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  1. Update Same as you bear returned to cabin and I chased it round whole route, not going in this time. Got to end with frostbite and hypothermia risk, no water (quite thirsty) and exhausted. But got to end :).
  2. Found that the bear, goes back to trappers cabin. Don't see why the script seems to reset.
  3. I will try and see how it goes. Must be a bug if script is reset.
  4. I am having same issue and have reported as a bug.
  5. I have reported it as a bug, hope they can fix it.
  6. Anyone else having this problem or just me? no responses anyway. Any ideas why?
  7. During The Hunted Part 2 the Bear keeps disappearing on me as do its tracks, they suddenly stop dead. I have followed it to clearcut where it then ran past logging camp, when I got to logging camp I could still see it I nipped into trailers for loot come back out and follow tracks which go for a couple hundred meters and stop, no more trace of bear and also if I check description in journal is blank. Any help would be appreciated, I have tried going back and tried going further round bears route to no success. *Edit* I quit game and reloaded now get strange description in the journal. See screenshots.
  8. Yes,. However seems to be taken over laptop. I can barely type because of it.
  9. anyone able to help. I know not a long dark issue. However I cant play it as steam big picture mode keeps taking over, it is extremely irritating not sure why it does it or how to stop it. Any help or ideas appreciated I have tried reinstalling steam.
  10. From my time playing 2: is my biggest annoyance. small obstacles that you need to walk all the way around. 3: flint tools and pointed sticks seem a more realistic solution than trailing to a forge to smelt and craft tools. overall love this game and looking forward to the new update. point 1: was just so I could compare how well I do in custom games compared to set standard difficulties. I like stats, sad but oh well we are all different.
  11. Just a few things I would like from my short time playing 1: Stats for custom difficulty games. 2: Ability to Jump/climb over things such as logs or fences 3: More primitive basic tools you can craft (stone/flint). Easier to make, less effective and break easier. Possibly sticks, that can be pointed more for defense so can beat /poke wolfs away