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  1. To follow up on why i'm leaving, it's quite simple, I just gotten bored of the game. I don't have any hate towards Hinterland or anyone on the forums, it's not that the game is going in some direction I don't want it to go, nothing like that at all. TLD has simply gotten stale to me and I want to move my attention to other games. And because of that I not want to stick around on a forum that mainly talks about TLD. It's just something that happens to with every game that I played in the past, and now it happened with TLD . Of course that is not to say that I will never play TLD again, it's more of a "see you later" than a "goodbye". I realize that I may have been over dramatic in my last status update, that was not my intention, and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was something more dire than just me getting bored of the game.

    So one last recap:

    No hate towards Hinterland

    No hate towards forum users

    No hate towards TLD

    Just want to look towards other games for a good while

    Sorry if I scared anyone

    That is it goodbye everyone (For a while atleast)

    1. Admin


      That's perfectly understandable! We'll be here when you find your way back to the Quiet Apocalypse. 

    2. kristaok


      See you around if ever you come back, stay safe out there! :)

  2. Ok this is it, I lost all interest in TLD for the time being, and the forums to go along with it. Goodbye everyone. 

    1. kristaok


      Why? what happened???

    2. Admin


      We're sorry to see you go. You're welcome back anytime.


      - The Hinterland Team

  3. This is more than likely going to be my last post here on the forum. As one last goodbye I wanted to ask you guys where you enjoy to start a camp fire and lay your bedroll to rest for the night? My favorite spot would have to be next to the bridge in The Ravine. Has a nice view and the waterfall in the background to provide a comforting sound, and no hostile wildlife to interrupt the moment.
  4. This is likely one of them most request features, other than maybe more Wintermute episodes. But I defiantly agree, binoculars would be a nice addition.
  5. I don't think the game need any more firearms for the time being, atleast not "proper firearms". As of right now the hunting rifle and bow is already good enough to hunt anything that is currently in the game. If more wildlife was added then perhaps my opinion would change but as of right now, I think we have enough proper firearms.
  6. "TLD has been removed from GForce" has been locked, it survived about 2 weeks longer than it needed too honestly.

  7. One thing that always stuck me as a little strange was how no matter what you threw onto a campfire it would always show some wood burning. I think it would be nice if the appearance of the camp fire changed depending on what was thrown on it. For a quick example, if you start a fire with a book then the fire would show a charred book on fire, and if you started to add sticks then some sticks would start to show up in the fire aswell.
  8. 1665088984_PitfulArguement.thumb.png.e3f31dc034e56e0b899e0fbfe0cab222.png

    Really sad how this was this persons first post here and it was already shot down by the admin because two people had to start a pointless fight, really great way to welcome him guys...

  9. I'm getting more and more surprised that the "TLD has been removed from GForce" hasn't been removed or locked yet...

    1. LilWolf


      Hey, what happened? been away from TLD and games in general for long time. I noticed there's a new map too. Nice to see someone I know is still active :)

    2. DerpyLemon115


      I wouldn't really call myself too active anymore, but I suppose I just can't help it but stay here. Sort of like an addiction I guess. But as for what happened, basically Wintermute got a new episode, and a new survival update just after that. Added things like a new region with a some-what new animal, ammo crafting has also been added, along with fluffy making a return. 


    3. LilWolf


      Yes, I know the new Ep. and region. But didn't have time to try it really. I had some personal things... also I bought a gaming laptop so I hope experience all these new features of the game. Thanks for telling.

  10. I found a Jerry can that looks sort of like the one in TLD. Plenty of other Jerry Cans can look the same with different names but the one I found an image of is called a "RS PRO Metal Jerry Can, 20L" TLD's Jerry Can: IRL counterpart: One of the more obvious one's, but the hunting rifle is based of a Lee-Enfield bolt action rifle. TLD's Hunting Rifle: Lee-Enfield: condensed milk looks sort of similar to California Farms's condensed milk TLD's condensed milk: California Farms's Condensed milk:,TopRight,0,0_SX385SY455SH20_.jpg Stones are small hard objects that can typically be found outside TLD's Stone: A real stone:
  11. Orange Soda is based on Crush Orange. Stacy's Grape Soda is based on Crush Grape. Side note the soda's name is a reference to stacyplays, a Youtuber that played TLD back in it's early days and gave the game a significant amount of attention due to her videos Summit Soda is either based on Mountain Dew, or Ginger Ale of some sort. More likely to Mountain Dew since "Mountain", "Summit". Peanut Butter shows some similarities to "Crunchy Peanut Butter" made by Kraft Here's the two so you can compare yourself: TLD's Peanut Butter: Kraft's Crunchy Peanut Butter: The Distress Pistol is based on the Orion Flare Gun. This is info I got from the TLD fan wiki. TLD's Distress Pistol: Orion Flare Gun:
  12. Well i'm glad I wasn't alone in this new discovery. Makes me feel.... Slightly less dumb than i actually am...
  13. Yeah I disagree. A post that could be considered too "too short" is up for debate. Like how long should it be? A full sentence? A Paragraph? A whole essay style post? What if you're responding to a question that could be answered with a simple yes or no? People shouldn't have to artificially extent their post just to avoid it being shot down by the admins. And what exactly does it mean by a "low effort" post? That is even more vague. Does it have to be grammatically correct? Does it have to include fancy wording? Low and high effort post could literally mean just about anything. And lastly it says that such posts are automatically removed. Does that mean an admin just blindly deletes such posts on a whim without any other consideration? Or does that mean that a bot is watching over the forum on the look out for any posts that are not up to snuff? I know that i'm asking too many questions, but that's sort of my problem with the whole thing. A post that is "too short" or too "low effort" could be debated about all day, and don't think it's wise to start deleting posts just because of it. My final thoughts on the matter is that if someone posts something it should be up to the users to decide what to do with it, weather it be upvoting, liking, replying/quoting, ignoring, or even reporting if necessary.
  14. Okay I really hope that i'm not the only person on here that didn't notice up until now. On the title screen there is a fire axe sitting next to the signal fire with a crow standing on top of it. Up until this morning I always thought it was just a hatchet stuck to the log, but nope, it's a fire axe. The fire axe is cut form the game, or is unimplemented at this point atleast, so seeing it here really surprised me. Please tell me i'm not the only one that didn't notice this until now...