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  1. regarding methusalah,i like to think he is not real,divine,or otherwise spirited.i think he is wills mind expressing itself in physical form as he never truly gives answers but helps in what ways he can and seems to go off evidences of things you the player have seen procedurally generating on what you have witnessed throughout the story such as the lights in the sky and while he calls them an omen of mother natures wrath you take logical steps to put it down to something as to the cause but find you cant so that voice in the back of your head as methusalah tells you what it could be in order to keep your sanity in check.this as well as methusalah appears before or after key moments in the story when you leave milton he is there talking of the old world and at the gas station doing so as well and this leads to two other encounters in ep 2 where he is at BR after the bear tackles the railcar knocking you out until the aurora fully appears in which he comments on how nature has gone awry and how those who once well knew how the ecosystem worked a.k.a. jeremiah were now puzzled at what was happening a thought jeremiah told will which was probably well in his head as will went to retrieve the bear spear which methusalah had no real way of knowing.another thing is near the end of ep 2 he is at carter hydro and speaks to the player about how the world will never return to its original state saying "that we may dispel this darkness at times,but the light is never coming back" further building into wills mind the realizations he faced in milton where he saw something forgotten to our world or as grey mother put it when speaking of milton in this quiet apocalypse as "i have learned to hear the difference between something quiet and something abandoned,this goes beyond is like the entire world has gone to sleep and we are the only ones left to realize it" which like jeremiahs comment on the inbalance in nature this stays in wills head and remeains related in his two conversations with methusalah in that episode. in my conclusion i believe methusalah to be your mind and as you will mackenzie know the world has changed in mother natures favor and she is against you,you cling to thoughts of rescue and things returning to the way they were but methusalah as the voice in your head reminds you of the state of the world and reminds you there is no saving it despite your efforts. this ran really long but i feel it is good to have as a thought moving on about the state of methusalah but as to whether he is a voice,person,divine entity vying for or against you,or maybe Jesus we may never know.beside this he is probably my most favourite character adding to the already rich environment. So raph,what is methusalah? P.S. why are wolves so buggy lately?and why is the long curve area of PV so buggy as of late?i lost a day 74 interloper when i fell through the ice and out of the worldthere.
  2. the milling machine is from the predux mission "fix my rifle" and now no longer exists as there is no longer a need for it.