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  1. Please up vote ! I see Polar Bears as less aggressive than other bears, but still very large and dangerous. They can also swim in artic water when other bears can't.
  2. Should not offer smell protection (unless fully indoors like a house, large cave, etc). Just thinking.,
  3. I notice while staying in a cave, wolfs never attack me (unless they see me). Even while smelly, wolfs politely let me get rest.
  4. It seems (you think) giving the wild life (In Great Bear) warnings will help your chances of survival. Black Bears can also be be made tougher and meaner. Personally I can kill black bears & moose fairly easily in Stalker or Interloper - PM if you want to know how. BEARS are also too polite by giving you a simple ravage, then giving you time to pick up the bow & arrow for a fire in the back-side. But any cave seems VERY good for any animal in bad weather. Expect some hostility entering any cave. Bears perhaps also attracted by light to make you unsafe?? For wolfs, only if they see you enter a cave. However, if that IS their cave, they should notice easily by your smell. Yes, I agree opercomplincating things with another species should not be necessary.
  5. I notice the areas around campfires and caves seem too safe. Caves seem too safe, so I would like to see typical caves to be inhabited (in common caves at a random part of the day) by wolfs or bears (in the bear cave at a random part of the night). So while looking for a cave while traveling in a storm, entering a cave can be scary unless you know you've killed all predators in the area. It makes sense the wolfs need to sleep someplace in mid-day then go out for hunting after. Wolfs & bears wake up easily so can't try anything sinister. Can also plan more bold/dangerous missions in the mid-day until wolfs wake up (if you learn their sleep schedule). Maybe have rabbit holes as well? Campfires seem too safe, so I was thinking of Grizzly bears. Larger, more aggressive, more rare, walk faster, and more fatal encounters than with black bears. A few travel between all maps. Unlike other predators, the grizzly's are attracted to light, especially a camp-file cooking meat. If you hear a unique grizzly roar from the distance, put out that camp fire and run someplace dark FAST! When you hear the grizzly "I see you roar", they will eat you, not just ravage. Other EasterEgg thing. A mirage where you see someone walking in the far distance. It moves away from you so you'll never get close enough to be sure. Like finding bigfoot but can never prove it. Just thinking how to keep survivors on their toes.
  6. I have a similar idea. Show shoes should be possible. But that while show shoes should make walking on level/shallow snow faster, walking on rocks or indoors will be slower.
  7. enewmen

    Flare Gun

    @Willy & DarKube After seeing additional videos, it seems the whole/most of the world goes dark, not just Great Bear (I got the wrong impression at first). So yes, I now agree there is NO ONE around in survival mode that can rescue and the only end is death. However, I notice the flare gun must have took a long time to develop and it was done early in the game. For example, something simple like remapping the stars to Earth constellations will take too much time away from development work. This makes me think there is an intended purpose for the flair gun and there's more going on with the flare than just killing/scaring wolfs-bears-moose. There may be something in story mode later not seen yet
  8. enewmen

    Many items

    I found this is already implemented. Just use the charcoal in the maps menu. It maps a small area, so you need to do it often and it's not automatic.
  9. Can't EDIT. I meant 6 continuous hours of sleep per day for 3 days.
  10. I also wanted to post something similar. But to get the Well Rested Bonus, you will need (something like) 6 CONTINUOUS hours of sleep for 3 days (72 hours) strait. This will be difficult in an outdoor environment because you need to wake up every 1-2 hours to avoid hypothermia (or dying) while sleeping - in case the temperature went down while sleeping. Also can't run out of water and food while sleeping. I've gotten hypothermia and died once thinking I was warm enough during a long 8 hour sleep.
  11. enewmen

    Many items

    I found the lichen. Didn't understand until the whole word is used " Old Mans Beard Lichen "
  12. enewmen

    Many items

    what's lichen ?
  13. In Hushed River Valley, there is a cave behind Watchful Falls. The invisible wall is gone and I'm able to enter the cave. Thanks for fixing !
  14. I know it's just a fictional place, but is there a specific island the game based on or which island looks similar? In another thread, someone thought it's similar to Etolin Island on the West Cost (rather than the Tundra). Thinking this is an interesting part of the world to visit. I tried doing google on north west Canada. This is what I think Milton Town will look like if it was real (sorry 1 photo is southern Alaska).
  15. Just wanted to share. It was a clean kill using only 1 arrow. I already finished clearing all the maps. Now just getting bear meat and boiling lots of water.