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  1. I'd like an option to siphon fuel out of vehicles. Obviously, this could be used as an accelerant. The residents of Great Bear would have taken this fuel source long before our character's arrival, but give us an option to check the fuel tank anyway. The denizens of the land may have missed a few vehicles. Desperation breeds chaos and chaotic situations incite confusion. Indeed, one could benefit from such mass hysteria. I believe the whale oil would have turned solid due to The Great White North's wintry conditions. Although it's still a capable fuel source, I thought this deserved a mention. Sperm whales, although immensely rare among shallow Canadian waters, have been sighted recently. If a specimen became beached, spermaceti candles, anyone? An option to carve fat from larger animals would be an excellent addition. Animal fat has been used to create fire since our ancestors roamed the glacial Pleistocene Epoch and such. Just a thought.
  2. Flares are dangerous, my friend. Fired as projectiles at short range, when their ballistics are at their maximum acceleration, these can be lethal. Any object traveling at high velocity is a hazardous force. One who scoffs at a "harmless" nerf gun, while gawking down the barrel, is a fart away from losing an eye. Hopefully, individuals of this imbecility never gain possession of a firearm. Wisdom, indeed.
  3. I was just having a little bit of fun with the man. I believe all ideas should be respected, and I'll dial it back a notch. Sorry to anyone I may have offended.
  4. Remember to bring your favorite hunting howitzers, folks! The bolt action rifle only fires the meager .303 round and that calibre just won't cut it!
  5. "The game makes embellishments and changes for the sake of gameplay and balance." So, in theory, this thread is pointless. Let's just replace the rifle with a slingshot that fires bazooka rockets and call it a day! (Irreverent Sarcasm.)
  6. Hunting is not military combat. Wildlife does not wear armor, therefore armor piercing ammunition is irrelevant. Applying axiomatic logic, the use of such munitions is equally idiosyncratic and asinine.
  7. An experienced, efficient, and effective hunter should be capable of taking down any wild game included in The Long Dark with the ammunition provided.
  8. My name is Joshua. I've been a fanatic of The Long Dark since early access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview. To oversimplify my persona; I am an average Joe who loves the outdoors and wildlife. I enjoy video games, having a glass of bourbon with a fine cigar, hiking and camping, riding motorcycles, and spending time with my pug, Elroy. I thrive during winter, when snow crunches beneath my boots, and frost covers the pines. I belong among mountainous peaks and icy boreal forests, where human interaction is rare, as I am excessively melancholic and misanthropic. I am an introvert; you can find me curled up amidst warm blankets, playing Nintendo Switch and drinking blue Gatorade/Powerade. Being abnormally carnivorous, Buffalo wings are my favorite food. I also have a taste for beef, elk, bison, and venison jerky. My love for wildlife is borderline insane. I have an affinity for the timberwolf, bear, mountain lion, bison, fox, hawk, and owl. I would much rather isolate myself betwixt the wilderness than communicate with fellow humans. One could say I am an oddity. My favorite films are The Revenant, The Grey. Alpha, The Hateful Eight, Bone Tomahawk, Hold The Dark, The Skin of the Wolf, and The Wolf Man (1941). To approximate my demeanor, it has been said my personality is a mixture of the following fictional characters: Jim Hopper (Stranger Things), Rustin Cohle (True Detective), James Keziah Delaney (Taboo), Wolverine (Logan), and John McClane (Die Hard). This is just the tip of the iceberg, an individual's spirit cannot be summarized in a simple forum post. Have a good one.
  9. Thanks for the info. You guys at Hinterland are great!
  10. Hi folks. Does anyone have any new information regarding the Nintendo Switch version of The Long Dark? I used the forum's search feature in an attempt to find answers but came up empty. I enjoy this game and would love to have it available on my preferred console.