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    Right now there is a cheeky way to utilize coffee, rather than drinking the whole cup, you can drink ~10 calories of it and get a full sprint meter drain out of it, this can be repeated 12 times with one cup of coffee. Recovering stamina should add to your exhaustion meter while sprinting has less of a negative effect on your exhaustion. This wouldn't buff or nerf coffee while also fixing this comical workaround.
  2. Hunting: 2 more rifle models, a random rifle model is chosen when a rifle spawns, so not every rifle is a Lee Enfield Shotgun and birdshot with the ability to craft birdshot into a cut shell. Lynxes and Geese Wildlife interaction. Wolves will travel in packs to hunt areas saturated with deer and rabbits which will also move. Wolves will vary in size according to how much meat can be harvested from them and so will Deer. Wolves would prioritize hunting smaller weaker deer and would all gather to eat the same one. Wolves can gang up on bears or moose if they have enough numbers. Wildlife would have randomly spawned dens around where they spawn that they would return to during blizzards. New Skills: Blacksmithing - At higher levels of blacksmithing tools you craft have a better appearance and more durability. The improvised hatchet will gradually look more like a handmade forged hatchet with a seated wood handle. Change Mending to Sewing - Highest mending level makes crafted clothing warmer. Not as good as scavenged clothing but closer. New Items: Stave - Staves can be used to craft the longbow, to craft tinder, to burn as fuel, or to craft higher Blacksmithing skill Improvised Hatchets. Would be looted at the PV barn or the Forlorn Muskeg Forge, could also be found at trappers cabin or the unnamed pond hunting blind, just to name some locations. They have to cure when found if they are not found inside for 30 days. Drift - This tool is used with the heavy hammer at the forge to make the axe head. Drifts are used to make the eye where the handle is seated. Longbow - At the expense of causing fatigue when drawn it has more arrow speed and damage and more durability but is heavier. Can be crafted at level 4 Archery Forged Head - Used to make higher level improvised hatchets. Straightened Arrow Shaft - Arrows with these shafts which are crafted by soaking and then straightening out over a fire make more durable arrows. Axe - Can be scavenged and used to harvest very small trees, and the limbs of large trees if reachable. Same applies to fallen trees. Crampons - Increases risk of sprains, can be put onto your shoes or boots to allow you to walk up steeper inclines. Climbing takes less stamina. Durability: Whetstones can be saturated with water when used to make them lose durability much slower and to sharpen the blade more. In addition there could be a foot pedal powered grinding wheel at the Forlorn Muskeg forge. You'd fill the bucket below the wheel with water and you'd have some time to use it before the water freezes. It would only sharpen tools to 75% because it is a coarse stone and it would drain calories. The durability use over time and not per tool activation should apply to everything. Hatchets lose 2% harvesting branches and 2% harvesting large fir limbs and stacks of pallets that provide 16 reclaimed wood. Branches should also take much less time to break down, they just aren't worth breaking at all. Better Scenery: Me personally I am very happy with the amount of regions. I think they should be prettied up within the game's art style. It seems like every tree in the game is a centenarian; a super old growth fir. There should be a variation in the size of the trees. Trees should blow down during snowstorms and their limbs and the small trees should be harvestable. I think wolves should have less black coats that are ever so slightly more brown and rocks could have more rocky textures. (Sometimes I can't tell if that rock is a wolf I shot or a bear lol) More cubic and squared off on the edges rock assets could be added to make more compelling looking cliffs. Building/Terrain altering: Use wood, sticks, and animal hides to build windblocks to make an outdoor campfire location. Maybe block that window in the Mountaineers' Hut. Use the hide to wrap meat up and bury it under snow to add more to storing meat outside to keep it from spoiling. Shovel snow with car hubcaps or found shovels. Knock those berms around The Quonset down. Have snow build up on the ground when it snows and you are not outside. Auroras could make the air temperature warmer so it will melt back to default.