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  1. Yeah I’m in paradise meadows farmstead right now, love it as a base, but there’s no counter space and so much paper and knocked over furniture. It’d be nice to have a way to tidy it ...
  2. Oh it was from a long time ago, I think before they added the muskeg maybe? Should be in the time capsules, but I’m on Xbox so I’m not sure. Yeah it was definitely not as streamlined, but it was a neat mechanic!
  3. Could we please get a cleanup mechanic for buildings in the game? Like the old way of gathering fire making supplies, where you would select an amount of time to “clean up” and the survivor would clean up the paper and knocked over furniture in the house. Some of the houses just aren’t really livable due to the shear amount of trash in them.
  4. Craftable dream catcher - there’s one in a lake cabin in ML - requires 3 feathers, line, and 4 sticks. Adds a perk similar to herbal tea (recover more condition), but once placed it’s too delicate to move. There’s also trunks that I don’t see why we couldn’t move and place elsewhere or the ability to create a wooden bin to store stuff. Some “bases” have virtually no storage. I love RPing in the fire watch tower but there’s hardly any storage and not much floor space. Craftable bin - 6 reclaimed wood, scrap metal, simple tools, 2 cured leather for the straps for the lid. Craftable clothes for each type of pelt. A set of full wolf, full deer, full bear, full moose clothing. Obviously not as possible with rabbit pelts. Each set has its own buff and special perks. Full wolf has a greatly reduced wolf detection radius, medium warmth, medium speed reduction, not particularly waterproof, average weight. Full bear has a greatly increased chance of frightening wolves, smaller bear detection radius (pretty much right in front of it before the bear realizes you’re not another bear buddy), heavy warmth, greater speed reduction, moderately waterproof, very heavy weight. Full moose has a slightly buffed detection radius making you less detectable from a distance from all animals, medium/heavy warmth, almost completely waterproof, greater speed reduction (not as bad as bear), heavy weight. Full deer increases wolf detection radius but increases stamina recovery significantly, minimal sprint reduction, light warmth, average waterproof, and light weight. All could be interchangeable as well but you would lose the special buffs. Craftable tent! Requires quality tools, fishing hook and line, three deer hides, cured gut, and 4 maple saplings. Portable like the bed roll, less warmth than snow shelter, heavy (maybe 6kg). Perfect for those times when you’re tracking a kill and the weather starts to get colder but not a blizzard worthy reason to build a snow shelter. CANDLES! The lighting in the game is so terrible sometimes that I can’t even find my way to the bed inside trappers. Make designated candle places by the door so I can light my candle when I go in and see at least a little. Uses either lantern fuel and a tinder plug or some kind of new craftable tallow and wick or found in the world. Burns for a long time, very little heat, and can only be placed on wooden surfaces like desks, tables, and benches. Can’t be carried. A lighter - are we to believe that no one on this Canadian island had lighters but had magnifying lenses lying around? They’re very rare, but can be refueled and decrease in condition at a similar rate to the firestriker. Maybe they have a similar buff to starting fires but can’t be used when it’s snowing. There are paintings and drawings everywhere and I’ve seen paint cans lying around as well as newsprint. Surely our survivor can create a drawing to hang in his new abode. It can be one of the randomized ones that already exist in the game and decreases the rate of cabin fever when placed. Good way to pass the time that’s also more immersive than playing “cards” all the time. More items to collect and display - you’d have to determine if they’re worth the weight in your inventory to take back “home”as they’re purely decorative but who doesn’t love collecting things? Maybe some old clock or a figurine or a vase. Something to make it feel like you’re living in the world and not existing in a place where you can’t actually interact with things. Add a crafting perk! If I craft a bunch of clothing and snares, I should get better at creating those things! Make it so that as you level it up, it takes less time to make and maybe give increased item durability. Same as other skills. Could even be incorporated into mending. This game is amazing but it also has so much more potential! Even if you can’t implement these things, please add mod support so that we can!