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  1. Well now. Thanks to the latest hot-fix, I found three lamps in the Lost and Found in FM. Perhaps it cleaned up the ones I left outside the BI access cave and the one by the forge. I shall have to investigate. Either way, good work guys.
  2. Yeah. I placed a storm lantern on the ground at night, just outside the rail carriage at Poachers Camp in FM. Passed Time for an hour to save. Loaded the game later and no sign of my lantern but the ground outside was glowing. Surreal. Perhaps it will show up again in one of the Lost and Found boxes.
  3. No map marker and not being able to clean up the mess from... anywhere. My 110 day loper Survival run, suddenly filled up with crud again. I'd pay good money for a DLC that enabled 'cleaning mode'. Seriously Going back to 1.56
  4. I've never met Fluffy, not even in the Dam but I ran into a wolf in the cave at DP a few days ago. Was that fluffy perhaps? Scared me silly at first. Luckily I was carrying a lamp at the time and heard a growl. Quickly put the lamp on the cave floor, got my rifle out and one shotted it. I was running a customised Interloper with medium wolf spawning for this run through.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. Steve from South Wales, United Kingdom here. Been playing for a while now and thought it was time I signed in. Interloper at present and damn, it's not easy is it. Have a good one.
  6. Hi guys. South Wales myself, but this is Snowdonia. Up in North Wales.