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  1. Pretty sure someone else already said this, but I feel this is less of a immersion break and more of a minor annoyance. Other than that I do agree that it would be nice to have a set of stairs (or a slope of snow) there.
  2. While playing around with the time capsule I went back and tried out the builds I never got to play. Going back to the earliest build I learnt that the "wolf struggle mini-game" was slightly more complex, having to build up power with the left mouse button and unleash it right mouse button once the bar was full, instead of the newer mini-game where you just have to rapidly spam the mouse button. What made you choose to replace the older and more complex struggle mini-game with the more recent and less complex one?
  3. I have seen some people mention other games in comparison with TLD without any sort of punishment. so you should be fine if that's all you intend to do.
  4. Yeah just going to echo what others are saying, almost no chance that this will ever happen officially. Only way it could ever happen is if modding support comes along (Has been mentioned about by Hinterland a few times so there is a chance) and someone makes a mod to add it in.
  5. Only thing I need to stay sane is a nice cold can of Summit Soda.
  6. I think I only spent a couple in-game hours pilgrim, and that was just so I could get use to the controls.
  7. Honestly not too sure. I been pretty burnt out on TLD for a while now and I don't know if I will play Episode 3 as soon as it releases. Might take me a few days, or even weeks to get back into playing, even though I been looking forward to Episode 3 for ages now.
  8. Right here, between the maintenance shack and Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad. Now for my last one, might be a bit tricky but I will be really impressed if you find it. I wish you the best.
  9. Fair play, but I found it. Trailer cabin in Mountain Town. Now your turn, good luck.
  10. Found it. It's Stairsteps Lake in Hushed River Valley. Here is an entry of mine.
  11. I could just be seeing things but I feel like the earliest builds have this weird green tint to everything, it makes everything look radioactive. I can say that I approve the tint being gone, along with the textures being improved. Other than that, I like the "new" inventory screen. It's much better than the list we see in the most early build (admittedly this was back before I started playing TLD).
  12. It's trying to send a signal to Signal Hill of course.
  13. So I load up the earliest version in the time capsule and I head over to the Cabin Office. As I go upstairs I immediately try to pick up the pot that is laying on the stove, only to then be reminded that picking pot was not possible or needed for boiling water. What have you tried to do in the earlier versions that is only available in later version of the game?