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  1. What is the next element of survival mode you'd be looking at adding, upgrading or changing? My personal wish list would look something like this, Bushcraft update, fishing overhaul, hunting and skinning upgrade, repair /sharpening /cleaning mini games but also able to auto skip, more clothes, more animals etc. But literally anything you do is totally fine. Kind regards John
  2. Hi everyone, With regions such as Hushed River Valley with no man made structures, will there be any scope to increase the more bushcraft side of things, such as making semi pernimant camps like lean to shelters etc and more things out of the wood we find rather than just snow dug outs? To allow us to live there rather than just survive in true wilderness maps etc. Maybe have a bushcraft skill set that each level you gain allows you to build a different structure or item made from the materials we find, that would be awesome, or even learn new bits from survival books that we find? This game is the closest thing to Alone Esq survival TV scenario and I feel bushcraft and survival guys and gals like myself would really dig this kind of edge. Also can we please be able to break down ruined shelters and old fire pits, we're all about the 'Leave No Trace' ethos Thank you for all your hard work, there is genuinely no greater game with such value for time spent and price paid than this. Kind regards John