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  1. Yeah, I'm in! If Hinterland got some more money they can hire some more people. Without knowing anything about Hinterland's structure as a company - more money can perhaps hurry up things. Or maybe I'm totally wrong! This game can't be hurried... Well, I trust that Raphael will make the best decision.
  2. I've been playing TLD for over 2 000 hours now. The price was very resonable, therefore every hour have been very cheap. It's the best game I ever played and I've been playing computergames for 30 years. Yeah, I'm an old guy! However, I think nobody would be offended (I hope) for some DLC for Survival, new regions etc. I would gladely pay a couple of bucks for a new region. If the region isn't included in the Story mode, what's the beef? Well, thank you Hinterland for an amazing game.
  3. Jag har sett en del svenska namn på FB-gruppen "The Long Dark Community".
  4. I think it would be fantastic if there was a option that no buildings are burned. Yes, I am aware there is some buildings that never appears useable, Abandoned Harris home for an example. They are not included. What can I say, I like houses...
  5. I really like this. Of course Hinterland should be payed for their efforts but it's nice that Raphael expresses it should have a balance. That's fair! Personally I could pay for some DLC if it speeds up the pace, new maps and stuff. But that's just because I'm so eager to explore new stuff. Thanks for the greatest game in a very long time.