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  1. There was someone, who was able to go into the scene and move inside like in the game. They even posted a video. Maybe it was "Jeffpeng"? It would be cool if they posted another one with closer look at this axe. edit: found the link, you can have a closer look if you pause at the correct time:
  2. Raphael replied me on twitter, that he will start replying. However, he did no specify when. Maybe when they eventually release the rest of the story mode after several years.
  3. Dum_Gen


    That 'bonus' was the main reason I bought the game. And it was advertised as they release the story mode eventually. But i think noone was expecting that it will take 5+ years, when common practice for episodic games is ~1 year for the whole game. Otherwise I would never buy it in the first place. So
  4. Dum_Gen


    Yep, you should be extremely thankful that they spend YEARS to release several hours of content in the existing game. And don't you dare to critisize them. They did not specify release date, so they can take whatever time they want. Doesn't matter, if you will need to buy another computer/console, because the one that you own will be obsolete when new episodes will be released. Meanwhile, you might enjoy interloper timberwolves, who will haunt you for days without rest. Many hours of fun, if endless barking is your cup of tea🙂. Gunsmitting? - nah, not for the beloved interlopers.
  5. I think they could add ruined rifles/revolvers on Interloper. Ocassionally you can find Firearms skillbooks to raise skill till it allows you to repair guns and make ammo. So you have to make some efforts to get a gun.
  6. Put the survivor down. Find a rock or something else to press your back to. This way timberwolves will be attacking from one side. Try to shoot when you are confident that you will hit the target. 3 bullets were enough to deter them when you hit them. If you hit their head, you have a chance to instakill one, which always stopped their attack. Another more cheesy option is putting down the survivor and run a longer distance from him/her. There is a chance, that a wolf will attack the survivor and stand still near him/her. Then you will have better chance to shoot the wolf in the head. Don't shoot the survivor in the head.
  7. Do you mean you run another interloper attempt, because you died?
  8. I doubt that 2-3 connected stones would be enough. I had 2-3 connected non-fatal revolver shots to deter a pack of 3 wolves on middle difficulty. A fatal shot detered wolves instantly. I would appreciate verification, without video or smth, just to know.
  9. I did not try it. How many stones you need to throw to deter 3 wolves on hard difficulty of story mode?
  10. I think that timberwolves will be deadlier on interloper.Black wolves can be deterred by starting a fire. I have no idea how you deal with them even on late stages of interloper games. Only option is bow and arrows. So you probably lose several arrows and lose durability on bow and arrows, which you collected back. As a result, a single bow would last 3-4 encounters with timberwolves + regular hunting. Consequently, interloper needs another longer lasting option to deal with timberwolves. Some people suggested metal arrows in NovDev Diary. I added, that repairable composite-like bow could be useful on later stages of the game.
  11. I agree. Maybe that new machinery can be used to make metal arrows/composite bow as an upgrade to simple arrows/survival bow. New arrows might deal more damage and/or be more durable or be repairable by instruments. Another option to dealing with timberwolves on interloper can be bear spear, whenever it will be introduced. You could catch their attacks by pressing left mouse button, like it was with the bear. Otherwise, I can't imagine how to fight timberwolves on interloper.
  12. It looks like a skill icon, IMO. Maybe related to struggling with wolves or even bears (using bear spear, which have resembling piece of cloth).
  13. For those, who rarely uses twitter. Raphael posted a small tease for the next update: https://twitter.com/RaphLife/status/1197325631672836096 The picture:
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    I would disagree with you in a sense that this type of compass is more useful for the new players. More experienced ones can disable this option to make their game harder. At the same time, I partially agree that this option should be activated only when a new game is created, as a customization option. However, I don't think that it should occupy a feat slot.
  15. Quite frustrating death. And quite unrealistic one as well, breaks immersion IMO. Did you try to place a fire nearby and use it as a "bridge", when it dies out? I don't remember if you can use an outdoor fireplace this way or you just no-clip through it.
  16. A lot of people agree, that pre redux quality was, politely speaking, not good. Therefore, I don't see a problem when people complain about it in a constructive way. And even some of non constructive feedback is understandable from emotional point of view. Btw, if someone's hard work's result is quite bad, it should be critisized, especially if the someone takes money for the work. Doesn't matter how hard the work was.
  17. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    You probably quoted someone else, I did not say that. I actually hope that the quote will not happen.
  18. I chose bad example with indoor looting while having firearms. However, people might expect danger when the looting outdoors - gathering sticks or checking vehicles. I never used firearms IRL, but i believe it is basic safety measure not to put finger on the trigger until necessary. At the same time, it is believable that people will keep the gun unholstered when there are lots of wolves, e.g. on Stalker. Believable from RL POV as well - inexperienced with guns survivalists collecting sticks for fire. Brainfart - shooting ground because they were not focused (not center of display) on the stick or were too far from the stick. Stuff with light sources - beyond understanding. Especially considering PS4 having different buttons for interacting and shooting. Majority first person POV games used E button for interacting with/using items and mouse buttons for shooting. Looks like bad design choices for a game, where scarcity of resources is a major aspect of gameplay, when you lose those resources because of character's sudden brainfarts.
  19. An additional question that appeared recently with relation to Wintermute's 1st season: Will 5 episodes contain the full story of Will and Astrid and the plot will be finished? Or we may expect that we will have to buy additional season(-s) to see how it ended?
  20. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    I think it would be a good question for Milton Mailbag, if Raphael haven't answered it already.
  21. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    It would be even worse. I hope they finish the plot within the 1st season and the next ones will be somewhat unrelated to the already started story. It would be a shame if it transforms into: "Want to know the ending? Buy the next season(-s) to finish the story!".
  22. I 100% agree. Survival mode is finished, all additional mechanics like revolver are just free DLCs. I partially agree. But I believe it would be better to improve new episodes first and then return to the first two. So now I have constant fear that the devs won't like feedback to the new episodes and redo them as well.
  23. Dum_Gen

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    Episodic games are not a novelty. Despite the dates were not set there there are some example from other companies, so people can compare them. I'll repeat what I wrote somewhere else: Game of Thrones release dates: December 2, 2014; February 3, 2015; March 24, 2015; May 26, 2015; July 21, 2015; November 17, 2015. Less than 1 year in total for 6 episodes. Life is Strange release dates: 30 January 2015; 24 March 2015; 19 May 2015; 28 July 2015; 20 October 2015. Less than 9 months in total for 5 episodes. The Long Dark release dates: August 1, 2017 - episodes 1 and 2, official release; December 2018 - episodes 1 and 2, re-release after 15 months; October 22, 2019 - episode 3, +10 months 2+ years for 60% of the story . So people expect that episodes would be released in ~1 year span. I believe people reconsidered buying the game if the devs said that it would take 4+ years. It is a perfect argument if anyone new wanted to buy the game now while having outdated PC and complained that they can launch the game. It is completely different for people who bought the game years ago and want to receive what they paid for.