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  1. I always find myself opening and searching containers that don't have anything in them. I find myself doing that in most RPG's aswell.
  2. Now this right here is going to be a great Christmas present.
  3. I don't think it's wise to speculate too hard on a picture of a cross. For all we know it could mean little to nothing to what will be in the update
  4. Well... I i'm finally finished Chasing Ghosts, and it's bonus part.  

  5. Bonus Part: Unused Screenshots, Scraped Story Bits, Easter Eggs, Final Thanks Unused Screenshots So there are plenty of screen shots that I took and decided to retake or not use for whatever reason. Lets go over them shall we? The first one is inside he mine-shaft during Part 2. Decided to retake it facing up towards the broken platform. Next one is inside broken Highway during Part 3. Only difference is that this time i'm not holding a revolver, and standing a slightly different Next is me standing on the fallen tree in The Ravine in Part 13. Was replaced with the second screenshot. Last one is of the farmstead in Pleasant Valley during the Final Part. Was replace by the last screenshot Scrapped Story Bits Bear Mauling So in Part 8 I got mauled by a bear. However I didn't actually intend to get mauled at all. What was suppose happen was I would have just killed the bear and slept inside the house on the island. However I for some reason just couldn't kill the dang bear after shooting him with five arrow. Eventually that led me to being careless and I got mauled, thus leading me to change the next few parts to reflect that. Payback on the bear After I recovered from my mauling I would have gone after the bear in hopes to get revenge on him. However that also didn't work because for the life of me I just couldn't find him or his corpse anywhere at all. So I just decide to leave and ignore him, atleast for the time being. Another plan that I had would be to have him return in Mystery Lake by acting as if one of the bears there was him, being identified by the arrow I shot him with. However I decided to not do that either since it would not make any since for the bear to show up in Mystery Lake from Coastal Highway. Panic Attack Originally in part 12 after I crossed the railroad bridge, I would have had a panic attack from dealing with heights. Decided not to do that since it would have just been a shorter version of the bear mauling recovery, and because I don't think i'm anywhere near a good enough writer to properly describe a panic attack scene. However I end up sort of referencing this at the start of part 13 by starting out with saying "After recovering form my minor panic attack" Ending Death Scene In part 15 my character was originally going to die at the end, I had two plans on how this would have happened. First was I was going to get incurable food poisoning or infection and die from the sickness just as I make it to Milton. Second was I would have been attacked by a pack of wolves while protecting Milton, then the survivors would ave taken me inside a house to try to patch me up, but fail. Didn't do either since I think it might have been too cliche to have my character die at the end. Easter Eggs Town Changed During Part 1 when I enter the town in Pleasant Valley I make mention that it looked different. This is a reference (If you want to call it that) to the fact that the town has been redesigned in the latest update. Come Full Circle At the end of Part 1 the final screenshot used is identical to the first screen shot in Among Wolves (A predecessor to Chasing Ghosts in-case you didn't know) Good ol' Chuck In Part 5 when I enter the truck sort-of blocking the entrance, I find a ID with the name Chuck. This is an inside joke that I named the very same truck "Chuck The Truck" Summit Soda, now with twice the memes Another inside joke that I have in that I'm obsessed over the in-game beverage Summit Soda. This is referenced in Part 7 and the Final Part. Don't Look Down Through Parts 12 & 13 it is noted that my character is scared of heights. This is a reference to... Well me, i'm scared of heights. This is what you call paradise? The title to Part 15 "Paradise found" is a reference to the in-game achievement "Paradise lost", you get this achievement when you reach Milton in Episode One of Wintermute Final Thanks So here we are at the very, very end of my series that I have been working over the duration of 2019, and a bit coincidentally I managed to finish roughly around my first anniversary of being on these forums. I want to say thanks you guys that managed to sit through this admittedly very below average story that I have been working on. Hope that you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed making them, even if you only enjoyed them ironically and think they're terrible. The biggest thanks goes to the few of you that even left kind words throughout this journey, or even just up-voting them. So what's next? Well I do have one thing planned for the future. As you may know there is an update coming next month (supposedly). Well when it drop I'm thinking about playing the game through interloper and leaving a log for it here on a separate thread. But for now I will be taking a break form TLD. Bye everyone!
  6. Series Final Part: Hope For A Future I was inside the dam now, I still hate this place, and i'm still not sure why exactly. I quietly head into the lower part and make my way out the back entrance. As I was on the other side I could tell it was getting late again, time sure does fly fast it seems, or maybe i'm just taking it slow without even realizing it. I head now into the frozen river below. As I continue I keep thinking about those people that I saw in Milton, and if I made the right choice leading to my bunker. Did they really need all those supplies that were stored away in there? Did they even need them? They seemed to be doing more than good enough to take care of themselves. Will they even bother going to the bunker? What if they think it's a trap? Or don't go because of the distance? It's Pretty far away from Milton after-all... I head into the cave leading home, almost there now. As I make it to the other side I continue my way over to my homestead just as the sun starts to fall over the mountains. I reach the front door and go inside, light the fireplace. I'm finally able to relax a little now. Maybe on day I will head back and see how there are doing, maybe even finally meet them personally. I take my last can of Summit Soda and begin to drink and smile at this bittersweet end. One day the world will return to normal, but until I just have to endure and survive.
  7. Part 15: Paradise Found By the time morning dawns, I head through the cave next to the homestead on continue my journey to Milton. I was nearly there, even though I was getting sick of caves it was still better than heading through the Muskeg. As I made it to the other side I was greeted by a waterfall. As the water droplets dripped onto my cloak I knew I would soon finish my task, I had to keep going. I continue down the frozen river and down a wide path leading down to a climbing rope, that was my only way to Milton now. even through I was still sore from my recent bear mauling I still had confidence that I could climb. I grab onto the rope and successfully descend down to the area below. Only one more climbing rope to head up and i'm there. I grab the rope and begin my climb. As I make it to the top I take a quick breather, and head on the road leading into the town. As I saw the town I saw them, other survivors. They're weren't just surviving either, they were trying to live, rebuilding the town, kids playing in the street, trying the best to live normal. I wanted to head into town but... something was preventing me. I just had the feeling I wasn't really welcome. Instead I just hang the map leading to the bunker on a post with an arrow, and light a flare to let them know about. As the flare lit I drop it and walk away, as I walk I could hear one of the kids calling out to their guardian. I couldn't make out what he said exactly, but I just imagine it was letting them know about the boogeymen that just lit a flare outside of town. My job was done now, time to go home and hope for the best for them.
  8. Part 14: Late at Night I would spend the rest of the day traveling to the homestead on the other side of the region. It was getting to late to travel any further than that, I will have to continue my journey tomorrow morning. As I made to the homestead it was nearing night time, and some snow was dropping quite heavily to boot. I head inside the home and start a fire to warm myself up. As I started the fire I realized that I had nothing to eat tonight, and nothing edible was inside the house. Soooooo I guess I have to do some late night, fantastic. I head back outside and look around, no deer was nearby, so I head over to the nearby pong. As I walk through the thick snowfall I hardly spot a deer standing in-front of me. I take out my rifle this time, I don't like the idea of risking losing an arrow in this dense snowfall. I take aim and shoot, the pained moan from the deer confirmed that I hit him, pretty impressive shot honestly. I carve up the meat and take it back to the homestead to enjoy. Once I made it back I place the meat on the still burning stove that I lit earlier and boil up some herbal tea to go with it, I never tried this tea so now's my chance. When finished I take a sip of the tea, it tasted minty, kinda good actually. When I finish my dinner I turn on my lantern and read a for few minutes. That didn't last long as I began to feel dreadfully sleepy, guess the tea did that... I put away my book and lay my head on the pillow. The last thing I see is the fading fire on the stove before I doze off.
  9. Part 13: Return to Mystery Lake After I recover from my minor panic attack I stand up and continue to follow the railroad. Even if I can't handle heights, even I can see that this place is beautiful, and peaceful. It was getting late however so I needed to hurry, I don't want to be out here when it get dark. I hurry along, but eventually I was stopped by some rocks blocking the rails. I need to find a way around. I look down to a narrow path. A fallen tree bridged a gap, I could get across it. Great more heights... I climbed up onto the tree and headed across as quickly as I could. Once I hop off on the other side I was greeted with a frozen corpse and his backpack. I ignore them and instead look down into the ravine. A crashed train cart was down there, no way to get down without a climbing rope however, so I just move on. Not that I really want to go down there anyway, I'm suppose to be heading to Milton right now. I walk away from the ledge and the frozen corpse and head back on track. I spotted the railroad once again and continued my walk along it. Not much longer after that until I made it to Mystery Lake, with the dams main entrance to my right. I'm almost there just have to stay focused.
  10. Part 12: Along a Railroad I head through the highway in the direction I never took before. I'm pretty sure this path leads to Mystery Lake, if I see the railroad than I will know for sure. Admittedly the only reason why I'm taking this route is because want to avoid that dam as much as possible, hopefully no near falling experiences will occur on this path. Eventually I find a pathway leading up the hill, and away fro the highway. I head up and follow it. As I walk up I begin to feel sore, I'm still feeling that bear mauling. I can't rest now so I ignored it the best I can and keep moving. As I near the top I could see the railroad tracks, leading to a tunnel. I start to walk along the railroad, past a waterfall and head inside and through the tunnel the tunnel. After following the track some more I saw something that made my heart drop, a railroad bridge stretching across a ravine. I was hoping to avoid this, if it wasn't obvious I'm not the biggest fan of heights. Well I don't feel like going back now, I hop onto the bridge and head across. Along the bridge was a section that was a little broken, I step onto the slippery rail and balance myself across. After safely walking across the broken section and getting of the bridge on the other side I side down and let my nerves settle. Goddammit, I hate heights...
  11. Part 11: Back in Action After another 2 weeks of rest and living off of fish, I think I finally fully recover. Or atleast recover enough to travel. I get out of bed and take out the stitches that have been keeping my body together during my recovery. With all strings of thread now pulled out all that remains are some scars, and me with some flame still left inside me. I head outside to check on the town once more. During my stay here, I never saw anybody near the town, so the group must have left by now. Why they left their bedrolls there I have no idea. I head back to the town to investigate the garage once more. As I enter the garage I look at all the bedrolls, I notice that some of them are kids size. Do they have children with them? If they do than maybe they're aren't so bad? I look inside he backroom to find anything else about these people. On a desk I find a note. The note was a manifest, it detailed the things they collected, day by day. The last entry said "Nothing left for us, time to go to Milton." So they went to Milton. I guess that should be my next stop, I came this far looking for these guys.. No going home after all I guess. I remember about my secret bunker, they should be the ones to have it. I head outside to make my way to Milton.
  12. Part 10: Recovering I woke up the next day to a coughing fit. I get up take a sip of water to clear my throat. As I fully wake up I relies that i'm quite hungry. I doubt that there's any food left in this house, and i'm in no condition to use my bow or rifle to hunt and deer. Seems like fishing is my only option right now. I stumble my way outside, I seem to atleast be a little bit more mobile now, that's a start. Once outside I relies that it's actually getting a little late, I slept most of the day away already. I head down the mountain as quickly as I could with my state, and make my to the nearest hut. As I walk over I look over my shoulders for that bear... He's nowhere in sight. I get inside a hut and gently place myself down and break the ice hole. I lower a hook and catch two Coho Salmon, should be good for a few days, hopefully enough time to fully recover. I back up to the hill and start a campfire to cook these fishes. When I finish I eat the first fish and head back to rest up some more. I take another painkiller and try to head upstairs again, I made it up this time. I lay in bed and think things over. Once I recover i'm going to investigate that garage again, i'm almost certain nobody is living there at this point, otherwise I would have seen them by now. I'm honestly not even sure why i'm so interested in this group, maybe I will know if I find them.
  13. For anyone that is interested I went back to the Silent Hunter, back when Coastal Highway was first born, and found no fire spots in the area. So yeah, the map is just wrong.
  14. Part 9: Deaths Door Seems like my fate is not meant to be just yet. I wake up in a pool of blood, some from the bear, most of it being mine. I spot the bear in the distance, now staggering away from me. Seems like he doesn't have the energy to finish me off now, or maybe it thinks i'm already dead. I take advantage of this and get up and weakly stumble my way over to the house on the island. My vision is blurred, and I start to fall over constantly, but I somehow mange to pull myself inside. I fall onto the floor next to a table, I need to patch myself up now. I spill all my medical supplies onto the table and get to work. I begin with taking my upper clothing off and throwing it aside. I use a sewing kit to suture my deeper bite wounds on my right arm. My poor right arm seems to be getting most of the punishment lately. I then apply some antiseptic onto the wound and apply a bandage. I do the same with my other wounds. Seems like I done the best I can do, all I can do now is rest up and wait for time to the rest pf the healing. I try to climb the stairs up to the bedroom, but the pain is preventing me from moving around too much, the Adrenalin is starting to run dry. I guess I just have to rest down here then, on the couch. I lay down on the couch and take a deep breath. Time to get better, atleast if I live through this I will have some nice new scars to show off...