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  1. Mostly just walking up hills, I am in Mystery Lake and other threads seem to indicate that ML seems worse for strains than other zones. I hope so, because ML isn't even that hilly.
  2. My new game has started in Mystery Lake and I have seen a ridiculous amount of sprains. I agree it's forcing me to stay on the flay and away from the interesting terrain.
  3. What's the point in having all of these huge maps to explore with a lot of steep terrain if you are constantly worried about how you are going to traverse the map? It's essentially forcing players to only walk mainly on the flat or in valleys and thus into areas where the wildlife lives. We've learnt the landscape over time and where the dangers are and now we are being encouraged to stay away from the hills and our favourite routes. It's not as if the wildlife locations are random each game. I was tracking a deer from the main lodge in ML up over the hills and got two hand sprains within 30s of each other, unencumbered and rested. Then a few minutes later I was standing on a slope, not moving and got an ankle sprain. So now we can't track animals over hilly terrain? The way the blood trails seem to work, you have to follow them or they don't show up. I like the rest of the update, but the sprain frequency is very annoying, I've basically given up playing until a solution can be found. I don't want to turn off sprains because I'm working on feats.
  4. I'm still getting overloaded with sprains. Tracking a deer blood trail over hilly ground with 25kg/35kg of gear, nearly full rest and I got two hand sprains within 30s of each other and another standing still on hilly terrain a few minutes later. It seems somewhat pointless following blood trails into the hills now. If I don't get the kill I may as well leave the deer running off and hope I find it later on flat ground, as the blood trail disappears if you don't continue to follow it. I think I am just going to start a new run and turn off the sprain system, it's just draining my enjoyment of the game right now. It's a shame, the old system seemed balanced in the sense that the sprains caught me by surprise, now I just know I am likely get one (or three) every time I walk on hilly terrain. There are a lot of places you need to get to walking on hills, the maps are large and many are hilly. I started this game on steadfast, before the sprains "fix" patch, perhaps my game is bugged or still using old values for the sprain system, as it seems there's been quite a bit of variation in reports of sprain frequency. Some people are getting lots and others aren't getting so many. I don't think my play style is all that "gung ho" when it comes to taking risks.
  5. I agree I have just had two hand sprains in 30 seconds tracking a deer blood trail over hilly terrain and then an ankle sprain a few minutes later standing still on hilly ground. I had 25kg/35kg of gear and wasn't tired. I think I am just going to abandon my run and make a custom one and turn off sprains. It's getting ridiculous now. I means if I can't kill prey outright there's no point tracking them because I am bound to get sprains. I've run out of pain killers now... I really hope they fix this new system.
  6. Yes, even with the hotfix to the sprains system this week I am still seeing a lot of sprains. It's pretty much limiting me to only walking in the valleys, making the steeper terrain and hills off-limits. It's a shame, the maps are large and I'd like to use as much of them as I can. I think I'll wait until there's (hopefully) some more tuning to the new system before continuing with my run, it's just a pain (no pun intended) to have to carry lots of bandages and I'm running out of painkillers. I haven't looked to see if custom games have tuning for sprains, I'd probably tune it down by half if that's possible.
  7. After playing this evening on the new "fixed" patch, I thought I'd leave a note to say that I think that the sprain system is still giving far too many sprains which makes game play a little less enjoyable. Even unencumbered walking up hills I'm still getting far too many "hand" sprains. The new system is interesting and I like the UI improvements, however there's little point in having so much open terrain, especially steeper terrain, if the player can't really use it for fear of spraining, it becomes a bandage management simulator. Is the thinking to subtly encourage players to walk mainly through valleys or into areas where the wildlife is more likely to be? I hope not, I've enjoyed exploring and finding "safer" routes around the maps, skirting the patrolling wolves. Perhaps there could be a greater cool down after a strains, before the next one occurs? Also, the bandages aren't showing up on the UI wheel if you're carrying lots of pills and other medication. Thanks for the updates!
  8. Liofa

    Auto move button

    Yes, I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've done a lot of walking in this game and holding down the W key for a long time does sometimes feel like it's flattening out your finger. Especially in strong headwinds, for some reason my brain just wants me to press harder! Auto walk FTW. World of Warcraft has the feature and it works great for walking long distances.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I didn't explain myself very well in my last post. Although your reply jogged my memory. I just feel like it was quicker before; select the pot and then choose either water or food to cook from the menu. Now you click the pot, the UI comes up with the black option box asking if you want to pick it up, cook or "water", then you select your water amount or food type. Two clicks where before it was one. I guess if you tend to leave pots and cans on the stove, the new method seems a bit cumbersome. I suppose it's muscle memory, I am used to the old method.
  10. After playing for half an hour or so, I'm not really feeling the UI change to the cooking. The extra step every time I click on an cooking item or a stove to choose what I want to do seems a bit redundant. I know what I want to do when I click on a pot, add food or boil water etc. This extra black box only really makes sense to add a pot to the stove. I suppose it's something to get used to.
  11. The update looks great. My only niggle upon starting up my survival game was the new tip loading screens upon entering and exiting buildings. The loading times have increased heading into and out of buildings and the picture and game tips break the immersion. The black screen was fine for me, wondering what I would find outside etc. Now we see the inside of the house, a picture of somewhere else with a tool tip and then we load in back outside.It's all a bit disjointed, you can almost see the picture with the tip loading. Wouldn't the CPU time be better spent just loading the outside world? Perhaps in a future patch we can have the option to turn off the game tips screen and have the black screen back?