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  1. Internally — before Wintermute was released in 2017 — has the starting point of Wintermute always intended to be Milton, or did that change over time? Thanks. (edit to clarify)
  2. Hi, a couple questions about being a game developer in general. 1.) How has being so deeply involved in game development and design impacted your enjoyment of other people’s games? When you have the time to play, has being in the industry ruined any of the fun/magic of games? 2.) When/how did you know game development was right for you? And what steps did you initially take to break into the industry? Thanks!
  3. Hey ya'll. A long time ago, an update changed the anti aliasing-- I believe it was Faithful Cartographer in June of 2017. I can't help but notice that now everything in the distance looks blurry, like Will lost his glasses. See this Google Drive folder: The pre-Faithful Cartographer screenshots are the blue one in Mystery lake (February of 2017) and the red one in Timberwolf Mountain (February of 2016). The other two were taken today for comparison. Both comparisons have identical resolutions, are PNG files, and are at ultra settings. It would be really nice to be able to select what kind of anti aliasing we want (FXAA, MSAA, etc.) Thoughts?