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  1. If I were to send you some fried chicken, would it convince you to add the Canadian goose as an animal in the game ? A huntable one, harvesting eggs, feathers, oil and meat from ?
  2. So, this is an unusual question, but I feel you're the best authority to answer it. You've worked on TLD for a while now, hinterland is small, but well versed in what a indie survival game should be. From creation to distribution. I'm curious if you have heard of the game 'stranded deep' also a small indie survival game. Thry just had to pull their game because the publisher (telltale) fell through. Have you ever considered offering assistance or guidance to other small companies ? I know it sounds weird to help a technical ' competitors ' however as a company knowing the struggle, it makes sense for your company to be one of the dominant voices and faces of the indie genre, survival genre, etc.