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  1. I wouldn't mind something like this actually. Maybe it could be a sort of "collectible" through the world. "Bodies laid to rest"
  2. The solution I found to this is to have certain containers in each region designated as "trash bins" that you put all use items inside of. Stuff like ruined torches/flares, used up sewing kits, and of course tin cans.
  3. Funnily enough there is a part of me that wants to continue my "Among Wolves - Chasing Ghosts" storyline in some way. But I kinda can't because I ended it....

  4. I'm fine with new regions being added wherever, doesn't matter to me.
  5. I'm not really sure what you mean by "if it will benefit you", but if you mean do you get rewards that will help in survival you than no. Other than achievements/badges and bragging rights there are no real rewards for playing either Wintermute or the challenges. The only people that would "benefit" from Wintermute are people that are new to the game, since Wintermute does provide some tutorials to help you, but since you been playing for a while you likely already know just about everything that Wintermute does teach you. However I still do recommend playing through Wintermute and the challenges atleast once since they can be pretty fun, especially some of the challenges. If nothing else, you did pay money for this game so might as well see everything it has to offer. Worse case scenario you end up not enjoying Wintermute and/or the challenges and decide not to play them and stick with survival instead, not really much to lose other than your time.
  6. Crows are your friends, and not just because you can pick their feathers. If you been playing TLD for a while you likely have lost track of an animal you wounded, or if you haven't then it's bound to happen at some point. My advice for this is to follow in the direction that it went, and keep you eye in the sky. If you are unable to spot your fallen prey, the crows likely will. if you see a few crows circling the air, then there is bound to be a corpse, or carcass right under them, and it just might be the one you shot earlier, crows are noisy too so they should be easy to find. One thing to keep in mind is that crows hate bad weather, so if there is a blizzard going on just find shelter nearby and wait until it's clear so you can hopefully find your kill before it decomposes.
  7. Going to bring this topic back form the dead for a little and point this one out. This one really hurts me, I found a Summit Soda lost in the snow next to a rock.
  8. So I just got the Faithful Cartographer achievement today, and I think I need to take another break from TLD for a while.
  9. Well after many hours I finally got the Faithful Cartographer achievement.

    Please excuse me while I take yet another break from TLD.


  10. Story mode so far has you stuck in a specific region(s) Episode 1 is restricted to Mountain Town Episode 2 is restricted to Mystery Lake, Forlorn Muskeg, and Broken Railroad Episode 3 is restricted to Pleasant Valley You can explore these regions to your hearts content for as long as you want (even if the game does sometimes suggest that you should hurry, there is no time limit at any point from what I can remember). However once you finish the main quest for the episode the game will play credits and you can't continue unless you reload a save that is before the "point of no return". As for survival mode having history/lore it does to an extent, in that you can find note and buffer memories that give some backstory to the history of Great Bear, and it's inhabitants.
  11. In the video talking about the Fearless Navigator update, it's mentioned that the paint will eventually decay over hundreds of game days. But it hasn't been added just yet. When this does eventually get changed I think it would be nice if this could be edited in custom mode to change how little or long they fast, even making it last forever if people prefer.
  12. Fluffy has been gone for a while now. Ever since they updated the interior to the dam to make it too cluttered for the wolf AI to path-find properly. However a new interior wolf is located in The cannery workshop in Bleak Inlet that has become the new fluffy.
  13. Well from my experience I didn't need to do that. I surveyed from a vista on Mystery Lake, and it counted all of the places that was reveled. No idea why it doesn't seem to work for you.
  14. One of the more challenging achievements in TLD would be the Faithful Cartographer, where you have to map out all of the named locations in the game. With Fearless Navigator, the achievement has become significantly easier, so how many of you are taking advantage of this and trying to get achievement?
  15. Only one the Steam version unfortunately Apparently it's due to being the only platform that is capable of providing playable archives of previous builds.
  16. I'm pretty sure our character is already wearing a backpack. Obviously you can't see it, but I mean... How else are they carrying all that gear? With their arms?
  17. I think something like this was planned for story mode a long time ago. It was called "willpower" and it would degrade over time, but you could restore it by looking at a photo (or locket with the Hinterland logo if you were a Kickstarter backer) that would show Will and I think Astrid (or some other character that was intended to be Wills love interest that was cut from the story). The photo would also degrade over time the more times you use it, and would become more and more blurry as a result. Obviously none of this made it into the final game however. Anyways my thoughts on the topic are I don't think that sanity should be a simple "meter", but perhaps mental afflictions instead like the already existing but flawed cabin fever.
  18. Played with the new update, have to say I'm enjoying it more than I expected. Thought I was going say "Eh, never going to use it", but I think I might actually have a shot at getting faithful cartographer.

  19. I think I said something like this before but I will say it again. Befriending wolves wouldn't really make sense in TLD. It's strongly hinted that the aurora that is effecting all the electrical appliances, and machines through the world is also effecting the wildlife, specifically the carnivores (However there is a buffer memory that hints that fish could be effected as well I think?). It makes them more aggressive towards humans, especially while the aurora is out at night. So because of that I don't think taming wolves would make any sense with the established lore.
  20. It already exists. Just play on pilgrim, or custom mode with wildlife aggression turned off.
  21. Update looks nice, don't know if I will play it just yet, but I might give it a shot.

  22. Hey look at that, I wasn't terribly far off.