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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed! However I hope the "Low FPS on linux when picking up items" issue comes into that list. I had it reported twice.
  2. What happened to the pilots of the plane crashed in EP3? The cockpit door is closed and windows are damaged but still in place, and overall the cabin looks intact and I presume pilots should survive in the crash. Where are they? If they are dead why you did not let Astrid to check them out?
  3. Please tell us about development of the visual style of the game. So one day you came to graphic team and told them you want a game looking like moving water-colour painting. And they answered smth like "okay we can make computer to do X and Y, but for Z you need an actual artist to draw, not the algorithm, Z is impossible". What were challenges in implementing the graphic engine? Which pieces of art were used as prototypes if any? Which compromises your team took diverting from original vision due to implementation difficulties?
  4. Hello Raphael! I recently saw you twitter rant regarding some steam reviews which are actually more like support requests but without possibility to do support thing. Also in a previous mailbag I did asked you about issues tracker in jira, and you said Hinterland prefers players to use the support portal (and I did ). So my question is: why so many game developers prefer to provide blackhole-like support forms over public issue trackers (like ones e.g. Red Hat and Mozilla have)? Let me clarify and also share my experience and opinion: every time when I reported bugs trough support portal I did received an confirmation email (obviously written by not a robot but by a real person, which was very nice these days). But afterwards it is a blackhole. I can not even check if I already have uploaded a particular screenshot of mine. I can not write "me too" under someone else's report (often this action can make me feel better about my difficulties with a game or software). I believe when an unhappy player leaves negative one-line steam "review" they want their words to do three things: 1) to attract developer attention 2) to be read by other players 3) to stay. Your old jira lacks 1 (at leas it seems so from outside) and partially 2, your support portal lacks 2 and 3, your (or Steam's) hypothetic public issue tracker can do all 123 but does not exist (why?), Steam Review also does all 123 but it is not its purpose.
  5. Don't worry! There is nothing a good warm cup of Reishi tea could not fix
  6. Hello, Raphael! Being a free software user I often use bugtrackers to help developers to improve their software. Unlike most videogames the Long Dark does have public issue tracker [ ] where many people including myself do report issues (ex. this one). But I never seen any developer's activity there: no comments, no requests for more info, no closing as resolved/duplicate/invalid/wontfix. The question: is this whole atlassian thingy being actually watched by the Hinterland team? Is it good for the game to write down issues here and to collect debug-mode screenshots?