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  1. I finished the last of the main 6 challenges shortly after the update, but I didn't receive the "Challenge Mastery" from Steam as I was expecting (November Dev Diary said the new challenge is not needed for the achievement). I did however receive the achievement right after I started a new game in the new "As the Dead Sleep"" challenge. I assume there is a bug causing this behavior, but this workaround might help others in a similar situation as well.
  2. @The Black Knight, that wasn't the case for me, I was able to see all the challenge badges still. In fact, I have gotten the achievement now! All I did was start an "As the Dead Sleep"" challenge, and as soon as I loaded into the world, the achievement popped up. Don't think that is the intended behavior but I am happy that I got my achievement regardless =)
  3. Is the "As the Dead Sleep" challenge required to get the Challenge Mastery achievement on Steam now? I read in the Nov dev diary that it is not however I couldn't get the achievement with other 6 of the challenges done (missing all of the 4don's as well). I was trying to finish all the challenges before the update hits just to make sure I get the achievement, however I was half a day late =(.
  4. I have not confirmed it myself but I read people having problem getting the "Faithful Cartographer" achievement. One theory was this being due to the name change for "Rural Store" in PV. Is this something you are aware of, looking into as well?
  5. I reinstalled the game and the issue got fixed. Leaving the topic on in case someone else have a similar problem. Nac
  6. Hello, I have just updated my game for the fist time since episode 3 was released and started a new episode 3 game (playing on Steam). The game plays fine until the moment I click on "Exit Basement" after the phone call I got from Molly in her house. After the loading screen for the scene transition, I hear Astrid say something about the lines to the barn (with music starting in the background) but the screen is pitch black. Then all the sound disappear as well and I don't see/hear anything. None of the controls work and the game is practically just frozen with the pitch black screen. I loaded my autosave and last checkpoint a bunch of times but the same behavior happens every time. Is this a common problem? Any suggestions on how to resolve it? Any game logs I can share to help with the resolution? I just created a support ticket repeating the issue as well. Thanks
  7. They pushed the fix already. It was working fine on Steam (PC) yesterday and today's fix should be pushed to other platforms as well.
  8. I like the changes so far. Thanks to the Hinterland team for delivering such a big overhaul for the current customers! It was also a good decision to release early in the week so that you have some time to wrap things up before the well deserved break. I will be super happy if we get an update before Christmas resolving the issues Raph mentioned as being worked on (crafting and region notifications).