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  1. 1-4: 1 Day, 7 Hours Location: Desolation Point, Stone Church Weather: Clear Time: Afternoon Condition: 64% Hypothermia Risk Additional Notes: Ran out of cattails I wanted to pick up a few maple saplings along the way for a bow, so I went along a the path leading to the church to get some. Found two, good enough for now, time to head to the crashed ship. I picked up a prybar near a crashed truck under a bridge. Once I made it to the Riken I step inside and walk to the forge on the other side of the ship. I found a hammer on the shelf next to it, thank goodness. I light up the forge and heat it up with the coal I found in the caves to start forging.
  2. 1-3: 24 Hours Location: Coastal Highway, Quonset Garage Weather: Clear Time: Early Morning Condition: 78%, Hypothermia Risk Additional notes: picked up some coal and cloth for forging along the way It wasn't until right before dawn before the blizzard came to an end, but I made it to Coastal Highway. Found myself some better quality tools and a storm lantern, now I won't need to start a fire and make a torch every time I need to enter a dark cave. After quickly what little food remained in the garage went on my way to Desolation Point, hopefully a hammer has spawned in the crashed ship, or the whale plant, or this run might be doomed.
  3. By this point i'm already nearing Desolation point, so I might as well get to forging. I appreciate the advice regardless.
  4. 1-2: 7 hours Location: Pleasant Valley, Barn Weather: Blizzard Time: Close to dusk Condition: 91%, Hypothermia Risk, Frostbite risks (Recovering) I made it to the barn, just as a blizzard rolls in, hopefully it won't last long. I need to take shelter anyways... I picked up a few useful things along the way. Birch saplings, cattail stalks to keep me fed for a while. I also found some tools and a whetstone inside the barn itself. Once this storm ends i'm going to head to Desolation to get my set of tools.
  5. That's why @ManicManiac said "not always". Implying that yes, you can kill a wolf with one shot, but not always.
  6. 1-1: 0 Hours Starting Region: Timberwolf Mountain Time: Morning Active Feats: Snow Walker, and Fire Master Starting in one of the more difficult region Great Bear has to offer my first task would be to head to Pleasant Valley, making a stop to the Mountaineering Hut along the way if I could. Quickly goating down the mountain while trying me best not to sprain anything (although that didn't work out too well since I sprained a wrist) I land upon crystal lake, the lake in-front of the hut. I head inside to see what is in there. A hacksaw (pretty useful) and a book about cooking. After I bandage my wrist I will make my way to pleasant valley.
  7. What update was your favorite, and think it added most to the game on it's own? Replay with your reasoning if you would like. Also keep in mind you're judging each update for what they brought on their own.
  8. I'm guessing you're somewhat new to the game huh?
  9. Ah yes, a bazooka, very handy hunting tool. You wouldn't even need to quarter the carcass, just pick up the meat chunks laying about after the explosion.
  10. I wouldn't get your hopes up for any new firearms being added any time soon, atleast not "real" firearms.
  11. Once upon a time Hinterland made a road map saying that season were a plan that they had. However I think they changed their minds about it since it would be too time consuming and resource heavy to implement. I think it's something that is going to be saved for a TLD 2 "IF" they decide to make one. Or perhaps as DLC much later down the road when Wintermute is done (None of this is confirmed, just my speculation).
  12. I always thought that at some point Hinterland was thinking of adding new types of arrows, and maybe they still are. Because the arrows are called "Simple arrows", Why would that be the case if they were the only type of arrow you could use? Okay now to take the tin foil hat off...
  13. At what point in TLD would you be like "Yeah my rifle, bow, revolver, and flare gun are not cutting it, let me use the Molotov cocktail that I made last night to hunt the darn deer"? I'm sorry if I'm coming across as snarky, but I don't think a Molotov would ever make sense in a survival situation.
  14. Bring back what mods exactly? I might not be entirely in the know about, this but the only "mod" for TLD that I ever heard of is a save editor, and that doesn't really count as a mod (And from I understand the editor still works to this day). So were there any mods out there that are actually worth bringing back? Genuine curiosity.
  15. Fastest I ever climbed was about 4 hours in game time. Just took a emergence stim every time I came to a climbing rope. Weather that counts or not I will leave to your judgement.