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  1. Anyone also notice the kettle on the woodstove...? Finally can boil my water in a kettle!
  2. I agree with the Admin, feel free to express opinon. But in the end, Hinterland didn't even have to release the Cover art so we should feel lucky to see it a month before we see Episode 3. In my opinion, it is absolutely amazing art. All new aspects of the the upcoming chapter in one photo. Makes me think about what is to come and what to expect going into a new episode. Thank you for sharing with us! @Admin
  3. Anyone also as excited as I am to finally get a bow in the story? Gonna make the cold quiet apocalypse a little more primitive feeling... Episode 3 is going to be legendary!
  4. Hello again, I have recently started to read a bunch of Gary Paulsen books on his stories of experiences with surviving in the wilderness... I bet you are extremely busy with everything on the go but I am truely wondering if you have ever enjoyed one of his books? Currently I'm reading Brian's Winter and the vibe and overall setting has that Long Dark feel. I really hope all you survivors consider looking into his books if you haven't already! I suggest Hatchet and/or the rest of the Brian series. Guts and Woodsong are other great ones, telling of true events that h
  5. Im sitting here sharpening my hatchet and knife in the dark, waiting for the sun to rise when I think to myself "How do my arrowheads stay in perfect condition" haha What are you thoughts on having to keep arrowheads sharp with the whetstone? Hope everyone at Hinterland Studios is enjoying these last few weeks of summer! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Means more than you think to alot of us survivors!
  6. Gonna start by saying thank you Hinterland... The Revolver and cloth wraps have saved me numerous times already. What are your thoughts on having a larger splitting axe instead of the hunter hatchet for chopping wood? Takes less time but more energy or something along those lines.
  7. I only just found this Wikipedia, I hadn't looked into it previously by it is a thing. Very unusual I think but possible.
  8. What are your thoughts on adding thunderstorms into the game? Certainly would make those dark stormy nights even more haunting when camping out on a mountain with the thunder roaring in the background. Flashes of lightning against the wolves in the forest... Definitely gonna put that revolver to some good use.
  9. Now where in the hell would you find a reloading bench and all the resources neccessary to "craft" ammunition or a gun... Sorry to be the bummer of news but not possible without proper equipment or the skill to do so. I was also hoping I could craft me some proximity mines for those pesky wolves, but that ain't happenin any time soon...
  10. Fair enough. Probably better we don't know! Super excited for more content!
  11. Super excited to see what the motion capture studio has in store for the future at Hinterland! I do know that you literally just said you don't want to release any dates about future updates and such, I don't mean to be a weenie...but are we expecting this amazing sounding Survival update within a few months or soon? Just want to say thank you for letting us know whats going on.
  12. Astrid isn't dead in the snow... She is just taking a very comfortable looking nap. Feelin' lucky bunny wabbits?
  13. Fishing huts in mystery lake. Or you can eventually build one at the forge in Broken railroad at maintenance yard