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  1. In all other game modes you can regenerate upto 90% of condition in 1 sleep session. Interloper is only game mode where you regenerate much less and its much more natural i think. What is not natural is that eating 500 calories before sleep is enough for your belly I dont propose any micromanaging calories. You will just need to eat more if you take condition hit. Its natural you need more proteins to recover if you are wounded. It will also fix "hibernation" method - if you start starving, eating just 500 calories to recover during night simply wont be enough.
  2. I think it is too easy to recover condition now. Also hunger stat is not too important comparing to others. With "hibernation" player can survive with just 500 calories per day. Connecting condition regeneration with increased calories burn rate can make game much more interesting: 1. When player is starving every 100 calories missing cause 1% condition regeneration. On average player burns 100 calories per hour so condition loss stays same, unless player do some heavy task (ie cut tree) - then those missing calories cause higher condition loss. 2. Regeneration of condition require in addition to all needs fulfilled also burning extra calories (body needs more food to regenerate). For example at rate of extra 50 calories for every 1% condition: - awake player with 90% condition will burn 150 calories per hour, regenerating 1% per hour (or 125 cal/h with 0.5% regen per hour); - when sleeping player with 90% condition will burn extra 500 calories. If calories empty during sleep regeneration stops and player starts starving again. Extra calories needed for regeneration during sleep are shown in sleeping menu. - calory burn rate for regeneration could be connected with difficulty - ie pilgrim / voyager needing only 10 cal/%, stalker 20 cal/% and interloper 50 cal/%. This way on lower difficulties player can still regenerate more than 50% over night. I think regenerating 90% over 1 night is really overpowered but in lower difficulty modes it may have some role.
  3. After 40 days I dont find any maple syrup in containers and found stand alone one with 0% condition. So I suppose it has very high decay rate and multiple runs are required for feast badge.
  4. It was comparision to interloper, where start is hard and you die a lot, mostly because of wolves not weather.
  5. Remember that Feast badge is given after you fully CONSUME 25 syrup bottles and 25 chips bags. Only finding and collecting them is not enough.
  6. I suppose its because Winter's Embrace is based on voyageur difficulty level. Wolves aggression is set to normal - and they can sometimes flee if player is in good condition and poses a high threat to wolf. However when you are wounded they will charge and try to finish you off. And actually I really like that behaviour - it makes much more sense than 100% mindless wolf charge at stalker or interloper level. I would really like to have a new base difficulty setting similiar to Winter's Embrace - with very cold weather but with interloper condition regeneration, much less wildlife, similiar normal (voyageur like) aggression level of wolves. So you have to fight with weather instead of meeting wolves at every corner. With very good condition most wolves would flee or keep away from you and just wait until weather weaken you. With interloper condition regeneration you dont regain 100% over night, but only like 30%. Rare and less aggressive wolves means you wont meet much of them, but when you do and you are on lower condition its propably game over With those condition you need to plan a lot, same as in interloper, but start is much easier and you dont die 9/10 of attempts early.
  7. I agree that tinder needs to have any bonus, even like 5% bonus to start fire. Well at lev 5 it would still make plugs useless (stick + lev 5 already gives >100% chance). I think many lev 5 skill bonuses are overpowered and should be rebalanced a bit. For fire starting base 80% chance at level 5 would work - with stick (+15%) you would have 95% and if you prepare earlier and add tinder you end up with 100% chance. *edit* It seems I forgot that torch or lens also adds 5% bonus - so I suppose chance should be lowered by 5% of either stick (from 15% to 10%) or lev 5 base chance (80% => 75%).
  8. Well maybe Im a little older format and I prefer much more to read than to watch blogs But I suppose video is still better than nothing.
  9. Game just got harder by 1000% - you cant even be safe at campfire any more while sleeping or skinning carcass I liked TLD much more when it was you vs environment, fighting with cold to survive. Now its changing into another player versus zomb.. erm wolves.
  10. But no feats can be achieved then. Well I dont really understand it, as any custom difficulty is still harder than pilgrim - and on pilgrim achievements and feats are counting.
  11. Is crafting guns and ammo possible on interloper? So it will be possible to get all skills on level 5 on interloper as well (if one manage to find all raw materials that is) ? And I really love campfire cleaning up option. Great patch, thank you.
  12. I think all is needed to display last 5% with different colour - at all condition levels, not only when above 100%. It would be very clear you die when you only have extra condition from well fed buff and you are about to lose that buff. Adding condition linearly, ie 5% in 5 hours once buff is gained would look better, but I dont think its worth extra coding time.
  13. I think using decayed items (like cooking 0% raw meat and eat it) is exploit and I avoid doing it. Raw meat degrades fast - it takes like 2-3 days to drop to 50% when kept outside. Best way is to cook it before it gets to 50%. Cooked meat degrades much slower. All meat should be kept outside, inside they degrade like 5x faster. 100% condition cooked meat can easly be stored for 30+ days outside.
  14. Arran

    Challenge: Hunted

    Did anyone complete this challenge recently? Please note when you completed it. I suppose Redux patch was one that broke it. That is with shooting bear to scare him, as I suppose challenge should not be about surviving mauling until bear gets tired If not I will report this as bug.
  15. Go to Options > Key Bindings. You can change a bunch of stuff. Separating out Struggle from other interactions (with its own key) is more work; we've discussed it and will do it when we can, unless we find a better solution. Its not what I meant. I know I can rebind action key, but I asked if it would be possible to add second set of keys - so we can set 2 different keys bound to same action. Something like this: