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  1. plenty of info and things to try, tyvm for your input m8 @codfish107
  2. I havent managed to "one shot" a bear so far,I dont know if I am aiming at the wrong side of the bear or something,I rarely shot them from the front,usually I try approaching from the side for a good wide view and aim for the cheeck or a bit lower than the eye to make sure I dont miss.On my third attempt I mentioned it was done in the misanthropes bears, was hiding in the fishing hut with the door and worked alright but sure took a while to take down
  3. I found myself in the spot where I am well geared, plenty of ammo,arrows and a flare gun.archery lvl5 rifle lvl4 I've being trying to hunt some bears but they confuse me so very much on how to handle them and how each and every hunt is so very different from the previous one. so far I managed to kill 3 bears 1.rifle headshot from afar,starting charging me, pulled out flaregun,flare stuck to face ,bled like a horse 2.rifle headshot, wait for bleed, second rifle head shot, bled to death now this is where I got insanely confused 3.on this hunt I managed,1 headshot and wait for the bleed to end,2nd shot was either a neck or chest shot,wait for it bleed, another either neck or chest shot(waiting to bleed) and after all that the damn thing was still standing and roaming so I took a risky route and bait arrowed him in the eye Is there an easier way to hunt bears or am I loosing an important information regarding its health since the last hunt felt very very long and took me well over half a day to achieve including 3 bullets and some arrow damage and a very very risky approach at the end due to impatience. any and all input is appreciated, thank you
  4. my signature says it all my brother. now I am starting to enjoy my bow more because for the first time I managed to hit lvl5 and crouch hunting deer and wolves is so insanely easy getting food is as hard as reaching in a cupboard and grabbing a snack
  5. those calm moments in moutaineers hut, fishing hunting,watching sun going up and down and while a catastrophic blizzard is around you sounding like a monstrous beast you sit by the fire,frying some fish and making some tea
  6. the one thing I did notice tho is that if the item is close enough to the fire to be constantly heated the HOT is written in Ciel colored letters while if it is simply hot and not the ground the letters are white. I am fairly certain that those cans had white letters
  7. I was not carrying them in my inventory.right clicked them straight from the ground to a different spot in a cave,not once did they touch my inventory after opened and heated which is why is seemed straight,not once did I leave the cave in those 3 days since I had the wood food and water to survive a bit more and get rid of my broken ribs. your scenario would totally make sense if I even did pick them in my bag.unfortunately I still havent found any more canned food to test it out, thinking of starting a pilgrim on milton which probably have lots of them and hopefully find a hatchet and test this out in graymother's crib since my own save the only 2 areas I havent scavenged so far is Desolation point and HRV.I doubt HRV will have any canned goods considering its place,if I manage to find a food preper cache in PV it might be possible
  8. indeed it is my friend.The place is warmer than any fire made by a pile of coal
  9. I noticed a ledge of sort under the tail from the side and a body with a flashlight and what looking like almost a path going downwards so I took the risk and downed straight into the lake area safely because there was no way in living hell I would leave the loot I got from literally breaking my ribs and spending so many days rationing food until recovery. before doing that do I did tie about 2-3(?) ropes or so around so I hope I did somehow made my way up there easier if I missed something.I still walk around to find any other caches but now I stopped fearing bears that much and now the moose terrifies me more since I doubt an arrow to the face will be enough to even flitch that beast.
  10. I avoided carrying meat religiously.I didnt get in any close mauls but there were plentiful of roaming and ducking around them. I am certain I saw at least 4 different and probably one of the 2 times on a different patrol spot. managed to get all the loot I wanted from my temporary base cave and summit down to the hut on the lake.I actually kinda like it there and I really enjoyed living in a cave even if it was for a week or so,makes me thing HRV might be fun but then again I was told place can be hellish and and I was spoiled regarding a roaming wolf inside a cave which would do wonders on my already fear of death since I assume carrying a lattern to see around wouldnt exactly give me either time or visibility to fight back properly
  11. yeah raven sounds helped me plentifully on TWM.I literally found more bears than wolves on that forsaken place and I was always around only with a bow. going down at least I had that flare gun and a lot more courage on my back but its almost like they knew I was carrying it on my way down I didnt run into a single one of those sneaky things.I am heavily planning my revenge of bearbedroll and bear coat just so I can feel better... I did notice a sudden change of temperature near the summit and on the summit itself.Is it game design as it would be normal for a summit of a mountain to cold?I did reach the place on day 114 so I would imagine the colder weather option must have kicked in a lot harder
  12. I am trying to recreate it as evidence of the bug report but I cant really do it. strangely enough the only time it happened was right there and then.the only way I can understand it is that after they did that I decided to put them next to a 10hour fire when I went to sleep to see if they will burn like when cooked on the slots and they did not.After that I procceded and put them far far away from the fire to more accurately see when they get cold and it took them roughly 3 days as mentioned.I tried it will shorter fires and different cans elsewhere but they would get cold within a few mins/hours as they normally should.If I happen upon more cans I will try to leaving them next to an at least 10hour fire and see if it is possible again
  13. took me good 14 days but I reached the damn summit...I literally circled around the last 2 areas before the summit with 2 or 3 bears on the loose around me,I dont even know how many I did encounter tbh. sight it definitely worth it,so a sweet picture of sunrise from the tail but good lord how am I supposed to get this loot down with all the bears on the prowl,I will be turtle without a shell if I even manage that
  14. strangely enough its working.I was screwed in more than 1 ways but now I am rationing food and collecting wood when there is no blizzard and living in a cave for a week so I can go deeper.Having those bases stocked to the teeth with flares meds food water shelter made me softer than I in a cave feels quite fun so far but I'm still kinda shaky from moving 20m in any direction since I dont know where the next bear will pop up
  15. so I was camping in a cave in TBW and wantedto drop some canned food to make some space and for some reason it was forcing me to open them.Then I realized I can open the cans that way and simply leave them by a lit fire and warm them up without the need to use the 2 slots provided so I could basically warm as many as I could get around the fire.Is this a feature or did I find some sort of bug? if this is a feature Hinterland I love you even if your bears hate my guts Update: after cooking those cans near the fire and not the designated 2 slots I've put them away manually away from the fire.3 days have passed and they are still considered hot. decided to try one to see if it is simply an error but gave me warming up benefit normally.this now seems more like a bug tbh