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  1. Game just got harder by 1000% - you cant even be safe at campfire any more while sleeping or skinning carcass I liked TLD much more when it was you vs environment, fighting with cold to survive. Now its changing into another player versus zomb.. erm wolves.
  2. But no feats can be achieved then. Well I dont really understand it, as any custom difficulty is still harder than pilgrim - and on pilgrim achievements and feats are counting.
  3. Is crafting guns and ammo possible on interloper? So it will be possible to get all skills on level 5 on interloper as well (if one manage to find all raw materials that is) ? And I really love campfire cleaning up option. Great patch, thank you.
  4. I think all is needed to display last 5% with different colour - at all condition levels, not only when above 100%. It would be very clear you die when you only have extra condition from well fed buff and you are about to lose that buff. Adding condition linearly, ie 5% in 5 hours once buff is gained would look better, but I dont think its worth extra coding time.
  5. I think using decayed items (like cooking 0% raw meat and eat it) is exploit and I avoid doing it. Raw meat degrades fast - it takes like 2-3 days to drop to 50% when kept outside. Best way is to cook it before it gets to 50%. Cooked meat degrades much slower. All meat should be kept outside, inside they degrade like 5x faster. 100% condition cooked meat can easly be stored for 30+ days outside.
  6. Arran

    Challenge: Hunted

    Did anyone complete this challenge recently? Please note when you completed it. I suppose Redux patch was one that broke it. That is with shooting bear to scare him, as I suppose challenge should not be about surviving mauling until bear gets tired If not I will report this as bug.
  7. Go to Options > Key Bindings. You can change a bunch of stuff. Separating out Struggle from other interactions (with its own key) is more work; we've discussed it and will do it when we can, unless we find a better solution. Its not what I meant. I know I can rebind action key, but I asked if it would be possible to add second set of keys - so we can set 2 different keys bound to same action. Something like this:
  8. Arran

    Challenge: Hunted

    I did try crouching, but it doesnt matter when he is 5m away. I start suspecting challenge got broken with introduction of spear in wintermute. Challenge bear uses same model, so maybe rifle just deal no damage to him and shots arent counted as progress in challenge.
  9. Would it be possible to add second, alternative key shortcuts? So we can set both W or UpArrow for walk, LMB or SPACE for interaction key etc. My poor mouse, I would love to use ie SPACE for struggles (but keep LMB for other actions) to give it some rest
  10. I have a problem with challenge Hunted, part 2. I had like 20 attempts and all fails. It looks like this: 1. Bear charges me on exit from house. I shoot him. No matter where I hit him - head, body he mauls me. 2. I go back to cabin to heal up. 3. I follow Bear to Max stand and shoot him. First shot dont do anything, but because of distance I can shoot him again. It doesnt matter, he continue charge and mauls me. 4. I'm left at 10% condition and without clothes I freeze to death before reaching safe spot. 5. Game over. I double checked and I do score hits - journal shows 3 shots and 3 hits. I have no idea how to complete this challenge. Is it bug or I do something wrong?
  11. I suppose it would be useful. Ie I like to place campfire near dead carcass before harvesting it - to avoid freezing and cook meat during harvesting guts / leather. Problem is after while there are multiple campfires on hunting area and that adds extra stress to engine and slows game a bit. And looks bad I suppose abandoned campfires disappearing automatically after multiple blizzards would be fine - no need to add extra action to dismantle campfire manually.
  12. Great news Its really bad feeling missing wolf from distance like 10m.
  13. Great update Seems interloper has no revolvers so its time to start new stalker game to test it.
  14. I would love to see more challenges implemented for survival mode to compensate of new things making survival easier. Currently most challenging are first 10-20 days. Do you have plans of adding diseases like flu / cold / fever? There are no other people to carry pathogens, but in very cold climate viruses can survive for long time until it gets warmer (burning fire) and can inflict infection. Such infections are not deadly by themselves, but untreated makes organism susceptible to other affictions, like pneumonia or myocarditis. And you cant cure viral infections simply by antibiotics. Those can reduce risk of much more serious bacterial infections, like pneumonia. To deal with viruses player needs to stay in warm and stimulate immune system ie with herbal medicine. This can lead to interesting decisions when player lacks food or already has high cabin fever risk Also have you considered some progressive difficulty for lower survival modes - Pilgrim / Voyager ? Pilgrim is nice setting for new players, but once you learn basics its impossible to die in this mode. What do you think about increasing environment settings mid-game after XX days passed ? Ie you start at Pilgrim, after survival of 150 days difficulty increases to Voyager - needs increases, wolves becoming aggressive etc. After another 150 days difficulty advances to Stalker and game stays in that mode until player falls into long dark
  15. Its a game not life simulator Crafted pistol as other "improvised" tools are less effective. If you want 1-shot wolf use rifle. Pistol could be much better than hatchet during struggle tho. And if you look at google there are schemas how to make a pistol using common items in home environment. Pipes can be forged in TLD and non metal elements crafted at workbench from leather / wood. Well people in pre-industrial age somehow made their guns Bullets is nothing more than simple metal ball with gunpowder (charcoal, niter and sulfur). Good question is how to obtain those minerals. There are some options - from scavenged fertilizers in farm areas or from deposits in mines.