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  1. I started a new survival on custom difficulty and I put all need decay settings to medium. Now my character gets thirsty super fast - if I don't want to get condition loss, I need to wake him up after 6-7 hours to have a drink and then go back to sleep. After that 6 hours the bar is almost empty when it was full before. I read on The Long Dark wiki that on Interloper it takes 10 hours of sleep to get you to dehydrated and 12 hours on Stalker and Voyageur. I assume that at least Stalker has the need decay on medium too, so why mine setting seems like very fast? My previous runs on custom difficulty were on low need decay and it was realistic - after 12 hours of sleep I would get thirsty, but not dehydrated. I know there used to be a problem with custom settings randomly changing themselves, like I would put wolf spawn distance to far and it would change itself to close. But you could see that when starting a new game, because the settings from previous game would save there. I checked mine and the thirst really is on medium, which doesn't make sense.
  2. I once had a glitch with wolf struggle, when I killed the attacking wolf with a bow just before it would tackle me. He dropped dead, but I still got the struggle scene playing out, only there was no wolf. But I got to choose weapon, had to click and the character was yelping and stuff. I got no damage though, not even to clothes. It was kinda funny.
  3. I was playing earlier today for couple of hours and made a stash of water bottles, about 8 litres. I placed them all on a counter in the PL Farmhouse and continued with playing. After entering the farmhouse again, saving, exiting the game and then launching it again few hours later, I noticed that the entire stash is gone. Also other stuff placed on counters disappeared (coffee tins, salty crackers, tea). As far as I can tell, only the counters were affected. No "Lost and found" red box anywhere, I searched the house, basement and the surrounding area. Any idea what can I do? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I love this game and everything about it, but there's one thing that's getting on my nerves - the fact that you can't really use crates next to stoves as a wood storage. With bowl like in Camp Office in ML, you can sort of climb on top of it and then drop the wood, which will kinda make it look like the bowl is full of wood. But you can't climb on (or into) crates, so you also can't drop your wood into it. I'm suggesting making crates behave the way containers do - with an inventory and weight limit. The items placed into the crate would then show inside of it of course, with wood logs placed vertically. Or at least let us put the logs into the crates manually please. I'm sure it could work, if we were able to rotate things vertically. Tell me what you think about this :)
  5. I also thought that my game is bugged since I couldn't find any moose in those confirmed spawn areas in both PV and ML. But you only have to be patient. Sometimes very patient. In my new game I decided to go to the Barn in PV and while I was there I also searched through the birch forest behind it. I found some tree marks so I scavenged whole forest and area around it but nothing. I did this for 3 days straight and still nothing, only one bear. I wanted to give up and go back to Farmhouse, but on my last day staying at Barn I just went outside the Barn and I saw one standing in front of the birches. Does somebody know if the tree marks are permanent or they spawn once moose was/is around? Because I couldn't find any marks near Pensive Pond so I figured it's useless to try to find a moose.
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    Sled crafting

    I would love this too, seems like a great idea. Not only you could transport your stuff, but you could also ride it down the hill instead of running it down. That would be fun. I don't think that would be possible. I love wolf companions in all kinds of games, but here it would be simply impossible to tame a wolf. In real life it probably took generations and generations, for which you simply don't have the time. Not to mention that the game's events made wolves aggresive and on auroras even more so. And since in the game everybody's dead for some time, there can't be any dogs alive. They wouldn't survive the weather and lack of food. But it would be awesome to have a dog. It could be option to start right away with a dog companion, though that would destroy the main idea of the game - to be completely and utterly alone.