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  1. I think i'm going to step away from the forums for a long while. I just generally lost interest in TLD as of right now and don't see any reason to stick around, maybe in a few months I will be back. Goodbye everyone!

    1. Tohono O'odham Man

      Tohono O'odham Man

      Later hope to see you back 

  2. Part 10 of Within The Storm is done.

  3. Made it 200 reputation this morning, yay me!

  4. Part 9 of Within The Storm is done.

  5. Part 8 of Within The Storm is done.

  6. Part 7-B is done.

  7. Part 7-A of Within The Storm is done. 7-B will be out shortly.

  8. Part 6 of Within The Storm is done.

  9. Part 5 of Within The Storm is done.

  10. So I wake up this morning to see that the forums have been raided by spammers. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

  11. Part 4 of Within The Storm is done.

  12. Within The Storm part 3 is done.

  13. Part 2 of Within The Storm is done.

  14. Part one of Within The Storm is done.

  15. Within The Storm (the Among Wolves sequel) intro has been release, go check it out in the survivor stories thread.

  16. Releasing a "teaser" for Among Wolves sequel this sunday. It's going to be called Within The Storm.

  17. Hardest thing with the Among Wolves sequel is thinking of a good title.

    1. DerpyLemon115


      Well I think I decided on a title now.

  18. Going to make a sequel to Among Wolves at some point this month.

  19. I always get a little worried whenever I see a notification telling me that the admin has replied to one of my topics.

  20. Last bonus part for Among Wolves is done. This one is about last of the unused screenshots I took.

  21. The final part to Among Wolves is done. Thanks to those that have read through it until now.

  22. Part 23-A and Part-B are done. The final part will be released shortly.

  23. Made another bonus part for Among Wolves.

  24. Among Wolves part 22 is done.

  25. Part 21 of Among Wolves is done.