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  1. I think i'm going to step away from the forums for a long while. I just generally lost interest in TLD as of right now and don't see any reason to stick around, maybe in a few months I will be back. Goodbye everyone!

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      Tohono O'odham Man

      Later hope to see you back 

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      Take some time. It happens to me also with games. See you soon.

  2. Bonus Part: Cut Screenshots, Scraped Story Bits, and Easter Eggs Since Within The Storm is now over I thought I would show off some unused screenshots kinda like I did with Among Wolves. I will also talk about a scraped story bit that I planned at one point that I decided not to include. Lastly I will point out some easter eggs I wrote throughout the story. Cut screenshots: First I will show some screenshots I took but didn't show. I did this twice back in Among Wolves but this time I saved all of them for the end. Like Among Wolves I will show the screenshot, what part it would have been in, explain what and/or where it is, and give the reason I didn't show it. Anyways lets get started. First one is a picture of me cooking some meat inside the cave that connected Pleasant Valley to The Ravine/Mystery Lake, Would have been shown in Part One: The Great Escape. Didn't show it because part one was about me getting out of Pleasant Valley as fast as possible, so showing off a bit where I stopped to take time to cook up some food would have been inconsistent with that. Next is a screenshot of the standing Watchtower, taken on the hills of the ruined tower. Would have been in Part 5: Ruined Tower. Didn't show it because it would have messed with the Word:screenshot ratio that I like to keep. Next two are from Part 8: Another March and Part 9: Final Steps (scraped part). Didn't show these because I was going to make Both part 8 and part 9 to be the walk to the hunting lodge, However I ended up shortening it to just one part and ended cutting these two screen shots in the process. First one is the train tunnel leading Forlorn Muskeg, second is a river in Broken Railroad. Next one is a picture at the maintenance shack showing off the "They hate the light" graffiti, would have been in Part 9: Final Steps (Yet again a scraped part). Didn't show because the the graffiti is referencing the fact the wolves hate light during an aurora, however no wolves are during almost the whole series so this bit was pointless to show. Next is an overview of Broken Railroad, would have been in part 10: The Calm. This was not shown because I retook the screenshot at noon in-game so it would be brighter. Next is a screenshot of some deer (and a rabbit), would have been in Part 11: Pathway Home. Didn't show because I retook the screenshot in a different spot that looked better. Next is the entrance to the dam. Would have been in Part 11: Pathway Home. Didn't show because it would have ruined the screenshot:text ratio. Last one for now is a screenshot of me pointing towards Timberwolf Mountain while on Signal Hill supposedly. Would have shown up in Part 12: One Last Mystery. Didn't show it because it was suppose to be me pointing towards where the bunker was, but I was pointed the wrong way... Oops. Scraped story bits and the last few cut screenshot: Time to go over a couple story ideas that I had along with the screenshots that went with them. First one was an alternative ending to Part 5: Ruined Tower. As you might know if you read part 5, the part was about me climbing up the tower hill to discover that it was broken. Originally however I was going to "Pretend" that the tower was still standing and go up it. After going inside the storm would have started and cause the tower to fall over while I was still inside. The next part would pick up with me lying in the snow nearly dead with the collapse tower around me, and the part would have been about me stumbling back to the cabin office and patching myself up the best I could. I decided to scrap this part because it felt like something out of a cheesy action movie. Also because I feared that someone would come out and say "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo... you did NOT in fact climb up that tower as it is broken and has been that way FOREVER now. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and can't keep up with current game data. Please stop it with this blatant misinformed story of yours" and that is not something that I felt dealing with at the time. Anyways here is the screenshot I would have shown in that scraped part it was a picture of inside the standing tower during the storm before "It fell" The second scraped story bit was a scraped Part 7 called "A Rough Night". It would have been about me walking back to the Cabin Office from Trappers Homestead at night with a semi healed sprained ankle. I decided to scrap the part since it would have been hard to take screenshots during the night witch are a staple of my stories. Here is the one screenshot that I did take, it's me in-front Trappers Homstead, as you can see, well...You can't see. Easter Eggs Time to mention some easter eggs that I made through the series * The combination to the safe in part 2 is the date Among Wolves first part was released dd-mm-yy. *At the start of part 5 I mention "sleeping at the side of cliff". A reference to part 17 of Among Wolves where I "Accidentally" fell asleep on a cliff. *Probably the most obvious one, in part 10 I talk about "some crazy lunatic" and his fight against a "demon bear". This is a reference to the story Jeremiah tells you in Episode 2 of Wintermute about Spence and his fight with a supposed "demon bear" *Last one is more of an inside joke that only I find funny. At the end of the final part I take a crate of summit soda, this is an on going joke that I have where I have this obsession with the beverage Special Thanks Lastly I want to give a big thanks to those leaving kind words on both Among Wolves and Within The Storm, You all know who you are. I'm sorry if I don't respond directly to you at times, it's not that I don't appreciate you, I really do. It's just that I don't want to flood my story threads with giving thanks too much. Anyways that's all for Within The Storm, see you all next time, and please stay out of the Muskeg.
  3. I never seen this but I heard that they supposedly ignore each other and just walk right past.
  4. Final Part: The Gift As I slowly close in onto where this bunker supposedly rested, the suspense was killing me. The main reason was the label this bunker was given "Gift". Most bunkers were given labels on what was inside them like "Rations" or "Tools" or something. This one seems to be a personalized bunker, that was theory that made the most sense to me atleast. I made it to the spot marked on the map, the bunker could be seen just barely poking out of the snow. It was laying right behind a fallen tree, I guess that explains why I didn't see it the first time. I open the hatch and crawl inside. As I went in I notice two things. First was that this bunker was considerably larger that the first bunker. Second was that it smelled awful in here, it was like someone died in here. I nearly vomited but I fight against my stomach and take a look inside. As I look inside I began to regret what I said, there was a dead body laying next to stacks of wooden crates. As I examine the body I could safely determine from the many bite wounds that he was attacked by wolves. Next to the body was a note, the red lettering made it clear that the guy written it in his blood. The note read "These supplies are to those that need them the most". I carry the body outside and buried him in the snow, I would like to say it was all out of respect but it was mostly because the sight of his mangled corpse was sickening to me. I head back inside, this time covering my face with a scarf in a desperate attempt to block the dreadful stench of decay. As I look over the rest of the of the bunker I discover that the crates were completely loaded with everything, more so than the cargo plane... However looking at the note made me realize that these supplies were not intended for me, but for people that can't hunt or forge on their own. I take one crate of summit soda and head outside. As I start to walk home I look toward the place I buried the body, I hope that one day I get to fulfill his dying wish. But for right now I can rest.
  5. Part 12: One Last Mystery I walked down the hill, towards my house, and went inside, if I had any summit soda this would call for a party, but sadly I didn't have any, or any sort of food for that matter, I guess I should get on that right now... The rest of the day was calm, it consisted of me just forging for food, and tidying the place up. My life was getting back to normal, boringly normal. I had a nice big dinner and want to bed a little earlier than normal, I just couldn't wait until I could sleep in my own bed again, that's what I missed the most. When I wake up the next morning I head downstairs to have a quick breakfast. While eating I was looking through a newspaper, and inside it was advertising Mystery Lake, looking at this reminded me of something. The bunkers, there were suppose to be some made in both Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley. I had nothing better to do today so I suppose I should track down those bunkers here, but I need some clues to go off. The best place to find them I reckon would be on Signal Hill. I head up to Signal Hills shack and take a look inside. I already searched this place, but I never took a look inside the desk so that would be where to look. After spending about an hour looking though all the paper I found it, much like before I found both a map, and some papers detailing the bunkers. The document pretty much said the same thing as before, although interestingly it didn't mention anything about Mystery Lake or it's bunkers. Strange, maybe the ones here in Pleasant Valley were planned out first. Whatever the reason, I didn't care to much, I just needed to look at the map. I glanced over the map and much like before only one out of ten bunkers were made. The one bunker that left was near a cliff that lead to Timmberwolf. That didn't make any sense to me, I was up there only a few months ago, how could I miss the bunker? I left the shack and went over to investigate, worst case scenario was it wasn't there, but I still wanted to check to make sure. After a lot of walking made nearly made it to the spot. Soon I would see what escaped just under my nose.
  6. No, I mean a region like The Ravine.
  7. Part 11: Pathway Home I exited Broken Railroad and past the muskeg, after all this time I am more than happy to be going home. Great Bear seemed silent, calm, but also lively at the same time. Walking back was uneventful, but I sort of liked it this way for now, I wasn't in much of a hurry, not anymore. Once I made it back to Mystery Lake I continued to follow the trusted road of the railway track, I plan on heading back the same way I got here. While walking I noticed that the wildlife had returned to the region, deer, rabbits, and even wolves were back to their lives as normal. I was afraid that they would be gone forever at one point, but as it goes to show that nature always has a way of repairing itself. Continuing my walk along the railway nearing the dam entrance, I look back at Mystery Lake one last time, it's nice to see it alive once again, she deserves it. I head inside the dam and make my way to the lower levels, I walk up to the emergency exit at pry it open, this is the last time i'm being up here, next time I will find another way into Mystery Lake. I walk over to the ledge and look over the ravine. Almost there now just a few more steps. I head down the hill path and walk along the frozen river, leading to the cave that served as the gateway to Pleasant Valley. I get lost again inside the cave, I sear this always happens to me, but eventually I do make it out. Once I exit I take a long look over Pleasant Valley, home sweet home. Life had returned to normal here as well. I walk up Signal Hill again to take a good look at my farmstead, the place looked completely untouched, minus the extra snow that was on-top of it. Here I am, my life can return to normal now.
  8. So I kinda just noticed something. Hinterland stopped making transition regions apart from a few caves, the last real one we got was (I think) Crumbling Highway witch was added all the way back in 2015. I would like to see transition regions have sort of a resurrection as long as it doesn't hurt the quality of the main region of course.
  9. You are correct in that TLD is finite play, but honestly you are more likely to die of anything else before you run out of the "non-respawnable resources". And even if you do die from the lack of non-respawnable resources well as they say "nature always win", it just took it's time doing so.
  10. I say take it. Not like keeping it there is going to make more grow, and it's not useful to you staying there. So yeah take it, and hope more show up along the "beach".
  11. Part 10 of Within The Storm is done.

  12. Part 10: The Calm After my venison dinner I spent what felt like hours just staring out the window looking at the storm. I didn't enjoy waiting inside, I was getting bored. But unfortunately my only plan to survive is to wait until the storm settles then hunt a deer for food, repeat that process until the storm comes to an end. I was getting sick of waiting, I think I was going crazy. After spending more time just staring out a window that I could even barley see out of to begin with, I decide to just head to bed early. The next morning I look around the lodge for literally anything that could cure my boredom. I found some old books lying around the place, better than nothing I suppose. Most of it was junk, one book was about field harvest, already know all about that. Another told a story about some lunatic trying to kill a "demon bear" with a spear to save his dying wife from a fever, no idea who would be crazy enough to fight a bear with a spear, probably just some sort folk tale. After reading that last story I began to notice something, it was quite, way to quite, for hours now.... Did the storm finally come to an end? I take a step outside to have a little walk, it was completely calm outside. No snow was falling, not even the slightest breeze could be felt. I pinch myself to make sure this wasn't some really cruel dream, sure enough this was real. I take a walk to the nearby cliff to look over the region, complete silence. I guess this is what they call calm after the storm, and boy i'm glad that I made it though to see it. I head to the path leading down the hill, it was time to head home.
  13. Made it 200 reputation this morning, yay me!

  14. One time I shot a bear with an arrow and it started running off. After about an hour in-game chasing it, it started to run past me but bled out right next to me.