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    I’ve been waiting for the console update for the first week and I would like to know if Hinterland to add support for mods? It’s very difficult to study something without the console, and besides, when you have 600+ hours you don’t really want to run, search or go to long distance
  2. Мне кажется это неплохая идея для будущего.Мне тоже арбалет нравится больше,чем лук из-за своей стрельбы
  3. I would like to see in the future a convenient console for exploring the world. This will make it much easier to get different information and help me write new tutorials.
  4. It gives + 10% health and +5 portable weight.The screenshot does not show% health
  5. It all depends on the complexity, but I will say that some food on the street deteriorates more slowly. For example, a jar of chocolate bars and dog food on the street deteriorate much more slowly than inside. Similarly, with meat. On the street, any type of meat spoils in two times slower than inside or in inventory. If you want I can write the entire list of products that are best stored outside.
  6. I have been playing this game for a long time and have been watching and supporting it throughout the whole time. I was very pleased when you added the "personalization" of the world, but I would like something more, since I prefer to explore the world Tne Long Dark, how to survive. My question is the following: Do you plan to expand the "personalization" of the world or to add an official console?
  7. The update is good, I don’t argue, but there is one "little problem" - this is mod support. Did Hinterland decide to kill mods permanently? In this game I like to study the world and the console was perfect for this lesson, but it looks like the developers don’t care about this problem. Answer please Are mods available again?
  8. I have been playing this game for a long time and I have one very interesting question: Why are some objects in survival mode simply inaccessible for interaction or, on the contrary, fail through textures. Is that how it should be?