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  1. Ok, I take that back. I did not play the game that often that I have seen old bugs come back.
  2. You have never obviously shipped anything. The guys at Hinterland are fixing bugs, I get regularly mails from them in my inbox about bugs that I have submitted. As they are currently working hard on releasing next episode, I guarantee you, that these bugs are already fixed in that version of the game, and there is little point to fixing the live version, as the next big update is on the way. Take a chill pill, and enjoy your signs that next episode is coming soon. Yes, a hold on fixing "small" bugs (ones that do not prevent you from playing the game) is a sign that next big update is around the corner.
  3. Hey Ralph, I can totally see how my previous post (about player fat) could be seen as a Wishlist Item, so let me shine a different light on the topic. In a previous Dispatch (#2) there was a question about being well fed over long periods of time resulting in a buff to strength and hitpoints. While the design of the buff is the best I have seen in games in many years (see this post) : 1. Mechanically perfectly clear, it did not change (nerf) the previous game mechanics 2. Gives a small advantage, not a game changer. The 5kg does not impact the game that much 3. It is still challenging to maintain being fed constantly for 72h, However for Interloper players this buff changed the game. Previously the "cookie cutter strat" was starving to death during the day and eating before sleep to regenerate health. Now the strategy it is just hunting and eating 3 kgs of meat per day, while enjoying +5 kg carrying capacity and hitpoints buff, with no drawbacks. Introduction of fat to the game would change that. There would not be a very easy choice of "just eat everytime you can", as the fat would reduce the carrying capacity, or even add more red area to spriting/climbing meter. To make this even more interesting, humans usually do not heal a lot while pumped with insulin (hormone which is produced when you eat). So eating before sleep would prevent healing. So do you think that the Well Fed buff achieved its goals for Interloper players, or is there still some area for improvement?
  4. Cheers, thanks for fixing these bugs. Let's hope I will now lose less arrows.
  5. Actually, I thought that they added the birch bark tea with Deadman in mind. This would add some means for deadman runs to continue after the weather gets stupidly cold and you just die off. Alos there isn't that much birch bark in the world. Best option would be to add another difficulty level - Deadman as standard mode.
  6. Hey Ralph, Great job with the rifle mechanics and sprain system, much better now. 1. I know this was asked previously but is there now a chance for better anti aliasing? 2. Body fat and calories. This has been really bothering me for a long time. While I know, that games are games, and not a reflection of nature, and TLD is not a simulation, please hear me out. In nature humans have fat stores that they tap into when they are out of food. No more glycogen in liver and glucose in blood stream - we start burning fat into ketone bodies and use them for fuel. However ketone bodies suck for high intensity activities, for this we need glucose. But for long walks, low intensity exercises, heating our bodies - they are great. So how about a rehaul of the hunger system in TLD. Add a second meter - body fat. It fills up when you are eating - about 20% of calories are going to the fat. When you are out of normal hunger, you start burning fat. While using your fat as fuel, you cannot do high energy exercises - like running with 30kg backpack (stamina meter reduced by 90%), climbing ropes, chopping hardwood, forging tools or fighting wolves/bears. Also this could teach a lot of people that you can easily start to burn off body fat if you have not eaten for a few hours and you are out of glucose and glycogen.
  7. Wow, just found out about the podcast. More episodes would be fun! Also, please add them to the game? Some information in the main menu, maybe a note in signal hill, or if you are feeling like adding 2 times and a mechanic, add a walkman and 2 cassettes with the podcast 🙂
  8. Heating up some food on free heat, and this always makes me want to play TLD again.
  9. @greatwhitegamer it isn't sadly. Whelp, guess i have to buy another copy. Didn't get to play 4 days of night too.
  10. It's live since almost 2 hours? At least on Steam. Oh. I have GOG version. Suck to be me. Again.