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  1. Vehicle Section DLC. Pilot your very own Wolf Sled, usable in the new Idiotarod area (and nowhere else), available for 800 Timbaland points ($12.99 CAD).
  2. RPG players who don't hoard trivial loot like jealous dragons? I envy you somewhat. You could always give us a 2% knife, just to tease how punishing scarcity is.
  3. Not bad. A few quick points, take or leave them as you like: Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure that I saw the scene of me recovering from the crash and yanking metal out of my hand TWICE in five minutes. Either cut the first one, or find a way to not need the second. Astrid is a much more sympathetic character, which is good. I still feel she's being wasted- she not only abandons us, which calls her aptitude as a physician into question, but abandons the case which she insisted was critical to her plans. Things might be better if she frantically climbs after you, gives you some degree of medical attention because you're really hurt, then takes the case and runs. Maybe she's running because she knows, accurately or not, that you'll be fine. Maybe she's reluctant to leave you but has a mission, for better or worse. Maybe she's just a jerk. You can apply a bandage because the one she applied to you needs to be changed, or something. For the love of all that is holy, let us keep the knife after Hobbs. Regardless of choice, leaving such a useful tool with him is deeply silly. Especially if it's the only one we've found up to that point. Or make it a screwdriver. Overall, story is much improved. I'm happy for it. I think newer players will appreciate not having to axe-struggle multiple wolves in a row, and other gameplay changes are just as welcome as the story changes. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and best wishes for the New Year!