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  1. Mystery Lake: Good fps Coastal Highway: Good fps, slightly lower in townsite. Pleasant Valley: Generally poor fps Timberwolf Mountain: Looking at the main mountain from the mountaineering hut causes some frame drop. Generally good fps. Desolation Point: Particularly low fps around the whale processing plant. Also general low fps. Mountain Town: Extremely low fps in town area. Also general low fps. Hushed River Valley: Generally poor fps Broken Railroad: Good fps, massive frame drops around the maintenance yard. Bleak Inlet: Good fps, massive frame drops
  2. Either a menu with sliders or just a general downgrade in the graphics department would get me back into playing this game. I have the game on PC and Xbox, and neither can run it very well. The Xbox however has the graphics turned up way too high for what the system can handle. Plz fix.
  3. The game runs poorly on consoles and needs lower graphics options. Please let us choose whether we want to have the game look nice or have it run smoother.
  4. I loved what you guys did in the latest update performance wise, especially for consoles. I was able to experience episodes 1+2 of wintermute for the first time and it was absolutely phenomenal. The game runs much more smoothly in general, but some areas like PV and such suffer pretty badly, arguably a little worse than before. I've also noticed that wind effects really bog things down as well in some instances. Any more plans on further optimizations? It's incredible that the game runs as smoothly as it does for being on a shite console in the first place.
  5. Performance, while better in some aspects, has gotten worse in a few areas. Looking at TWM with a blizzard happening at the same time results in massive stuttering, however indoors the performance is much better than before. Crafting table can't be scrolled through, so a few recipes including arrows, bows, and shafts cannot be crafted. Issues with torches being used to start fires Will update with more issues once they become apparent
  6. Personally, I would like to start this out by saying that I have CTS which is why I enjoy more relaxed games like this one. I noticed in the settings there was an option for people with conditions similar to mine which was huge for me, so thank you to Hinterland for making that a possibility. There is still an issue however with wolf attacks that should be addressed which is the crazed, rapid frenzy of tapping. There are several options that I've come up with that could be used to improve on wolf struggles: Quick time events; a sequence of certain buttons pops up that you have to pre
  7. Personally I've never liked playing on custom settings because I don't fully understand how and what I'm changing about the game. Maybe instead of having settings for Very Low - Low - Medium - High - Very High, they could have it as Pilgrim - Voyageur - Stalker - Interloper, respectively. Aside from that, that's supposedly not already how it works because of instances where I'm gathering wood and two more limbs spawn in front of me, or where I just walked. I'm saying that sticks, and the smaller branches that can be turned into sticks, should only spawn unless there's a heavy blizzard.
  8. I would love to see this along with other rare events that make the world in TLD feel a bit bigger than it is. There could be an event where you see a tree fall over in the distance, or see a whale breach the water out on the sea. Just little things that last a second and you could completely miss if you weren't looking there by happenstance. Love this.
  9. It's strange to have trees decaying at a rapid rate around you with large chunks falling off daily. Sticks, or at least large/small limbs, should only spawn after heavy blizzards. There is too much wood just lying around, even at higher difficulties like stalker/interloper. It's almost like going to the grocery store every time you need some, especially seeing as though you only need a considerable amount every few days or so. More balanced gameplay, and it fits in with a realistic feel.
  10. That's actually a better idea, more realistic as well.
  11. No human being sprains their ankle every time they walk up a hill. In the past 5 minutes of my current playthrough, I've sprained my ankle 3 times, and yes I timed it. They aren't much of a nuisance however because you can just pop a few painkillers and they're gone. Sprained ankles should be less frequent, but require a day or two of bedrest and possibly a splint, along with painkillers.
  12. Consoles, especially the Xbox One, can't handle the game very well. I stay away from areas such as Milton where the framerate takes a massive dip and really takes away from the experience, and personally I haven't played Wintermute because of this. Please add graphics options for consoles, or lower the forced settings to be less strenuous on the system.
  13. in fact the performance is so bad in storms or well lit indoor areas that the audio gets choppy
  14. i play on the vanilla xbox one, and especially in Milton is where it chugs really hard, maybe getting 15 fps