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  1. One time I shot a bear with an arrow and it started running off. After about an hour in-game chasing it, it started to run past me but bled out right next to me.
  2. True but I think that's more of the physics of arrows being arrow being silly rather than an intended feature.
  3. I'm almost certain that they don't, wouldn't make sense in this game. Would be kinda cool though.
  4. Part 9 of Within The Storm is done.

  5. Part 9: A Glimmer of Hope As I walk past the maintenance shed I came across a river with a hunting blind sat at the other side. I glanced around to see what else was nearby. A wooden bridge was to the right along the frozen river, up atop a cliff I saw what looked to be the hunting lodge, and at the bottom of the cliff I saw some movement, something brown. I wanted to take a look to see what it was so I cross the iced river and walked over. As I got closer the thing moved behind a tree, I approach the tree and take cover. I slowly peak out to see what it was and my jaw dropped. It was two deer, I was amazed to see some after so much time. If I was able to hunt these I might have a chance at being able to hunker down in the lodge now. I take out my bow and take aim, I was afraid I might have gotten rusty after not hunting for the last month. I let lose of my arrow and it stuck the deer in it's neck causing him to fall to the ground instantly. Good, didn't lose my touch after all, the other deer ran off by that didn't bother me much. I walk over to quarter the carcass, I didn't have much time but I wanted to make this worth it. I grab the meaty bags and continue my way up the path leading to the lodge, the storm was getting closer and I didn't have much time. As I walk up the path I saw more deer and rabbits all around the area, I guess this is where they ran to since maybe the storm is more bearable here. After more walking my vision was getting more and more obstructed from the ever growing snow fall. But after some time the hunting lodge was presented in front of me, I quickly made my way inside just as the storm had picked up again, now was my time to hunker down again. After letting myself in I immediately place the meat bag in the closest table, after letting them go I stretch my arms in relief and take a look around. The main floor was quite a mess and didn't seem to have much supplies, downstairs was much of the same but there was some ammo stashed away under a workbench. Going upstairs lead me to some bedrooms, this place looked like it could house a whole family. However what it lacked was any sort of food, but with all the wildlife outside maybe that won't matter so much. Speaking of witch I guess I should go and cook that venison that I just got minutes ago.
  6. Have to agree with what everyone is saying, if you didn't need cloth for the shelters then they would basically be free since sticks are easy to get.
  7. Part 8 of Within The Storm is done.

  8. Part 8: Another March Another two weeks has passed and that damn storm hasn't gotten any weaker, if anything I think it gotten stronger. My last hope at this point is to march my was across Forlorn Muskeg and get to that hunting lodge, anywhere else is too far to making it in time. I will use the last of my food supplies to wait until that storm settles so I can make my move to Broken Railroad. The next day the storm took it's break, I pack up the last couple of canned goods and move out towards the train tunnel nearby. Once through the tunnel I was greeted with the lovely sight of Forlorn Muskeg, my opinion of this place hasn't changed much, I still hate it, but hopefully the wolves are gone from this region as well. I walk along the railroad track and approach some sort of poachers camp made up from train containers. Nothing was inside and resting here would be suicide so I kept walking. I make it to another train tunnel that should lead to Broken Railroad, in here would be the hunting lodge, witch would either be my salvation, or my grave. I try my best to follow the tracks but I was eventually blocked by some boulders so I had to go around. Hopping down from the tracks and walking along a river I spotted a fallen tree that lead to a path that would take me to the other side of the boulders. Walking along the tree, then the path and back onto the train tacks once more lead me to a maintenance yard. I didn't even bother to head inside since the storm was picking up again and I didn't think there would be anything of value to me inside, and staying here until the storm calmed down again didn't really appeal to me either so I walked past without a second thought. The hunting lodge was real close now, there would be a good place as any to make a last stand.
  9. Part 7-B: Boredom About a week had past and still no sign of this storm ending. I gotten quite bored during this time. There's only so many times you can read over the ranger reports and brochures advertising the park before you can remember them front to back without even thinking about it. I got to thinking what plan B would be if my supplies run out, and I got very few ideas. The only other place to go from here would be to go to place called Broken Railroad. Broken Railroad lies just beyond Forlorn Muskeg and inside the region lies some sort of hunting lodge, good place for it considering the region is a good spot for hunting thanks to it's dense wildlife. If hunkering down here doesn't work than that place is my last option.
  10. Part 7-A of Within The Storm is done. 7-B will be out shortly.

  11. Part 7-A: Wait It Out After I healed from my leg injury I make my way home late at night when the storm dissipates. Then after unloading and getting a good nights rest I head back to the bunker to grab the rest of the supplies to stock up the office. I look over all the canned goods, MRE's, fish, and leftover venison. I should have more than enough to wait this storm out. I take one last step outside, i'm going to be trapping myself indoors for some time so I want one last good look at the lake and everything else. I remember back to a few weeks ago, how did this happen? When will this blizzard end? Only time will tell but i'm safe now, hopefully...
  12. Part 6 of Within The Storm is done.

  13. Part 6: Left Out to Freeze I got careless as I went down the hill in a hurry, as I was running I eventually slipped and fell face first into the snow beneath me. As I try to get back on my feet a pain shot up from my leg, it seems that I have twisted it. I struggle back up and make my way to the cabin, I was now going too slow, the storm catch up to me at this rate. I walk over to a bush with some red berries, they can treat the pain when I get back indoors. As continued my agonizing walk the storm picked right back up, and I was trapped inside it, now I needed to get back inside. I stumbled upon a frozen pond with a hunters blind, I got lost in the blizzard. My best chance of getting shelter at this rate was the small homestead off to the west of where the pond was was. I painfully walk up and down some more hills until I spotted the small but humble shack within the heavy snow. It was like finding the promised lands because of the situation I was in. I head up and let myself in, finding comfort from the lack of snow and wind inside. The first thing I do when I get inside was stumble my way over to the stove at the corner and light a fire. Not only do I seek comfort in the warmth right now, but I also need to get a rose hip tea inside me right now. Once the fire was born I grab a pot next to the stove and place it on, pour some water inside and placed the berries I grabbed earlier and watched it boil. After a few minutes the water turned red, the tea was ready. I take tea and drank it, it didn't taste the best but that how all medicine is like. I place myself onto the bed and began to rest, wait for the ankle to get better.