadman's challenge to once again be the peak TLD experience for high level players, and not just Loper plus.Personally, this is quite an unexpected result from the huge Steadfast Ranger update. I had not even realized this huge change until it was brought to my attention yesterday > https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/6/3264459260615363933/For me the is no other level of TLD play that gets the juices flowing like DMC. While I am very thankful for an incredible gaming experience over the last nineteen months I've owned the game, if this change stands it will probably mark the end of my playing TLD. I simply don't want it to end and hope the little happy corner that was Deadman's can be restored. I would be grateful- as would others. Let your voice be heard. Cheers.
  5. Oops. I had the fourth character wrong. It's not #1, it's capitol I.8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA
  6. Ty for the second vid IH. I have never seen the wolf trot along side after the bait timer has run out- esp. that close.
  7. I do not understand how the video supports the changes in wolf behavior. You baited the wolf and it was content for the usual timer. I thought the video would show this > "Drawing a bow and arrow on them (aiming any weapon) always used to turn a wolf aggressive. This was previous wolf behavior. Now as long as the wolf is kept in range it will just prance along oblivious to all." Drawing a weapon still causes an immediate charge, but if you have any evidence of your quote I would be very interested. There may be a change to wolf behavior, but it is going to take more testing > https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/1648792788229386226/
  8. I've been using 8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA , since the code popped. I checked this today and one heading is set incorrectly. The starting weather is set at light fog, instead of random. The code for random weather is > 8MH1-/z8M-Dw+/-SWm-fgAA Could you DMC'ers check to see if the original code is set to light fog? Ty.
  9. This is a big update. After about twenty hours in since the update (half Stalker, half DMC), I still am far from any conclusions. Though I am beginning to think that the update increased the overall difficulty.
  10. > Have you considered the possibility that making the game more challenging to a relatively small % of our players, may not be our #1 priority? While it is way too early to even begin discussing the update (seriously put the hours in first, so you know of what you write), I must admit this statement does trouble me. I am north of 2.5K hours in the game, and I only play in custom mode now (DMC). So, while I do not expect #1 priority I do expect attention to this part of TLD (custom mode, challenging game play, ect.). I'll be able to say how this update will effect high level players probably next week, but maybe not. TLD is a deep game and some of the quick criticism is silly. Thank-you for the free update. Cheers.
  11. Thank-you for the update. - good move to keep deadlines internal for better mental health for all - I was hoping for a .357 Magnum Snub Nose, but I'll take a Colt .45. - I hope overhauling of the aiming mechanics does not mean you are making things easier. The bow is already a powerful weapon and hunting is not very challenging. - Any consideration to make a difficulty level above Loper? - Always looking forward to (and grateful for) the continuing free updates. Thanks Hinterland. Cheers.
  12. Hi Everyone. First post here. Lord, I love TLD. Is there a guaranteed stim spawn in HRV in Loper or Custom with low baseline resources? (No specific location please.) I'm deep into my longest Deadman's and I'm hunting for some health. Ty.