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  1. As much as I'd like to come, I'll be out of town that weekend for a Christmas party. Hopefully there's a next time!
  2. I'm not that old! Lol. Still in high school, last year. That's cool that you're in bands. I'd like to see your band but last time I tried my fake id I got kicked out! Although I've been in the Toucan without them even checking it so maybe!
  3. Maybe instead of non repareable, just make it take like 4 pieces of leather and 4 pieces of cloth. Not impossible, just a little harder
  4. I feel like given the protection value and other traits, maybe the weight should be higher. I wouldn't like a piece of clothing that's overpowered with too many good things. I don't want it to make the game easy! Lol
  5. I'm a little North of Kingston, just out from Montreal street, but I love going downtown. I like Confederation park, right on the water. I'm going to school in Kingston right now
  6. Hey! I'm in Kingston too. Small world!