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  1. I noticed a Steam achievement for 500 days of survival. I don't know if I'd ever get such a thing, or even try, but one thing occurred to me. Long before 500 days is gone by you'd have run out of cloth. That means you'd play a significant amount of time without the ability to build a snow shelter. I'm on day 142 of a Stalker playthrough and cloth is already fairly scarce. I've had to cross over to skins for much of my clothing which is fine. But, in the same way, some number of skins should be a possible component in building a snow shelter. If you are going to give a Steam achievement for 500 days, then you must want people to try for 500 days. If I try for 500 days, the likelihood that I'll need a snow shelter on many occasions is pretty high. So, give me the option of substituting 2 deer skins (or whatever you think is balanced) instead of the 5 cloth. I'd love to hear what do my fellow survivors think.
  2. I completely agree with the OP. Hinterland has made many deviations from "realistic" (and rightly so) in order to balance gameplay and keep a video game what it should be... fun. This is no different. Like @Pharose said, either the arrow stays in till the end or it falls out at the point of contact. There's so much snow time now it sometimes feels like a walking simulator. Don't add to it by making me search every nook and cranny for my arrow. Please patch this Hinterland.
  3. I have 150+ hours of Survival mode in Voyager and Stalker. I've loved every tension filled minute. But, the ordeal of getting your spear back in Episode II betrays all the other gameplay moments I've had so far. First of all, it's TEDIOUS. I had to replay the same thing seven times, try dodging the omniscient bear seven times, get mauled seven times, and watch the beatdown cutscene seven times. OMG, that bear mirrored my every move whether he was facing me or not. The monotony killed what could have been a white-knuckle experience. Just so tedious. It's a big dark cave, can I just be careful and sneak around the bear, get my spear, and have a boss fight? Nope. Second, after killing the bear my character apologizes to the bear? What kind of SJW writing is that? If I don't have the right to defend myself against this four legged killer that has stalked me across three regions and the better part of a week, when is it okay to defend yourself? Are you afraid of a bears rights activist group boycotting TLD? Then, Will refers to himself as a murderer?!? I never played the story before the redux. Maybe it wasn't like this before, maybe it was. But I must say, that whole scenario was the weakest part of the game by far. Not only did you make me go round and round and round with that all-knowing bear, then you made me feel like one of the criminals headed for Blackrock when it was over. Sorry for the length of the post, but that encounter needs to be rewritten Hinterland. The rest of the game, Survival and Story, is simply excellent. The "get your spear back" part... not so much.