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  1. Today is my one year anniversary of being on these forums. Not sure how I should celebrate...  

  2. The intro to Chasing Ghosts is done.

  3. The final chapter of my survivor story is going to be called "Chasing Ghosts" and the intro part will be out tomorrow if I can. No the story won't be Halloween related, he title has a different meaning, no literal ghosts will show up.

  4. I just got the stone-age sniper achievement in my current run.

  5. Pretty sure nobody will read this, but I will be starting my last chapter in my survivor story trilogy (Among Wolves and Within The Storm) next month.

    1. kristaok


      I read it :) 

  6. Just finished episode 3. Oh boy was it worth the wait, Hinterland really up'ed their game with this one. 

  7. Likely going to take another step away from the forums until I beat episode 3 to avoid spoilers.

  8. Alright so it's been roughly a month and half since I left, and I think it's time for an update. I still haven't really been interested in playing TLD lately, mainly because of my "Among Wolves" and "Within The Storm" stories burning me out of playing it, along side that is the rather large backlog of games that I have that is also keeping me occupied lately (A fair few of those games are rather long in length, looking at you SW:KotOR).

    Despite all that I actually think i'm ready to step back into the forums and return to relative activity and start posting again. I don't know how active I will be because as I said i'm not really playing TLD at the moment and likely won't until a few updates roll out (Episode 3 hopefully), but I will start posting again soon. To be honest I never fully left. Sure I haven't been posting but I do find myself dropping in every few days to take a look at what everyone is up to, at the most I been voting on some polls that a few people have made but that's about it. Anyways that's all I have to say right now, hope to see you all soon.

  9. I think i'm going to step away from the forums for a long while. I just generally lost interest in TLD as of right now and don't see any reason to stick around, maybe in a few months I will be back. Goodbye everyone!

    1. Tohono O'odham Man

      Tohono O'odham Man

      Later hope to see you back 

    2. LilWolf


      Take some time. It happens to me also with games. See you soon.

  10. Part 10 of Within The Storm is done.

  11. Made it 200 reputation this morning, yay me!

  12. Part 9 of Within The Storm is done.

  13. Part 8 of Within The Storm is done.

  14. Part 7-B is done.

  15. Part 7-A of Within The Storm is done. 7-B will be out shortly.

  16. Part 6 of Within The Storm is done.

  17. Part 5 of Within The Storm is done.

  18. So I wake up this morning to see that the forums have been raided by spammers. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

  19. Part 4 of Within The Storm is done.

  20. Within The Storm part 3 is done.

  21. Part 2 of Within The Storm is done.

  22. Part one of Within The Storm is done.

  23. Within The Storm (the Among Wolves sequel) intro has been release, go check it out in the survivor stories thread.

  24. Releasing a "teaser" for Among Wolves sequel this sunday. It's going to be called Within The Storm.

  25. Hardest thing with the Among Wolves sequel is thinking of a good title.

    1. DerpyLemon115


      Well I think I decided on a title now.